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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Companion-Technology
Susanne Biundo, Andreas Wendemuth

2. Multi-level Knowledge Processing in Cognitive Technical Systems
Thomas Geier, Susanne Biundo

3. Model-Based Frameworks for User Adapted Information Exploration: An Overview
Michael Kotzyba, Tatiana Gossen, Sebastian Stober, Andreas Nürnberger

4. Modeling Aspects in Human-Computer Interaction: Adaptivity, User Characteristics and Evaluation
Tatiana Gossen, Ingo Siegert, Andreas Nürnberger, Kim Hartmann, Michael Kotzyba, Andreas Wendemuth

5. User-Centered Planning
Pascal Bercher, Daniel Höller, Gregor Behnke, Susanne Biundo

6. Addressing Uncertainty in Hierarchical User-Centered Planning
Felix Richter, Susanne Biundo

7. To Plan for the User Is to Plan with the User: Integrating User Interaction into the Planning Process
Gregor Behnke, Florian Nielsen, Marvin Schiller, Denis Ponomaryov, Pascal Bercher, Birte Glimm, Wolfgang Minker, Susanne Biundo

8. Neurobiological Fundamentals of Strategy Change: A Core Competence of Companion-Systems
Andreas L. Schulz, Marie L. Woldeit, Frank W. Ohl

9. Assistive and Adaptive Dialog Management
Florian Nielsen, Wolfgang Minker

10. Management of Multimodal User Interaction in Companion-Systems
Felix Schüssel, Frank Honold, Nikola Bubalo, Michael Weber, Anke Huckauf

11. Interaction with Adaptive and Ubiquitous User Interfaces
Jan Gugenheimer, Christian Winkler, Dennis Wolf, Enrico Rukzio

12. Interaction History in Adaptive Multimodal Interaction
Nikola Bubalo, Felix Schüssel, Frank Honold, Michael Weber, Anke Huckauf

13. LAST MINUTE: An Empirical Experiment in User-Companion Interaction and Its Evaluation
Jörg Frommer, Dietmar Rösner, Rico Andrich, Rafael Friesen, Stephan Günther, Matthias Haase, Julia Krüger

14. The LAST MINUTE Corpus as a Research Resource: From Signal Processing to Behavioral Analyses in User-Companion Interactions
Dietmar Rösner, Jörg Frommer, Andreas Wendemuth, Thomas Bauer, Stephan Günther, Matthias Haase, Ingo Siegert

15. Environment Adaption for Companion-Systems
Stephan Reuter, Alexander Scheel, Thomas Geier, Klaus Dietmayer

16. Non-intrusive Gesture Recognition in Real Companion Environments
Sebastian Handrich, Omer Rashid, Ayoub Al-Hamadi

17. Analysis of Articulated Motion for Social Signal Processing
Georg Layher, Michael Glodek, Heiko Neumann

18. Automated Analysis of Head Pose, Facial Expression and Affect
Robert Niese, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Heiko Neumann

19. Multimodal Affect Recognition in the Context of Human-Computer Interaction for Companion-Systems
Friedhelm Schwenker, Ronald Böck, Martin Schels, Sascha Meudt, Ingo Siegert, Michael Glodek, Markus Kächele, Miriam Schmidt-Wack, Patrick Thiam, Andreas Wendemuth, Gerald Krell

20. Emotion Recognition from Speech
Andreas Wendemuth, Bogdan Vlasenko, Ingo Siegert, Ronald Böck, Friedhelm Schwenker, Günther Palm

21. Modeling Emotions in Simulated Computer-Mediated Human-Human Interactions in a Virtual Game Environment
Andreas Scheck, Holger Hoffmann, Harald C. Traue, Henrik Kessler

Companion-Systems: A Reference Architecture
Thilo Hörnle, Michael Tornow, Frank Honold, Reinhard Schwegler, Ralph Heinemann, Susanne Biundo, Andreas Wendemuth

23. Investigation of an Augmented Reality-Based Machine Operator Assistance-System
Frerk Saxen, Anne Köpsel, Simon Adler, Rüdiger Mecke, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Johannes Tümler, Anke Huckauf

24. Advanced User Assistance for Setting Up a Home Theater
Pascal Bercher, Felix Richter, Thilo Hörnle, Thomas Geier, Daniel Höller, Gregor Behnke, Florian Nielsen, Frank Honold, Felix Schüssel, Stephan Reuter, Wolfgang Minker, Michael Weber, Klaus Dietmayer, Susanne Biundo

25. Multi-modal Information Processing inCompanion-Systems: A Ticket Purchase System
Ingo Siegert, Felix Schüssel, Miriam Schmidt, Stephan Reuter, Sascha Meudt, Georg Layher, Gerald Krell, Thilo Hörnle, Sebastian Handrich, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Klaus Dietmayer, Heiko Neumann, Günther Palm, Friedhelm Schwenker, Andreas Wendemuth

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computational Linguistics, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

Publication year
Cognitive Technologies
Page amount
15 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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