Hedblom, Marcus

Ecology and Conservation of Birds in Urban Environments

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Urban Bird Research in a Global Perspective
Marcus Hedblom, Enrique Murgui

Part II. General Patterns and Processes

2. Global Patterns and Drivers of Urban Bird Diversity
Christopher A. Lepczyk, Frank A. Sorte, Myla F. J. Aronson, Mark A. Goddard, Ian MacGregor-Fors, Charles H. Nilon, Paige S. Warren

3. Urbanization and Bird Communities: Spatial and Temporal Patterns Emerging from Southern South America
M. I. Bellocq, L. M. Leveau, J. Filloy

4. Bird Diversities and Their Responses to Urbanization in China
Shuihua Chen, Siyu Wang

5. Why Are Exotic Birds So Successful in Urbanized Environments?
Daniel Sol, Cesar González-Lagos, Oriol Lapiedra, Mario Díaz

6. Becoming Citizens: Avian Adaptations to Urban Life
Constantino Macías Garcia, Monserrat Suárez-Rodríguez, Isabel López-Rull

7. Mechanisms of Behavioural Change in Urban Animals: The Role of Microevolution and Phenotypic Plasticity
Ana Catarina Miranda

Part III. Spatio-temporal Scale and Methodological Approaches

8. The Role of Landscape-Scale Factors in Shaping Urban Bird Communities
Jennifer Litteral, Eyal Shochat

9. Trends in Long-Term Urban Bird Research
Mason Fidino, Seth B. Magle

10. Counting Birds in Urban Areas: A Review of Methods for the Estimation of Abundance
Yolanda Heezik, Philip J. Seddon

11. Urban Ornithological Atlases in Europe: A Review
Maciej Luniak

Part IV. Anthropogenic Factors

12. Pollutants in Urbanized Areas: Direct and Indirect Effects on Bird Populations
Jaana Kekkonen

13. Ecological Effects of Light Pollution: How Can We Improve Our Understanding Using Light Loggers on Individual Animals?
Davide M. Dominoni

14. Human Initiation of Synurbic Populations of Waterfowl, Raptors, Pigeons and Cage Birds
Ludwik Tomiałojć

15. Bird Diversity Improves the Well-Being of City Residents
Marcus Hedblom, Igor Knez, Bengt Gunnarsson

Part V. Urban Bird Habitats: Conservation and Management

16. Grassland to Urban Forest in 150 Years: Avifaunal Response in an African Metropolis
Craig T. Symes, Kathryn Roller, Caroline Howes, Geoffrey Lockwood, Berndt J. Rensburg

17. Ecology and Conservation of Australian Urban and Exurban Avifauna
Grant Daniels, Jamie Kirkpatrick

18. Ecological and Social Factors Determining the Diversity of Birds in Residential Yards and Gardens
Mark A. Goddard, Karen Ikin, Susannah B. Lerman

19. Birds on Urban Wastelands
Peter J. Meffert

20. The Role of Invasive Plant Species in Urban Avian Conservation
Jason M. Gleditsch

21. Species Richness and Species of Conservation Concern in Parks of Italian Towns
Alberto Sorace, Marco Gustin

22. Indicators of the Effects of the Urban Greening on Birds: The Case of Barcelona
Sergi Herrando, Lluís Brotons, Marc Anton, Martí Franch, Javier Quesada, Xavier Ferrer

23. Management of Urban Nature and Its Impact on Bird Ecosystem Services
Erik Heyman, Bengt Gunnarsson, Lukas Dovydavicius

Part VI. Concluding Remarks

24. Improving Research Towards Conservation Objectives
Enrique Murgui, Marcus Hedblom

Keywords: Life Sciences, Urban Ecology, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Nature Conservation, Animal Ecology, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Zoology

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