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Pediatric Umbilical Reconstruction

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Table of contents

Part I. Embryology

1. Embryology of the Umbilicus and Associated Newborn Defects
Robert K. Minkes, Mark V. Mazziotti

Part II. Classification

2. Classification of Umbilical Hernia
Gamedzi Komlatsè Akakpo-Numado, Komlan Anani Mihluedo-Agbolan, Missoki Azanledji Boume, Komlan Adabra, Yawa Sesime Sanni, Hubert Tekou

Part III. Techniques

3. A New Umbilicoplasty for Children: Creating a Vertically Long and Deep Umbilical Depression Facing Forward at the Correct Position
Akiyoshi Kajikawa

4. Umbilicoplasty: A Novel Technique
Parshotam Gera, Guy Henry

5. The “Y- to-V” Plastic Surgery: A Solution of Skin Excess Following Herniorrhaphy of Pedunculated Umbilical Hernia in the Infant and the Child
Aloïse Sagna, Aïssata Ly, Ibrahima Fall

6. Umbilicoplasty in Children with Huge Umbilical Hernia
Gamedzi Komlatsè Akakpo-Numado, Missoki Azanledji Boume, Komlan Anani Mihluedo-Agbolan, Komlan Adabra, Yawa Sesime Sanni

7. Double Half-Cone Flap Umbilicoplasty for the Proboscoid Umbilical Hernia in Children
Sherif M. Shehata, Nagi I. Eldesouki, Hesham M. Almohamady

8. How to Reconstruct a Natural and Deep Umbilicus for All Kinds of Umbilical Deformities: Three Methods of Umbilicoplasty for Five Types of Deformities
Akiyoshi Kajikawa

9. Reconstruction of a Natural-Appearing Umbilicus Using a Local Flap
Natsuko Kakudo, Rina Hikiami, Masakatsu Hihara, Kenji Kusumoto

Part IV. Benign Tumors

10. Angiomyxoma: A Rare Tumor of the Umbilical Cord
Hale Göksever Çelik, Murat Celiloğlu

Part V. Exstrophy

11. Introduction to Abnormalities of the Umbilicus in the Infant
Melvin A. Shiffman

12. Construction of a Naturally Looking Inverted Umbilicus for Bladder Exstrophy
Valeria Solari, Raimondo Maximilian Cervellione

13. Tubularized Trapezoid Flap Neoumbilicoplasty: Simple Technique for Umbilical Reconstruction in Bladder Exstrophy
Shiv N. Kureel, Archika Gupta, Apala Priyadarshini

14. Umbilicoplasty for Bladder Exstrophy
Moneer K. Hanna

Part VI. Gastroschisis (Omphalocele)

15. Anatomical Localization of the Umbilicus and Omphaloplasty Techniques
Stefan Danilla, Ekaterina Troncoso

16. Umbilicoplasty for Gastroschisis
Adrian Bianchi

17. Umbilical Reconstruction After Gastroschisis Repair in the Infant
Alfredo Donnabella, Fernanda Parentoni Santos

Part VII. Urachal Pathology

18. One-Stage Umbilicus Reconstruction After Resection of Urachal Cyst
Makoto Omori

19. Umbilicoplasty with a New Three-Step Technique in a Case of a Patent Urachus
Philine Loertzer, Inga-Marie Schaefer, Rolf-Herrmann Ringert, Hagen Loertzer

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery

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