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Surgical Patient Care

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamentals of Systems and Safety Science

1. The Burning Platform: Improving Surgical Quality and Keeping Patients Safe
Juan A. Sanchez, Kevin W. Lobdell

2. Risk Factors and Epidemiology of Surgical Safety
Oliver Groene

3. Concepts and Models of Safety, Resilience, and Reliability
Jonathan Gao, Sidney Dekker

4. Surgery Through a Human Factors and Ergonomics Lens
Ken Catchpole

5. The Relationship Between Teamwork and Patient Safety
Sallie J. Weaver, Lauren E. Benishek, Ira Leeds, Elizabeth C. Wick

6. Enterprise Risk Management in Healthcare
James M. Levett, James M. Fasone, Anngail Levick Smith, Stanley S. Labovitz, Jennifer Labovitz, Susan Mellott, Douglas B. Dotan

7. The Patient Experience: An Essential Component of High-Value Care and Service
Sara Shaunfield, Timothy Pearman, Dave Cella

8. Patients and Families as Coproducers of Safe and Reliable Outcomes
Helen Haskell, Tanya Lord

9. Tools and Strategies for Continuous Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Julie K. Johnson, Paul Barach

10. The Future and Challenges of Surgical Technology Implementation and Patient Safety
Chandler D. Wilfong, Steven D. Schwaitzberg

Part II. Job and Organizational Design

11. Organizational and Cultural Determinants of Surgical Safety
Kathleen M. Sutcliffe

12. The Role of Architecture and Physical Environment in Hospital Safety Design
Charles D. Cadenhead, Laurie Tranchina Waggener, Bhargav Goswami

13. Building Surgical Expertise Through the Science of Continuous Learning and Training
Peter Hani Cosman, Pramudith Sirimanna, Paul Barach

14. Promoting Occupational Wellness and Combating Professional Burnout in the Surgical Workforce
Ross M. Ungerleider, Jamie Dickey Ungerleider, Graham D. Ungerleider

15. Executive Leadership and Surgical Quality: A Guide for Senior Hospital Leaders
Susan Moffatt-Bruce, Robert S. D. Higgins

16. Information Technology Infrastructure, Management, and Implementation: The Rise of the Emergent Clinical Information System and the Chief Medical Information Officer
Jon David Patrick, Paul Barach, Ali Besiso

17. Redesigning Hospital Alarms for Reliable and Safe Care
Paul Barach, Juan A. Sanchez

18. Implementation Science: Translating Research into Practice for Sustained Impact
Gregory A. Aarons, Marisa Sklar, Nick Sevdalis

Part III. Perioperative Quality and Patient Safety

19. The Leadership Role: Designing Perioperative Surgical Services for Safety and Efficiency
Victoria M. Steelman, Martha D. Stratton

20. Operating Room Management, Measures of OR Efficiency, and Cost-Effectiveness
Sanjana Vig, Bassam Kadry, Alex Macario

21. The Science of Delivering Safe and Reliable Anesthesia Care
Maurice F. Joyce, Holly E. Careskey, Paul Barach, Ruben J. Azocar

22. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: ERAS
Jonas Nygren, Olle Ljungqvist, Anders Thorell

23. The Next Frontier: Ambulatory and Outpatient Surgical Safety and Quality
Beverly A. Kirchner

24. Human Factors and Operating Room Design Challenges
Dirk F. Korne, Huey Peng Loh, Shanqing Yin

25. Diagnostic Error in Surgery and Surgical Services
Mark L. Graber, Juan A. Sanchez, Paul Barach

26. Preventing Perioperative ‘Never Events’
Patricia C. Seifert, Paula R. Graling, Juan A. Sanchez

27. Healthcare-Associated Infections in Surgical Practice
Scott J. Ellner, Affan Umer

28. Safer Medication Administration Through Design and Ergonomics
Sheldon S. Sones, Paul Barach

29. Preventing Venous Thromboembolism Across the Surgical Care Continuum
Lisa M. Kodadek, Elliott R. Haut

30. Preventing Perioperative Positioning and Equipment Injuries
Lisa Spruce

31. Challenges in Preventing Electrical, Thermal, and Radiation Injuries
Mark E. Bruley

32. Improving Clinical Performance by Analyzing Surgical Skills and Operative Errors
Katherine L. Forsyth, Anne-Lise D’Angelo, Elaine M. Cohen, Carla M. Pugh

Part IV. Approaches to Managing Risks

33. Perioperative Risk and Management of Surgical Patients
James M. Levett, Susan Mellott, Anngail Levick Smith, James M. Fasone, Stanley S. Labovitz, Jennifer Labovitz, Douglas B. Dotan

34. Managing the Complex High-Risk Surgical Patient
Kevin W. Lobdell, B. Todd Heniford, Juan A. Sanchez

35. Geriatric Surgical Quality and Wellness
Daniel J. Galante, JoAnn Coleman, Mark R. Katlic

36. Patient Transitions and Handovers Across the Continuum of Surgical Care
Donna M. Woods, Lisa M. McElroy

37. Failure to Rescue and Failure to Perceive Patients in Crisis
Christian Peter Subbe, Paul Barach

38. A Quiet Revolution: Communicating and Resolving Patient Harm
William M. Sage, Madelene J. Ottosen, Ben Coopwood

39. It’s My Fault: Understanding the Role of Personal Accountability, Mental Models and Systems in Managing Sentinel Events
Elizabeth A. Duthie

40. Capturing, Reporting, and Learning from Adverse Events
Juan A. Sanchez, Paul Barach

41. How Not to Run an Incident Investigation
Bryce R. Cassin, Paul Barach

42. Multi-institutional Learning and Collaboration to Improve Quality and Safety
Julie K. Johnson, Christina A. Minami, Allison R. Dahlke, Karl Y. Bilimoria

43. Lessons Learned from Anesthesia Registries About Surgical Safety and Reliability
Richard P. Dutton

44. Use of Data from Surgical Registries to Improve Outcomes
Jeffrey P. Jacobs

Part V. Regulation, Policy, and the Future of Surgical Care

45. How Regulators Assess and Accredit Safety and Quality in Surgical Services
Stephen Leyshon, Tita Listyowarodojo Bach, Eva Turk, Aileen Orr, Bobbie N. Ray-Sannerud, Paul Barach

46. The Perioperative Surgical Home: The New Frontier
Juhan Paiste, Daniel I. Chu, Thomas R. Vetter

47. Surgical Graduate Medical Education Program Accreditation and the Clinical Learning Environment: Patient Safety and Health Care Quality
John R. Potts, Constance K. Haan, Kevin B. Weiss

48. Affordable Care Act, Public Legislation, and Professional Self-Regulation: Implications for Public Policy
Stephen J. Lahey

49. Surgical Quality and Patient Safety in Rural Settings
Amy L. Halverson, Julie K. Johnson

50. Global Surgery: Progress and Challenges in Surgical Quality and Patient Safety
Christopher Pettengell, Stephen Williams, Ara Darzi

51. International Perspectives on Safety, Quality, and Reliability of Surgical Care
Sertaç Çiçek, Hişam Alahdab

52. Surgical Safety in Developing Countries: Middle East, North Africa, and Gulf Countries
Abdulelah Alhawsawi, Paul Barach

53. Future Directions of Surgical Safety
Timothy D. Browder, Paul M. Maggio

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, General Surgery, Health Administration

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