Glover, Todd A.

Rural Education Research in the United States

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Current State of the Science in Rural Education Research
Louis F. Cicchinelli, Andrea D. Beesley

2. Multidisciplinary Perspectives to Advance Rural Education Research
Gwen C. Nugent, Gina M. Kunz, Susan M. Sheridan, Mary Hellwege, Maureen O’Connor

Part I. Methodological Approaches to Rural Education Research

3. Defining and Communicating Rural
Leslie R. Hawley, Natalie A. Koziol, James A. Bovaird

4. Partnership-Based Approaches in Rural Education Research
Gina M. Kunz, Pamela Buffington, Charles P. Schroeder, Ronnie Green, Robert Mahaffey, Jennifer Widner, Michelle Howell Smith, Mary Hellwege

5. Recruiting Rural Schools for Education Research: Challenges and Strategies
Elizabeth Autio, Theresa Deussen

6. Methodology Challenges and Cutting Edge Designs for Rural Education Research
James A. Bovaird, Kirstie L. Bash

7. The Effectiveness of E-Coaching in Rural Science Classrooms
Gwen C. Nugent, Gina M. Kunz, James Houston, Irina Kalutskaya, Jon Pedersen

8. Accelerating the Mathematical Development of Young Navajo Children
Mark Sorensen, Derek Price

9. Investigating Teacher Professional Development with Distance Coaching to Promote Students’ Response to Reading Interventions in Rural Schools
Todd A. Glover

Part II. Rural Education Research Findings Part 1: Teacher and School Influences

10. Rural Language and Literacy Connections: An Integrated Approach to Supporting Low-Income Preschool Children’s Language and Literacy Development
Lisa L. Knoche, Dawn L. Davis

11. Rural Parenting: Cumulative Risk and Parenting Process
Irina L. Mokrova, Lynne Vernon-Feagans, Patricia Garrett-Peters

12. The Effects of Rurality on Parents’ Engagement in Children’s Early Literacy
Brandy L. Clarke, Natalie A. Koziol, Susan M. Sheridan

13. Improving Education Outcomes for American Indian Children: Community and Family Influences on Rural Student Academic Success
Judy Pfannenstiel, Marsha Gebhardt

14. Family-School Partnerships in Rural Communities: Benefits, Exemplars, and Future Research
Susan M. Sheridan, Gina M. Kunz, Shannon Holmes, Amanda Witte

15. Future Directions for Rural Education Research: A Commentary and Call to Action
Andrea D. Beesley, Susan M. Sheridan

Keywords: Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Early Childhood Education, Educational Psychology

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