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Poverty in the United States

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Table of contents

1. Chapter 1 Women and Poverty in the USA
Sally Hodder, H. Spiegel, Lydia Soto-Torres, Danielle F. Haley

2. Chapter 2 Qualitative Methodological Approach
Danielle F. Haley, Linda Vo, Kimberly A. Parker, Paula M. Frew, Carol E. Golin, Oluwakemi Amola, Sally Hodder, Irene Kuo, Alexis Amsterdam, Kathryn Lancaster, LaShawn Jones, Adaora A. Adimora, Ann O’Leary, Oni Blackstock, Lydia Soto-Torres, Kathleen MacQueen

3. Chapter 3 The Intersection of Women’s Health and Poverty
Paula M. Frew, Kimberly A. Parker, Linda Vo, Danielle F. Haley, Terry McGovern, Lauren E. Owens, Lisa Diane White, Ann O’Leary, Carol E. Golin, Irene Kuo, Sally Hodder, Laura Randall

4. Chapter 4 Food Insecurity Experienced by Women Living in Poverty
Ann O’Leary, Ilana Gabrielle Raskind, Melissa Turner

5. Chapter 5 Poverty, Personal Experiences of Violence, and Mental Health: Understanding Their Complex Intersections Among Low-Income Women
Carol E. Golin, Oluwakemi Amola, Anna Dardick, Brooke Montgomery, Lauren Bishop, Sharon Parker, Lauren E. Owens

6. Chapter 6 Substance Use Among Women in Poverty
Irene Kuo, Melissa Turner, Claudia Trezza, James Peterson

7. Chapter 7 The Role of Social Support for Women Living in Poverty
Matthew Archibald, Jennifer Stewart, Linda Vo, Dazon Dixon Diallo, Waheedah Shabazz, Lauren E. Owens, Laura Randall

8. Chapter 8 Partner Concurrency and Relationship Dynamics
Kimberly A. Parker, Laura Riley, Stephanie Lykes, Jessie R. M. Legros

9. Chapter 9 The Logic of Exchange Sex Among Women Living in Poverty
Kari R. Olson, Jessica E. Justman, Yunmi Chung, Kimberly A. Parker, Carol E. Golin, Stephanie Lykes

10. Chapter 10 Physical Safety and Neighborhood Issues
Kimberly A. Parker, Danielle F. Haley, Lauren Bishop, Dorothy Bota

11. Chapter 11 Housing and Health: Exploring the Complex Intersections Between Housing Environments and Health Behaviors Among Women Living in Poverty
Danielle F. Haley, Kimberly A. Parker, Emily F. Dauria, Christin Root, Lorenna Rodriguez, Erin Ruel, Deirdre Oakley, Jing Wang, Larissa Jennings, Lydia Soto-Torres, Hannah L. F. Cooper

12. Chapter 12 Descriptions of Gun Violence
Ann O’Leary, Lisa Diane White, Lynne Anderson, Lauren Bishop

13. Policy and Human Rights Implications of Women’s Poverty and Vulnerability in the USA
Sten H. Vermund, Wafaa El-Sadr, Carlos Rio, Gina M. Wingood

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Work, Public Health, Social Policy

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