Bitzan, Renate

Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michaela Köttig, Alice Blum

Part I. Country Reports

2. Doing Racism, Performing Femininity: Women in the Sweden Democrats
Diana Mulinari, Anders Neergaard

3. Contesting Gender Equality Politics in Finland: The Finns Party Effect
Tuukka Ylä-Anttila, Eeva Luhtakallio

4. The Increasing Visibility of Right-Wing Extremist Women in Contemporary Europe: Is Great Britain an Exception?
Andrea S. Dauber

5. Research on Gender and the Far Right in Germany Since 1990: Developments, Findings, and Future Prospects
Renate Bitzan

6. Between German Nationalism and Anti-Muslim Racism: Representations of Gender in the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ)
Carina Klammer, Judith Goetz

7. Towards an Alternative Emancipation? The New Way(s) of Women’s Mobilisation in the Hungarian Radical Right Subculture
Anikó Félix

8. Women and Gender Ideologies in the Far Right in Spain
Miquel Ramos, Frauke Büttner

9. A ‘New’ National Front? Gender, Religion, Secularism and the French Populist Radical Right
Francesca Scrinzi

10. Nationalism and Women in Greece During 1936–1941 and Today: Indicative Historical and Sociological Notes
Maria Chr. Alvanou

Part II. Comparative Perspectives in Europe and the US

11. Women on the Fast Track: Gender Issues in the National Democratic Party of Germany and the French National Front (1980s–2012)
Valérie Dubslaff

12. The Emergence of Powerful Anti-Gender Movements in Europe and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy
Eszter Kováts

13. Similarities/Differences in Gender and Far-Right Politics in Europe and the USA
Kathleen Blee

Part III. Media Discourse on Gender

14. “Mohair Berets”: Media Representations of Elderly Right-Wing Women and Aestheticization of Age in Poland
Kateryna Novikova

15. Gender Stereotypes Constructed by the Media: The Case of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) in Germany
Michaela Köttig

16. A World Without Gender? The Struggle of Austria’s Far Right over What It Means to Be Human: An Analysis of Barbara Rosenkranz’ Book MenschInnen

Boka En, Michael En, Mercedes Pöll

17. Pitied Women, Aggressive Men. Images of Muslims in Swedish Christian and Secular News Discourse
Kristian Steiner

Part IV. Discourses on the Issues Antifeminism and Masculinity

18. At the Mercy of Femocracy? Networks and Ideological Links Between Far-Right Movements and the Antifeminist Men’s Rights Movement
Alva Träbert

19. Songs That Sound “Right”
Marko Stojanovska Rupčić

20. The Far Right’s Ideological Constructions of ‘Deviant’ Male Sexualities
Robert Claus, Fabian Virchow

21. Men in the Battle for the Brains: Constructions of Masculinity Within the “Identitary Generation”
Alice Blum

Part V. Counter Strategies

22. Disengagement and Deradicalization Work with Girls and Young Women—Experiences from Germany
Michaela Glaser

23. Gender Might Be the Key. Gender-Reflective Approaches and Guidelines in Prevention of and Intervention in Right-Wing Extremism in Europe
Silke Baer, Oliver Kossack, Anika Posselius

24. Postscript
Alice Blum, Michaela Köttig

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, European Politics, Comparative Politics, Democracy

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Gender and Politics
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