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The Frontiers of Applied Demography

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Table of contents

Part I. Demographic Information for Decision-Making: Case Studies

1. Demographics and Market Segmentation: China and India
Jo M. Martins, Farhat Yusuf, Gordon Brooks, David A. Swanson

2. The Drivers of Health Trends: A Decomposition of Projected Health for Local Areas in England
Stephen D. Clark, Philip H. Rees

3. Demographic Analyses for Public Policy: Projecting the Use of Veteran Educational Benefits in Texas
Michael E. Cline, Steve H. Murdock, Mary Zey

4. Residential Fire-Related Injuries and Deaths in Anchorage, Alaska, 2007–2012: Causes and Prevention
Donna Shai

5. Demographic Projections of Demand for Criminal Court Services Across New South Wales, Australia
Imogen Halstead, Brian Opeskin, Nick Parr

6. Projecting Future Demand for Assisted Living: A Case Study
Peter A. Morrison

7. The Growth of Australia’s Very Elderly Population: Past Estimates and Probabilistic Forecasts
Tom Wilson, Wilma Terblanche

Part II. Data: Issues and Analyses

8. An Assessment of Historical Demographic Analysis Estimates for the Black Male Birth Cohorts of 1935–39
Kirsten West, Jason Devine, J. Gregory Robinson

9. Reporting of Race Among Hispanics: Analysis of ACS Data
Howard Hogan

10. Promises and Pitfalls of the Puerto Rico Community Survey: Lessons from Persons-Per Household and Household Distributions
Matt Kaneshiro, Christine Pierce

11. State Longitudinal Data Systems: Applications to Applied Demography
George C. Hough, Melissa M. Beard

12. How Does Access to Primary Care Vary by Type of Insurance and by Rural and Urban Counties in Mississippi?
Ron Cossman

13. Lifetime Migration in the United States as of 2006–2010: Measures, Patterns, and Applications
Albert I. Hermalin, Lisa J. Neidert

14. Census Costs: Rationale for Re-Designing Traditional Census Data Collection Methodology with the Census-Enhanced Master Address File
Alison M. Yacyshyn, David A. Swanson

Part III. Projection & Estimation Methods: Evaluations, Examples and Discussions

15. How Accurate Are Japan’s Official Subnational Projections? Comparative Analysis of Projections in Japan, English-Speaking Countries and the EU
Masakazu Yamauchi, Shiro Koike, Kenji Kamata

16. Integrated Local Demographic Forecasts Constrained by the Supply of Housing or Jobs: Practice in the UK
Ludi Simpson

17. Demographic Forecasting for Local Governments in Queensland, Australia – Difficult, But Effective
Kanan M. Saraiya

18. Population Projections by Ethnicity: Challenges and Solutions for the United Kingdom
Philip H. Rees, Pia Wohland, Paul Norman, Nikolas Lomax, Stephen D. Clark

19. Revising Long-Established Population Estimates in Australia: Reasons, Methods and Implications
Andrew Howe

20. Creating Population Surfaces for the Analysis of Small Area Change
Christopher D. Lloyd

21. Small-Area Population Forecasting: A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach
Guangqing Chi, Donghui Wang

22. A New Method for Estimating Small Area Demographics and Its Application to Long-Term Population Projection
Takashi Inoue

23. A Long Term Test of the Accuracy of the Hamilton-Perry Method for Forecasting State Populations by Age
David A. Swanson, Jeff Tayman

Keywords: Social Sciences, Demography, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Public Health, Aging, Migration

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