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Pragmemes and Theories of Language Use

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Table of contents

Part I. Pragmemes: Theoretical Perspectives

1. Deliberate Creativity and Formulaic Language Use
Istvan Kecskes

2. Aspects of Anaphora in Chinese and in Some Germanic, Romance, and Slavic Languages, the ‘Syntactic’ Versus ‘Pragmatic’ Language Typology, and Neo-Gricean Pragmatics
Yan Huang (黄衍)

3. Presuppositions as Cancellable Inferences
Fabrizio Macagno, Alessandro Capone

4. The Pragmeme of Insult and Some Allopracts
Keith Allan

5. Benveniste and the Periperformative Structure of the Pragmeme
Douglas Robinson

6. Pragmatics Seen Through the Prism of Society
Jacob L. Mey

7. Why We Need the Pragmeme, or: Speech Acting and Its Peripeties
Jacob L. Mey

8. On the Meaning of Questions
Ferenc Kiefer

9. Narratives in Conversation as Pragmemes
Neal R. Norrick

10. Prompting Social Action as a Higher-Order Pragmatic Act
Michael Haugh

11. Metapragmatics, Hidden Assumptions, and Moral Economy
Norman Fairclough

12. Terms of Address in European Languages: A Study in Cross-Linguistic Semantics and Pragmatics
Anna Wierzbicka

13. Practs and Facts
Jacob L. Mey

14. Pragmemes in Discourse
Anita Fetzer

15. “TONGUE-TIED”: Pragmemes and Practs of Silence in Literary Texts
Dennis Kurzon

16. Towards a Pragmatic-Semantic Continuum. The Process of Naming
Grazia Basile

17. Towards a “Theory of Everything” in Human Communication
Andra Vasilescu

18. Austin’s Speech Acts and Mey’s Pragmemes
Etsuko Oishi

19. Pragmemes in the Sociolinguistic Interview: A Case Study on Expanded Polar Answers
Andrea Pizarro Pedraza

20. On Pragmemes in Artificial Languages
Alan Reed Libert

Part II. Pragmemes and Cultural Analysis

21. The Ethnopragmatic Representation of Positive and Negative Emotions in Irish Immigrants’ Letters
Jesús Romero-Trillo, Nancy E. Avila-Ledesma

22. Situatedeness and the Making of Meaning: Pragmatics, Pragmemes, and Modality. An Essay
Leo Francis Paul Hoye

23. Pragmatic Strategies When Reading (Problematic) Translated Texts
Pedro J. Chamizo-Domínguez

24. The Multimodal Marking of Evidentiality: Pragmemes of Circumstantial Inference and Mandarin Written News Report
Vittorio Tantucci

25. Expectations in Interaction
Victoria Escandell-Vidal

26. Cultural Pragmatic Schemas, Pragmemes, and Practs: A Cultural Linguistics Perspective
Farzad Sharifian

27. Metapragmatic Pragmemes
Vahid Parvaresh

28. The Culture of Language
Jock Wong

29. The ‘emes’ of Linguistics
Jock Wong

30. Tattooing as Memorial Pragmemes
Luna Bergh

Part III. Theories of Language Use

31. Two Types of Semantic Presuppositions
Nathan Klinedinst

32. Social Cognition and the Pragmatics of Ideology
Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach, Sara Schatz

33. Poor vs. Good Thought Experiments in Pragmatics: A Case Study
András Kertész

34. What a Personal Pronoun Can Do for You: The Case of a Southern Dutch Dialect
Jan Nuyts

35. A Graded Strength for Privileged Interactional Interpretations
Marit Sternau, Mira Ariel, Rachel Giora, Ofer Fein

36. Implicits as Evolved Persuaders
Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri

37. Inferential Abilities and Pragmatic Deficits in Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Paola Pennisi

38. On the Tension Between Semantics and Pragmatics
Alessandro Capone

39. An Epistemic Commitment in the Very Idea of “Speaker’s Intention”
Pietro Perconti

40. Revisiting Metapragmatics: ‘What Are We Talking About?’
Claudia Caffi

41. A Model of Categorization and Compositionality (Sense Determination) in the Light of a Procedural Model of Language (Based on Selection and the Communicative Field)
Dorota Zielińska

42. Reflections on Pragmemes: Towards the Development of Societal Neuropragmatics
Caterina Scianna

43. The Asymmetric Multi-language Model: A Cognitive-Pragmatic Pattern to Explain Code-Switching by Unbalanced Multilinguals
Elvira Assenza

44. The Situatedness of Pragmatic Acts: Explaining a Lamp to a Robot
Kerstin Fischer

Keywords: Linguistics, Pragmatics, Philosophy of Language, Semantics

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Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy & Psychology
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