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Handbook on Sustainability Transition and Sustainable Peace

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Table of contents

Part I. Moving towards Sustainability Transition

1. Sustainability Transition and Sustainable Peace: Scientific and Policy Context, Scientific Concepts and Dimensions
Hans Günter Brauch, Úrsula Oswald Spring

2. Contextual Changes in Earth History: From the Holocene to the Anthropocene — Implications for Sustainable Development and for Strategies of Sustainable Transition
Simon Dalby

3. Paradigm and Praxis Shifts: Transitions to Sustainable Environmental and Sustainable Peace Praxis
Carolyn M. Stephenson

4. Transition Studies: Basic Ideas and Analytical Approaches
John Grin

5. Transformative Science for Sustainability Transitions
Uwe Schneidewind, Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Karoline Augenstein

Part II. Aiming at Sustainable Peace

6. The Psychological Components of a Sustainable Peace: An Introduction
Morton Deutsch, Peter T. Coleman

7. The Essence of Peace? Toward a Comprehensive and Parsimonious Model of Sustainable Peace
Peter T. Coleman

8. Development with Sustainable-Engendered Peace: A Challenge during the Anthropocene
Úrsula Oswald Spring

9. Sustainable Peace in the Anthropocene: Towards Political Geoecology and Peace Ecology
Hans Günter Brauch

Part III. Meeting Challenges of the 21st Century: Demographic Imbalances, Temperature Rise and the Climate-Conflict Nexus

10. Population Imbalances: Their Implications for Population Growth over the Twenty-first Century
Hania Zlotnik

11. The Challenge of a 4°C World by 2100
Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Olivia Maria Serdeczny, Sophie Adams, Claudia Köhler, Ilona Magdalena Otto, Carl-Friedrich Schleussner

12. The Climate-Conflict Nexus: Pathways, Regional Links, and Case Studies
Tobias Ide, P. Michael Link, Jürgen Scheffran, Janpeter Schilling

13. From a Climate of Complexity to Sustainable Peace: Viability Transformations and Adaptive Governance in the Anthropocene
Jürgen Scheffran

Part IV. Initiating Research on Global (Environmental) Change, Limits to Growth and Decoupling of Growth and Resource Needs

14. The First Decade of Initiatives for Research on the Human Dimensions of Global (Environmental) Change (1986–1995)
Lourdes Arizpe, Martin F. Price, Robert Worcester

15. From HDP to IHDP: Evolution of the International Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme (1996–2014)
Eckart Ehlers

16. From The Limits to Growth to 2052
Marit Sjøvaag

17. Preparing for Global Transition: Implications of the Work of the International Resource Panel
Mark Swilling

Part V. Developing Theoretical Approaches on Sustainability and Transitions

18. Sustainability and Complexity: A Few Lessons from Modern Systems Thinking
Czesław Mesjasz

19. Critical Approaches to Transitions Theory
Bonno Pel, Flor R. Avelino, Shivant S. Jhagroe

20. Subnational, Inter-scalar Dynamics: The Differentiated Geographies of Governing Low Carbon Transitions—With Examples from the UK
Mike Hodson, Simon Marvin, Philipp Späth

Part VI. Analysing National Debates on Sustainability in North America

21. Policy, Politics and the Impact of Transition Studies
Twig Johnson

22. Geopolitics, Ecology and Stephen Harper’s Reinvention of Canada
Simon Dalby

23. Regime Change, Transition to Sustainability and Climate Change Law in México
Juan Antonio Clercq

Part VII. Preparing Transitions Towards a Sustainable Economy and Society, Production and Consumption and Urbanization

24. Sustainability Transitions: A Discourse-institutional Perspective
Audley Genus

25. New Business Models: Examining the Role of Principles Relating to Transactions and Interactions
Jan Jonker, Linda O’Riordan

26. Sustainable Consumption
Sylvia Lorek

27. Sustainable Consumption and Production in China
Hongmin Chen

28. The Eco-restructuring of the Ruhr District as an Example of a Managed Transition
Philipp Schepelmann, René Kemp, Uwe Schneidewind

29. Transition towards Sustainable Urbanization in Asia and Africa
Belinda Yuen, Asfaw Kumssa

30. The Role of University Partnerships in Urban Sustainability Experiments: Evidence from Asia
Gregory Trencher, Xuemei Bai

Part VIII. Examining Sustainability Transitions in the Water, Food and Health Sectors from Latin American and European Perspectives

31. Future Global Water, Food and Energy Needs
Cecilia Tortajada, Martin Keulertz

32. Sustainability Transition in a Vulnerable River Basin in Mexico
Úrsula Oswald Spring

33. Sustainability Transition in the Health Sector in Brazil
Monica Andrade

Part IX. Preparing Sustainability Transitions in the Energy Sector

34. Enabling Environments for Sustainable Energy Transitions: The Diffusion of Technology, Innovation and Investment in Low-Carbon Societies
Jürgen Scheffran, Rebecca Froese

35. Considering a Structural Adjustment Approach to the Low Carbon Transition
Karlson ‘Charlie’ Hargroves

36. Drivers and Barriers to Wind Energy Technology Transitions in India, Brazil and South Africa
Britta Rennkamp, Radhika Perrot

37. Sustainability Transitions and the Politics of Electricity Planning in South Africa
Lucy Baker

38. Low Carbon Green Economy: Brazilian Policies and Politics of Energy, 2003–2014
Eduardo Viola, Larissa Basso

39. Sustainable Electricity Transition in Thailand and the Role of Civil Society
Carl Middleton

Part X. Relying on Transnational, International, Regional and National Governance for Strategies and Policies Towards Sustainability Transition

40. Governance of Sustainable Development in Knowledge Democracies—Its Consequences for Science
Roeland Jaap in ’t Veld

41. Discourse and Practice of Transitions in International Policymaking on Resource Efficiency in the EU
Sander Happaerts

Part XI. Conclusions and Mapping Future Research Needs

42. Sustainability Transition with Sustainable Peace: Key Messages and Scientific Outlook
Úrsula Oswald Spring, Hans Günter Brauch, Jürgen Scheffran

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Relations, Climate Change Management and Policy, Sustainable Development, International Economics, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice

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Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace
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