Hoque, M. Nazrul

Applied Demography and Public Health in the 21st Century

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
M. Nazrul Hoque, Beverly Pecotte, Mary A. McGehee

Part I. Mortality and Morbidity Trends in Developed Countries

2. Are Americans Getting Sicker? An Analysis of Emerging Morbidity Trends
Richard K. Thomas

3. Reproductive Health Policy Variability Among the States Over Time: Implications of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 for Health Researchers
Monica Gaughan, Georgia J. Michlig

4. The Impact of Personality Change on Health Among a Diverse Sample of Older Americans: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study
Latrica E. Best

5. Does Social Engagement Predict Frailty and Mortality in the Older Population?
Yumiko Kamiya, Rose Anne Kenny

6. Predictors of Exceptional Longevity: Gender Differences in Effects of Early-Life and Midlife Conditions
Leonid A. Gavrilov, Natalia S. Gavrilova

7. Maternal Morbidity and Mortality: Exploring Racial/Ethnic Differences Using New Data from Birth and Death Certificates
Sally C. Curtin, Donna L. Hoyert

8. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Infant Mortality, 1990–2004: Low Birth Weight, Maternal Complications and Other Causes
Ginny Garcia, Hyeyoung Woo

9. Black-White Mortality Differentials at Old-Age: New Evidence from the National Longitudinal Mortality Study*

Duygu Başaran Şahin, Frank W. Heiland

10. Healthcare Utilization as a Source of Health Disparities Among U.S. Male Immigrants
Jen’nan Ghazal Read, E. Paige Borelli

11. Activity Limitation Disparities by Sexual Minority Status, Gender, and Union Status
Russell Spiker, Corinne Reczek, Hui Liu

12. The Relationship Between Maternal Pre-pregnancy BMI and Preschool Obesity
Susan L. Averett, Erin K. Fletcher

13. Prevalence and Elimination of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Illinois, 1996–2012
Frida D. Fokum, Mohammed Shahidullah, Emile Jorgensen, Helen Binns

14. A Demographic Analysis of Healthcare Satisfaction and Utilization Among Children from Same-Sex Households
Zelma Tuthill

Part II. Mortality and Morbidity in Developing Countries

15. Implications of Age Structural Transition and Longevity Improvement on Healthcare Spending in India
Preeti Dhillon, Laishram Ladusingh

16. Impact of Scale-up of Maternal and Delivery Care on Reductions in Neonatal Mortality in USAID MCH Priority Countries, 2000–2010
Rebecca Winter, Thomas Pullum, Lia Florey, Steve Hodgins

17. HIV/AIDS: A Survey of Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behavior in Post War Liberia
Komanduri S. Murty

18. Effects of Childhood and Current Socioeconomic Status on Health of Older Adults in India, China, Ghana, Mexico, Russia and South Africa: An Analysis of WHO-SAGE Data
Y. Selvamani, P. Arokiasamy, Uttamacharya

19. Effects of Selected Socio-Demographic Variables on Fertility Among Diabetic Patients in Bangladesh
Md. Obaidur Rahman, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Clyde McNeil, M. Korban Ali

20. Behavioral or Biological: Taking a Closer Look at the Relationship Between HIV and Fertility
Ayesha Mahmud

21. Global Patterns of Multimorbidity: A Comparison of 28 Countries Using the World Health Surveys
Sara Afshar, Paul J. Roderick, Paul Kowal, Borislav D. Dimitrov, Allan G. Hill

22. Does Father’s Education Make a Difference on Child Mortality? Result from Benin DHS Data Using Conditional Logit Discrete-Time Model
Fortuné Sossa, Mira Johri, Thomas LeGrand

Keywords: Social Sciences, Demography, Public Health, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Population Economics

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