Kahraman, Cengiz

Intelligence Systems in Environmental Management: Theory and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Intelligence Techniques in Environmental Management
Cengiz Kahraman, İrem Uçal Sarı

Part I. Waste Management

2. An Intuitionistic Fuzzy MCDM Approach for Effective Hazardous Waste Management
Gülçin Büyüközkan, Fethullah Gocer

3. Intelligent Optimization of Wastewater Collection Networks
Ali Haghighi

4. A Norm-Aware Multi-agent System for Social Simulations in a River Basin
Ignasi Gómez-Sebastià, Luis Oliva-Felipe, Ulises Cortés, Marta Verdaguer, Manel Poch, Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda, Javier Vázquez-Salceda

5. Decision Making in Solid Waste Management Under Fuzzy Environment
Selman Karagoz, Nezir Aydin, Erkan Isikli

Part II. Disaster Response Management

6. Application of Fuzzy Rules to the Decision Process in Crisis Management: The Case of the Silesian District in Poland
Dorota Kuchta, Stanisław Stanek, Stanisław Drosio, Barbara Gładysz

7. Maritime Environmental Disaster Management Using Intelligent Techniques
Emre Akyuz, Esra Ilbahar, Selcuk Cebi, Metin Celik

Part III. Energy Management

8. Modelling Solar Energy Usage with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Veysel Çoban, Sezi Çevik Onar

9. Planning of Efficient Natural Gas Consumption in a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Using Evolutionary Algorithms
H. Kutay Tinç, İrem Uçal Sarı

Part IV. Water Resources Management

10. Water Resources Management Decision-Making Under Stochastic Uncertainty Using a Firefly Algorithm-Driven Simulation-Optimization Approach for Generating Alternatives
Julian Scott Yeomans

11. Fuzzy Neural Network (EFuNN) for Modelling Dissolved Oxygen Concentration (DO)
Salim Heddam

Part V. Sustainability

12. Cumulative Belief Degrees Approach for Assessment of Sustainable Development
Hazal Ünlüçay, Beyzanur Çayır Ervural, Bilal Ervural, Özgür Kabak

13. Sustainable Supply Chains and Risk Management for E-Commerce Companies Using Fuzzy Inference System
Sultan Ceren Oner, Basar Oztaysi

Part VI. Environmental Economics

14. Fuzzy Economic Analysis Methods for Environmental Economics
Cengiz Kahraman, İrem Uçal Sarı, Sezi Cevik Onar, Basar Oztaysi

15. Economic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Collection Systems Using Type-2 Fuzzy Net Present Worth Analysis
İrem Uçal Sarı, Cengiz Kahraman

Part VII. Land Use Planning

16. Applications of Multicriteria Techniques to Plan the Harvest of a Forest Taken into Account Different Kinds of Objectives
M. Hernández, T. Gómez, J. Molina, M. A. León

17. Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Rule Based System-Integrated Methodology for Urban Land Use Planning
Cigdem Kadaifci, Saliha Karadayi Usta, Emre Cevikcan

Part VIII. Sustainable Transportation

18. Fuzzy Optimal Allocation of Service Centers for Sustainable Transportation Networks Service
Alexander Bozhenyuk, Stanislav Belyakov, Evgeniya Gerasimenko, Marina Savelyeva

19. Intelligent Control of Traffic Flows for Sustainable Transportation Networks
Alexander Bozhenyuk, Stanislav Belyakov, Evgeniya Gerasimenko, Marina Savelyeva

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Environmental Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Intelligent Systems Reference Library
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20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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