Belyaev, Alexander

Dynamics and Control of Advanced Structures and Machines

Belyaev, Alexander - Dynamics and Control of Advanced Structures and Machines, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Free and Forced Vibrations of Fuzzy Structures
Franz Ziegler

2. Resonance of a Series of Train Cars Traveling Over Multi-Span Continuous Beams
J. D. Yau, Y. B. Yang

3. Stability and Supercritical Deformation of a Circular Ring with Intrinsic Curvature
Yury Vetyukov

4. Estimation of Mechanical Properties of Micro-Lattice Panel with Irregular Cells
Kuniharu Ushijima, Dai-Heng Chen

5. Overview Reading and Comparing the Seismic Proof Capability of Displacement Dependent Semi-Active Hydraulic Damper and Accumulated Semi-Active Hydraulic Damper
M.-H. Shih, W.-P. Sung

6. On Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Eigenstrain-Type Control of Stresses in the Dynamics of Force-Loaded Elastic Bodies
Juergen Schoeftner, Hans Irschik

7. Variational Principles for Different Representations of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Systems
Markus Schöberl, Kurt Schlacher

8. Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of High-Speed Pantographs Using Real-Time Catenary Emulation
Alexander Schirrer, Guilherme Aschauer, Stefan Jakubek

9. Swelling-Induced Bending of Hydrogel Bistrips
Takuya Morimoto, Fumihiro Ashida, Yu Hayashi

10. Determination of Parameters of the External Electric Circuits Providing Maximum Damping of Vibrations of Electroelastic Bodies
V. P. Matveenko, N. V. Sevodina, N. A. Yurlova, D. A. Oshmarin, M. A. Yurlov, A. S. Ivanov

11. Forming of Woven-Reinforced Thermoplastic-Matrix Composites: Characterization, Modelling, and Validation
Martín Machado, Zoltan Major

12. Model Predictive Temperature Control of a Distribution System for Chemicals
S. Koch, M. Ponikvar, M. Steinberger, M. Horn

13. Hidden Oscillations in Electromechanical Systems
Maria Kiseleva, Natalya Kondratyeva, Nikolay Kuznetsov, Gennady Leonov

14. Effect of Material Layers in a Compound Circular Receiver Model Design for Concentrating Solar Power
Ryuusuke Kawamura, Yoshinori Nagase, Shigeki Tomomatsu

15. On Multiple Support Excitation Analysis of Bridges
R. Heuer, D. Watzl

16. Control of Friction by Surface Microgeometry Variation
Irina Goryacheva

17. Peculiarities of the Magnetic Behavior of Pipe Steels with Different Initial Stress–Strain States Under Elastic Deformation
E. S. Gorkunov, A. M. Povolotskaya, S. M. Zadvorkin, Yu. V. Subachev

18. Cable-Stayed Bridges: A Monitoring Challenge
L. Faravelli

19. Dynamics and Control of Motion for Systems Containing Internal Moving Masses
F. L. Chernousko

20. Elaborations from the TKB Monitoring Database
S. Casciati, L. Elia

21. Reduced Order Models and Localized Nonlinearity: An Approach to the Design of Meta-Structures
F. Casciati

22. Contact of Flexible Elastic Belt with Two Pulleys
A. K. Belyaev, V. V. Eliseev, H. Irschik, E. A. Oborin

23. Control over Internet of Oscillations for Group of Pendulums
Mikhail S. Ananyevskiy, Alexander L. Fradkov

24. Effect of the Load Modelling Strategy on the Dynamic Response Prediction of Bridges Subjected to High-Speed Trains
Christoph Adam, Patrick Salcher

25. Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resins Filled with Nano-Silica Particles
Tadaharu Adachi, Markus Karamoy Umboh, Tadamasa Nemoto, Masahiro Higuchi, Zoltan Major

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Mechatronics, Structural Mechanics, Machinery and Machine Elements

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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