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Springer Handbook of Global Navigation Satellite Systems

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Table of contents

A. Principles of GNSS

1. Introduction to GNSS
Richard B. Langley, Peter J.G. Teunissen, Oliver Montenbruck

2. Time and Reference Systems
Christopher Jekeli, Oliver Montenbruck

3. Satellite Orbits and Attitude
Urs Hugentobler, Oliver Montenbruck

4. Signals and Modulation
Michael Meurer, Felix Antreich

5. Clocks
Ron Beard, Ken Senior

6. Atmospheric Signal Propagation
Thomas Hobiger, Norbert Jakowski

B. Satellite Navigation Systems

7. The Global Positioning System (GPS)
Christopher J. Hegarty

Sergey Revnivykh, Alexey Bolkunov, Alexander Serdyukov, Oliver Montenbruck

9. Galileo
Marco Falcone, Jörg Hahn, Thomas Burger

10. Chinese Navigation Satellite Systems
Yuanxi Yang, Jing Tang, Oliver Montenbruck

11. Regional Systems
Satoshi Kogure, A.S. Ganeshan, Oliver Montenbruck

12. Satellite Based Augmentation Systems
Todd Walter

C. GNSS Receivers and Antennas

13. Receiver Architecture
Bernd Eissfeller, Jong-Hoon Won

14. Signal Processing
Jong-Hoon Won, Thomas Pany

15. Multipath
Michael S. Braasch

16. Interference
Todd Humphreys

17. Antennas
Moazam Maqsood, Steven Gao, Oliver Montenbruck

18. Simulators and Test Equipment
Mark G. Petovello, James T. Curran

D. GNSS Algorithms and Models

19. Basic Observation Equations
André Hauschild

20. Combinations of Observations
André Hauschild

21. Positioning Model
Dennis Odijk

22. Least-Squares Estimation and Kalman Filtering
Sandra Verhagen, Peter J.G. Teunissen

23. Carrier Phase Integer Ambiguity Resolution
Peter J.G. Teunissen

24. Batch and Recursive Model Validation
Peter J.G. Teunissen

E. Positioning and Navigation

25. Precise Point Positioning
Jan Kouba, François Lahaye, Pierre Tétreault

26. Differential Positioning
Dennis Odijk, Lambert Wanninger

27. Attitude Determination
Gabriele Giorgi

28. GNSS/INS Integration
Jay A. Farrell, Jan Wendel

29. Land and Maritime Applications
Allison Kealy, Terry Moore

30. Aviation Applications
Richard Farnworth

31. Ground Based Augmentation Systems
Sam Pullen

32. Space Applications
Oliver Montenbruck

F. Surveying, Geodesy and Geodynamics

33. The International GNSS Service
Gary Johnston, Anna Riddell, Grant Hausler

34. Orbit and Clock Product Generation
Jan P. Weiss, Peter Steigenberger, Tim Springer

35. Surveying
Chris Rizos

36. Geodesy
Zuheir Altamimi, Richard Gross

37. Geodynamics
Jeff Freymueller

G. GNSS Remote Sensing and Timing

38. Monitoring of the Neutral Atmosphere
Gunnar Elgered, Jens Wickert

39. Ionosphere Monitoring
Norbert Jakowski

40. Reflectometry
Antonio Rius, Estel Cardellach

41. GNSS Time and Frequency Transfer
Pascale Defraigne

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Geophysics/Geodesy, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Transportation

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