Wondrak, Georg T.

Skin Stress Response Pathways

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Table of contents

1. The Skin Lipidome Under Environmental Stress—Technological Platforms, Molecular Pathways and Translational Opportunities
Florian Gruber

2. Squalene and Skin Barrier Function: From Molecular Target to Biomarker of Environmental Exposure
Boudiaf Boussouira, Dang Man Pham

3. Sunlight-Induced DNA Damage: Molecular Mechanisms and Photoprotection Strategies
Thierry Douki

4. Urocanic Acid and Skin Photodamage: New Light on an Old Chromophore
Leopold Eckhart

5. The Skin Extracellular Matrix as a Target of Environmental Exposure: Molecular Mechanisms, Prevention and Repair
Kieran T. Mellody, Mike Bell, Michael J. Sherratt

6. Nitric Oxide Derivatives and Skin Environmental Exposure to Light: From Molecular Pathways to Therapeutic Opportunities
Christoph V. Suschek

7. Melanocortin 1 Receptor (MC1R) as a Global Regulator of Cutaneous UV Responses: Molecular Interactions and Opportunities for Melanoma Prevention
Erin M. Wolf Horrell, John A. D’Orazio

8. The Cutaneous Melanocyte as a Target of Environmental Stressors: Molecular Mechanisms and Opportunities
Laurent Marrot

9. The Role of Epidermal p38 Signaling in Solar UV Radiation-Induced Inflammation: Molecular Pathways and Preventive Opportunities
Jin Mo Park, Yasuyo Sano

10. UV-Induced Chemokines as Emerging Targets for Skin Cancer Photochemoprevention
Scott N. Byrne, Gary M. Halliday

11. TLR3 and Inflammatory Skin Diseases: From Environmental Factors to Molecular Opportunities
Risa Tamagawa-Mineoka, Mayumi Ueta, Norito Katoh

12. Sirtuins and Stress Response in Skin Cancer, Aging, and Barrier Function
Yu-Ying He

13. Cutaneous Opioid Receptors and Stress Responses: Molecular Interactions and Opportunities for Therapeutic Intervention
Hanane Chajra

14. Regulation of Cutaneous Stress Response Pathways by the Circadian Clock: From Molecular Pathways to Therapeutic Opportunities
Elyse Spyk, Milton Greenberg, Faraj Mourad, Bogi Andersen

15. Endocannabinoids and Skin Barrier Function: Molecular Pathways and Therapeutic Opportunities
Sergio Oddi, Mauro Maccarrone

16. The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) as an Environmental Stress Sensor and Regulator of Skin Barrier Function: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities
Rebecca Justiniano, Georg T. Wondrak

17. Biological Cell Protection by Natural Compounds, a Second Line of Defense Against Solar Radiation
Ludger Kolbe

18. The Cutaneous Microbiota as a Determinant of Skin Barrier Function: Molecular Interactions and Therapeutic Opportunities
Julia J. Rensburg, Lana Dbeibo, Stanley M. Spinola

19. Sensing Environmental Factors: The Emerging Role of Receptors in Epidermal Homeostasis and Whole-Body Health
Mitsuhiro Denda

20. The Cutaneous Circadian Clock as a Determinant of Environmental Vulnerability: Molecular Pathways and Chrono-pharmacological Opportunities
Kyongshin Cho, Rajendra P. Gajula, Kenneth I. Porter, Shobhan Gaddameedhi

21. Psychological Stress as a Determinant of Skin Barrier Function: Immunological Pathways and Therapeutic Opportunities
Mark E. Mummert

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