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Nutrition and Health in a Developing World

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Table of contents

Part I. History of Nutrition

1. Nutrition and Development: A Historical Perspective
Richard D. Semba

Part II. Contextualizing International Nutrition—Considering Benefit-Cost, Evidence-Base and Capacity

2. Economics of Nutritional Interventions
Susan Horton

3. Nutrition Evidence in Context
Saskia Pee, Rebecca F. Grais

4. Developing Capacity in Nutrition
Jessica C. Fanzo, Matthew M. Graziose

Part III. Malnutrition, Nutrients and (Breast)Milk Explained

5. The Spectrum of Malnutrition
Douglas Taren, Saskia Pee

6. Child Growth and Development
Mercedes de Onis

7. Overweight and Obesity
Colleen M. Doak, Barry M. Popkin

8. Nutrient Needs and Approaches to Meeting Them
Saskia Pee

9. Vitamin A Deficiency
Amanda C. Palmer, Ian Darnton-Hill, Keith P. West

10. Iron
Melissa Fox Young, Usha Ramakrishnan

11. Zinc Deficiency
Sonja Y. Hess

12. Iodine
Michael B. Zimmermann

13. Nutritional Rickets and Vitamin D Deficiency
John M. Pettifor, Kebashni Thandrayen

14. Essential Fatty Acids
Esther Granot, Richard J. Deckelbaum

15. The Role of Human and Other Milks in Preventing and Treating Undernutrition
Benedikte Grenov, Henrik Friis, Christian Mølgaard, Kim Fleischer Michaelsen

16. The Role of Breastfeeding Protection, Promotion and Support in a Developing World
Douglas Taren, Chessa K. Lutter

Part IV. Tuberculosis, HIV and the Role of Nutrition

17. Tuberculosis
Eyal Oren, Joann M. McDermid

18. HIV—Medical Perspective
Louise C. Ivers, Daniel Duré

19. Tuberculosis Infection and Nutrition
Anupama Paranandi, Christine Wanke

20. HIV and HIV/TB Co-infection in Relation to Nutrition
Anupama Paranandi, Christine Wanke

Part V. Nutrition and Health in Different Phases of the Lifecycle

21. Reproductive Health and Nutrition
Satvika Chalasani, Nuriye Ortayli

22. Maternal Nutrition and Birth Outcomes
Usha Ramakrishnan, Melissa Fox Young, Reynaldo Martorell

23. Small for Gestational Age: Scale and Consequences for Mortality, Morbidity, and Development
Ines Gonzalez-Casanova, Usha Ramakrishnan, Reynaldo Martorell

24. Developmental Disabilities
Burris R. Duncan, Jennifer G. Andrews, Heidi L. Pottinger, F. John Meaney

25. Adolescent Health and Nutrition
Jee Hyun Rah, Satvika Chalasani, Vanessa M. Oddo, Vani Sethi

26. Nutrition in the Elderly from Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Noel W. Solomons, Odilia I. Bermudez

Part VI. Tackling Health and Nutrition Issues in an Integrated Way in the Era of the SDGs

27. Evaluation of Nutrition-sensitive Programs
Deanna K. Olney, Jef L. Leroy, Marie T. Ruel

28. Integrated Approaches to Health and Nutrition: Role of Communities
Olivia Lange, Divya Mehra, Saskia Pee, Martin W. Bloem

29. Nutrition in Humanitarian Crises
Lynnda Kiess, Natalie Aldern, Saskia Pee, Martin W. Bloem

30. Ending AIDS by 2030: Partnerships and Linkages with SDG 2
Divya Mehra, Saskia Pee, Martin W. Bloem

Part VII. Trends in Urbanization and Development, Impacts on Food Value Chains and Consumers, and Private Sector Roles

31. How Urbanization Patterns Can Guide Strategies for Achieving Adequate Nutrition
Sunniva Bloem, Saskia Pee

32. Urbanization, Food Security and Nutrition
Marie T. Ruel, James Garrett, Sivan Yosef, Meghan Olivier

33. The Impact of Supermarkets on Nutrition and Nutritional Knowledge: A Food Policy Perspective
C. Peter Timmer

34. Value Chain Focus on Food and Nutrition Security
Jessica C. Fanzo, Shauna Downs, Quinn E. Marshall, Saskia Pee, Martin W. Bloem

35. Role of Foundations and Initiatives by the Private Sector for Improving Health and Nutrition
Kalpana Beesabathuni, Kesso Gabrielle Zutphen, Klaus Kraemer

Part VIII. Ethics—Critical to Making Progress in Public Health

36. Ethics in Public Health Research
Tanya Doherty, Mickey Chopra

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Clinical Nutrition

Publication year
3rd ed. 2017
Nutrition and Health
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