Burton, Dorian

Boys and Men in African American Families

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Table of contents

1. Repairing the Breach Revisited: A Focus on Families and Black Males
Linda M. Burton, Dorian Burton, Bobby Austin

Part I. African American Boys and Their Families

2. Adjustment and Developmental Patterns of African American Males: The Roles of Families, Communities, and Other Contexts
Velma McBride Murry, Eryn Piper Block, Na Liu

3. The Adjustment and Development of African American Males: Conceptual Frameworks and Emerging Research Opportunities
Kevin J. A. Thomas

4. Considering Risk and Resiliency Among Children of Incarcerated Parents
Kristin Turney, Britni L. Adams

Part II. Family Influences in Adolescence and Young Adulthood

5. Dueling Narratives: Racial Socialization and Literacy as Triggers for Re-Humanizing African American Boys, Young Men, and Their Families
Howard C. Stevenson

6. A Trauma-Informed Approach to Affirming the Humanity of African American Boys and Supporting Healthy Transitions to Manhood
Jocelyn R. Smith Lee

7. Humanizing Developmental Science to Promote Positive Development of Young Men of Color
Patrick H. Tolan

Part III. Role of Families in the Well-Being of African American Men

8. Families, Prisoner Reentry, and Reintegration
David J. Harding, Jeffrey D. Morenoff, Cheyney C. Dobson, Erin B. Lane, Kendra Opatovsky, Ed-Dee G. Williams, Jessica Wyse

9. Exploring the Challenges Former Prisoners Face Finding Work
Sandra Susan Smith

10. Safe Spaces for Vulnerability: New Perspectives on African Americans Who Struggle To Be Good Fathers
Alford Young

11. On Audre and Malcolm’s Advice
Marcus Anthony Hunter

Part IV. Family Influences on the Health of African American Men

12. Family Influences on African American Men’s Health: Family-Based Interventions
Cleopatra Howard Caldwell, Julie Ober Allen, Shervin Assari

13. John Henry and the Paradox of Manhood, Fatherhood and Health for African American Fathers
Derek M. Griffith, Emily K. Cornish, Sydika A. McKissic, Donnatesa A. L. Dean

14. They Can’t Breathe: Why Neighborhoods Matter for the Health of African American Men and Boys
Wizdom A. Powell, Tamara Taggart, Jennifer Richmond, Leslie B. Adams, Andre Brown

15. Black Men Love Family and Community
Trabian Shorters, Truman Hudson

Part V. Where Do Family Scholars Go from Here?

16. Heterogeneity in Research on African American Boys and Men: Focusing on Resilience, Social Networks, and Community Violence
Wade C. Jacobsen, Cecily R. Hardaway

17. Erratum
David J. Harding, Jeffrey D. Morenoff, Cheyney C. Dobson, Erin B. Lane, Kendra Opatovsky, Ed-Dee G. Williams, Jessica Wyse

Keywords: Social Sciences, Family, Clinical Psychology, Public Policy, Children, Youth and Family Policy

Publication year
National Symposium on Family Issues
Page amount
15 pages
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