Gianotten, Woet L.

Cancer, Intimacy and Sexuality

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Yacov Reisman, Woet L. Gianotten

2. Awareness and Paying Attention
Yacov Reisman, Woet L. Gianotten

3. The Value of Paying Attention
Yacov Reisman, Woet L. Gianotten

4. Relevant Aspects of Sexuality
Woet L. Gianotten, Yacov Reisman

5. The Various Levels of Impact
Woet L. Gianotten

6. A Comprehensive Guideline on Sexual Care in Case of Cancer
Pierre Bondil

7. Training in Oncosexology
Woet L. Gianotten, Yacov Reisman

8. Sexual Consequences of the Various Process Phases
Woet L. Gianotten, Yacov Reisman

9. Psychosexual Consequences of Cancer Diagnosis
Sandra Vilarinho, Graça Santos

10. Sexual Consequences of Pelvic Radiotherapy
Luca Incrocci

11. Sexual Consequences of Chemotherapy
Erika Limoncin, Daniele Mollaioli, Giacomo Ciocca, Giovanni Luca Gravina, Emmanuele A. Jannini

12. The Sexual Consequences of Cancer Surgery
Marjan Traa, Harm Rutten, Brenda Oudsten

13. Sexual Consequences of Cancer Medication and Cancer-Related Medication
Michal Lew-Starowicz

14. Sexual Aspects of Specific Cancers
Woet L. Gianotten, Yacov Reisman

15. Breast Cancer and Sexuality
Johannes Bitzer, Daniela Hahn

16. Sexual Function After Gynaecological Cancer
Annette Hasenburg, Juliane Farthmann

17. Prostate Cancer
Raanan Tal

18. Sexual Problems Related to Bladder Cancer
Wim Meinhardt

19. Sexual Consequences of Testicular Cancer
Tamer Aliskan, Bahadir Ermec, Samed Verep, Ates Kadioglu

20. Penile Cancer and Sexuality
Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Dimitris Hatzichristou

21. Colorectal and Anal Cancer
Kevin W. A. Göttgens, Stéphanie O. Breukink

22. Blood and Lymph Node Cancer
Christine M. Segeren

23. Sexual Consequences of Head and Neck Cancer
Kate Jones

24. “Dealing with”
Woet L. Gianotten, Yacov Reisman

25. Couple Sexual Rehabilitation
Paul Enzlin, Hilde Toelen, Kristel Mulders

26. Male Sexual Rehabilitation After Pelvic Cancer
Michael Geoffrey Kirby

27. Sexual Rehabilitation After Gynaecological Cancers
Alessandra Graziottin, Monika Lukasiewicz, Audrey Serafini

28. Sexual Tools and Toys in Oncosexology
Yacov Reisman, Woet L. Gianotten

29. Special Groups
Woet L. Gianotten, Yacov Reisman

30. The Partner
Paul Enzlin, Kristel Mulders, Hilde Toelen

31. The Impact of Cancer Treatment on Sexuality and Relationships for Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Survivors
Daniel Kelly, Sofia A. Vougioukalou

32. Sexuality and Cancer in the Aged/Aging Population
Felipe Hurtado Murillo, Ascensión Bellver-Pérez, Woet L. Gianotten

33. Homosexual Men and Women, Cancer, and the Health Care System
Astrid Ditte Højgaard, Haakon Aars

34. Sexuality and Intimacy at the End of Life
Hilde Vocht

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Oncology, Gynecology, Urology, Nursing

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