Szajdak, Lech Wojciech

Bioactive Compounds in Agricultural Soils

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Biologically Active Compounds
Lech Wojciech Szajdak

Part I. Biologically Active Substances in Cropping Systems

2. Free, Bounded, and Included in Humic Acids Amino Acids: Thermal Properties of Humic Acids from Cropping Systems
Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Irena Życzyńska-Bałoniak, Kazimiera Wegner

3. Conversions and Pathways of Organic Carbon and Organic Nitrogen in Soils
Stanisław Kalembasa, Dorota Kalembasa

4. Free Sulfuric Amino Acids and Rhodanese in Soils Under Rye Cropping and Crop Rotation
Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Teodor Rusu

5. Amino Acids, Indole-3-Acetic Acid, Stable and Transient Radicals, and Properties of Humic and Fulvic Acids as Affected by Tillage System
Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Miguel L. Cabrera, Adam Jezierski

6. Rate of Leaching of Organic and Inorganic Compounds in Tilled and Orchard Soils
Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Jerzy Lipiec, Anna Siczek, Urszula Kotowska, Artur Nosalewicz

7. Impact of Long-Term Agricultural Management and Native Forest Ecosystem on the Chemical and Biochemical Properties of Retisols’ Organic Matter
Alar Astover, Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Raimo Kõlli

Part II. The Physiological Importance of Biologically Active Substances

8. Auxin, One Major Plant Hormone, in Soil
Junichi Ueda, Marian Saniewski, Kensuke Miyamoto

9. Transformations of Organic Matter in Soils Under Shelterbelts of Different Ages in Agricultural Landscape
Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Victoria Maryganova, Eugene Skakovskii, Ludmila Tychinskaya

10. Phytohormone in Peats, Sapropels, and Peat Substrates
Lech Wojciech Szajdak

11. Cranberry: A Plant Growing on Organic Soils with a Broad Spectrum of Pharmaceutical and Medical Use
Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Lydia I. Inisheva

12. The Importance of Horticultural Growing Media and Biochemical Processes
Lech Wojciech Szajdak, Katarzyna Styła, Wioletta Gaca, Teresa Meysner, Marek Szczepański, Jacek Stanisław Nowak

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Soil Science & Conservation, Plant Biochemistry

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Natural Sciences
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