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Adult Umbilical Reconstruction

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Table of contents

Part I. Anatomy

1. The Anatomy of the Umbilicus
Ronald E. Hoxworth, Alexander R. Gupta

2. The Arterial Vascularization of the Abdominal Wall with Special Regard to the Umbilicus
Norbert Pallua, Verena-Constanze Buchinger-Kähler

Part II. Shape and Position of the Umbilicus

3. Ideal Position and Shape of the Umbilicus
Melvin A. Shiffman

4. The Aesthetically Pleasant Umbilicus
Norbert Pallua, Verena-Constanze Buchinger-Kähler

5. Relocating the Umbilicus in Abdominal Surgery
Andrew Michael Williams

6. The Average Size and Position of the Umbilicus in Young Men and Women
Deborah Yu, Wendy M. Novicoff, Thomas J. Gampper

7. Formula for Positioning the Umbilicus
Norbert Pallua

8. Quantitative Indices and Formula for Localizing the Neo-umbilicus During Abdominoplasty
Nariman Sepehrvand, Sanaz Hatami

9. Umbilical Resiting and Reconstruction
Vimal J. Gokani, Niri S. Niranjan

Part III. History

10. History of Umbilical Reconstruction Techniques
Melvin A. Shiffman

Part IV. Techniques

11. Pathological Umbilical Scar Management with 5-FU Injections
Guillermo Blugerman, Diego Schavelzon, Gabriel Wexler, Marcelo Lotocky

12. The Umbilicus
Charlotte W. Ying, Darryl J. Hodgkinson

13. Umbilical Repositioning to Correct Sad Umbilicus: Umbilicosliding
Guillermo Blugerman, Diego Schavelzon, Gabriel Wexler, Marcelo Lotocky

14. Low Scar Abdominoplasty with Inferior Positioning of the Umbilicus
Amy S. Colwell, Michael J. Frederick

15. Umbilicoplasty with Vertical Incision in Abdominoplasty
Amir Lebaschi

16. Neo-umbilicus in Vertical Abdominoplasty
Fabio Neves Silva, Everardo Abramo Oliveira

17. Inverted U-Shaped Umbilical Reconstruction in Abdominoplasty
Melvin A. Shiffman

18. Umbilicoplasties Postabdominal Free Flap Harvest
Joey Corkum, Joshua A. Gillis, Ammar Al-Dhamin, Steven F. Morris

19. A Simple New Technique for Umbilical Reconstruction
Ghada Morshed

20. Bilobed Flap for Umbilicus Reconstruction
Asuman Sevin, Durdane Keskin, Ibrahim Orgun Deren, Kutlu Sevin

21. Restoration of the Umbilicus After Abdominal Surgery: Versatility of Double-M Double-Y Technique
Claudio Cannistrà

22. Reconstructing a Natural-Looking Umbilicus
Ron Hazani, Ron Israeli, Randall S. Feingold

23. Umbilicoplasty in Abdominoplasty: Double “V” Technique with Hidden Scars
Vidal Guerreiro

24. Umbilical Reconstruction with the “Heart-Shaped Incision”
Oscar M. Ramirez

25. The Inverted-V Chevron Umbilicoplasty for Abdominoplasty
Malcolm A. Lesavoy, Erwin A. Kruger

26. Rabbit-Head-Shaped Scar Flap Umbilicoplasty for a Secondary Umbilical Defect After Abdominoplasty
Koichi Watanabe, Kensuke Kiyokawa

27. Neo-umbilicoplasty as an Option in Umbilical Reconstruction in Anchor-Line Abdominal Dermolipectomy in Postoperative Gastroplasty
Ernando Luiz Ferraz Cavalcanti

28. New Technique for Neo-umbilicoplasty
Michel E. Pfulg, João Bastos Martins

29. The Double-Opposing “Y” Technique for Umbilicoplasty in Abdominoplasty and for Umbilical Reconstruction After Omphalectomy
Luca A. Dessy, Marco Mazzocchi

30. Umbilical Reconstruction for Patients with Midline Scars
Diogo Franco, João Medeiros, Talita Franco

31. Reconstruction of the Umbilicus Using Rectangular-Shaped Skin Island Flaps
Ken Yamashita, Takatoshi Yotsuyanagi, Koshiro Arai

32. Umbilical Reconstruction with Double Half-Cone Flap
Alfredo Donnabella, Fernanda Parentoni Santos

33. The “Celtic-Cross” Technique for Immediate Umbilical Reconstruction
Emmanuel A. Cruz

34. Four Flaps Technique for Neoumbilicoplasty
SuRak Eo

35. Enriched Adipose Micrografts (EAM) with Autologous Plasma in the Periumbilical Area
Guillermo Blugerman, Diego Schavelzon, Gabriel Wexler, Marcelo Lotocky

36. Excision and Umbilicoplasty for Umbilical Pilonidal Disease
Nezih Akkapulu, Mehmet Bulent Tirnaksiz

Part V. History of Tumors of the Umbilicus

37. History of Tumors of the Umbilicus
Melvin A. Shiffman

Part VI. Malignant Tumors of Umbilicus

38. Umbilical Metastasis: Current Viewpoint
Raimondo Gabriele, Marco Conte

39. Umbilical Tumors
Saleh Abdel-Kader, Fikri M. Abu-Zidan

40. Surgical Approaches for Melanocytic Nevi and Malignant Melanoma of the Umbilicus
Christoph R. Loeser, Edgar Dippel, Adrien Daigeler, Soraya Navysany, Laurenz Schmitt

41. Robotic-Assisted Excision of Urachal Adenocarcinoma with Umbiliconeoplasty
Paul G. Morrison, Chad R. Tracy

Part VII. Benign Tumors of the Umbilicus

42. Umbilical Endometriosis
Carla I. J. M. Theunissen, Frank F. A. IJpma

Part VIII. Complications

43. Umbilicoplasty Complications
Melvin A. Shiffman

44. Improving Aesthetic Quality of Umbilical Scar in Vertical Abdominal Dermolipectomies: The Opposing Triangular Flaps Technique
André Luís Rosenhaim Monte

Part IX. Outcomes

45. Umbilical Pilonidal Disease
Mohammad S. Fazeli, Amir Lebaschi

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