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Table of contents

Part I. Award Winners

1. Exploiting Solving Phases for Mixed-Integer Programs
Gregor Hendel

2. An Extended Formulation for the Line Planning Problem
Heide Hoppmann

3. Improving the Performance of MIP and MINLP Solvers by Integrated Heuristics
Timo Berthold

Part II. Discrete Optimization, Integer Programming, Graphs and Networks

4. An Experimental Study of Algorithms for Controlling Palletizers
Frank Gurski, Jochen Rethmann, Egon Wanke

5. Robust Two-Stage Network Problems
Adam Kasperski, Paweł Zieliński

6. Composed Min-Max and Min-Sum Radial Approach to the Emergency System Design
Marek Kvet, Jaroslav Janáček

7. LP-Based Relaxations of the Skiving Stock Problem—Improved Upper Bounds for the Gap
John Martinovic, Guntram Scheithauer

8. Creating Worst-Case Instances for Upper and Lower Bounds of the Two-Dimensional Strip Packing Problem
Torsten Buchwald, Guntram Scheithauer

9. The Maximum Scatter TSP on a Regular Grid
Isabella Hoffmann, Sascha Kurz, Jörg Rambau

10. Using Contiguous 2D-Feasible 1D Cutting Patterns for the 2D Strip Packing Problem
Isabel Friedow, Guntram Scheithauer

11. Computing Partitions with Applications to Capital Budgeting Problems
Frank Gurski, Jochen Rethmann, Eda Yilmaz

12. Upper Bound for the Capacitated Competitive Facility Location Problem
V. L. Beresnev, A. A. Melnikov

13. The Onset of Congestion in Charging of Electric Vehicles for Proportionally Fair Network Management Protocol
Ľuboš Buzna

14. A Comparison of Heuristic Methods for the Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree Problem and Their Application in Genomics
Murodzhon Akhmedov, Ivo Kwee, Roberto Montemanni

15. A Benders Decomposition Approach for Static Data Segment Location to Servers Connected by a Tree Backbone
Goutam Sen, Mohan Krishnamoorthy, Vishnu Narayanan, Narayan Rangaraj

16. Mathematical Optimization of a Magnetic Ruler Layout with Rotated Pole Boundaries
Marzena Fügenschuh, Armin Fügenschuh, Marina Ludszuweit, Aleksandar Mojsic, Joanna Sokół

17. A New Exact Approach to the Space-Free Double Row Layout Problem
Anja Fischer, Frank Fischer, Philipp Hungerländer

Part III. Logistics and Transportation

18. Cost Allocation for Horizontal Carrier Coalitions Based on Approximated Shapley Values
Kristian Schopka, Herbert Kopfer

19. Collaborative Transportation Planning with Forwarding Limitations
Mario Ziebuhr, Herbert Kopfer

20. A Multi-compartment Vehicle Routing Problem for Livestock Feed Distribution
Levent Kandiller, Deniz Türsel Eliiyi, Bahar Taşar

21. Single Vehicle Routing Problem with a Predefined Customer Sequence, Stochastic Demands and Partial Satisfaction of Demands
Epaminondas G. Kyriakidis, Theodosis D. Dimitrakos

22. A Tabu Search Based Heuristic Approach for the Dynamic Container Relocation Problem
Osman Karpuzoğlu, M. Hakan Akyüz, Temel Öncan

23. Optimization of Railway Timetable by Allocation of Extra Time Supplements
Takayuki Shiina, Susumu Morito, Jun Imaizumi

24. Train Platforming at a Terminal and Its Adjacent Station to Maximize Throughput
Susumu Morito, Kosuke Hara, Jun Imaizumi, Satoshi Kato

25. The Baltic Sea as a Maritime Highway in International Multimodal Transport
Joachim R. Daduna, Gunnar Prause

26. Computing Indicators for Differences and Similarities Among Sets of Vehicle Routes
Jörn Schönberger

27. Optimal Transportation Mode Decision for Deterministic Transportation Times, Stochastic Container Arrivals and an Intermodal Option
Klaus Altendorfer, Stefan Minner

28. Optimization Models for Decision Support at Motorail Terminals
Pascal Lutter

29. Continuity Between Planning Periods in the Home Health Care Problem
Daniela Lüers, Leena Suhl

30. Map Partitioning for Accelerated Routing: Measuring Relation Between Tiled and Routing Partitions
Maximilian Adam, Natalia Kliewer, Felix König

31. OD Matrix Estimation Using Smart Card Transactions Data and Its Usage for the Tariff Zones Determination in the Public Transport
Michal Koháni

32. Location Planning of Charging Stations for Electric City Buses
Kilian Berthold, Peter Förster, Brita Rohrbeck

33. A Hybrid Solution Approach for Railway Crew Scheduling Problems with Attendance Rates
Kirsten Hoffmann

34. A Comparison of Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles for End Customer Deliveries
Christian Doppstadt

35. Robust Efficiency in Public Bus Transport and Airline Resource Scheduling
Bastian Amberg, Lucian Ionescu, Natalia Kliewer

36. Route Minimization Heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Pauses
Alexey Khmelev

37. Combining NLP and MILP in Vertical Flight Planning
Liana Amaya Moreno, Zhi Yuan, Armin Fügenschuh, Anton Kaier, Swen Schlobach

38. European Air Traffic Flow Management with Strategic Deconfliction
Jan Berling, Alexander Lau, Volker Gollnick

39. On Optimally Allocating Tracks in Complex Railway Stations
Reyk Weiß, Michael Kümmling, Jens Opitz

Part IV. Metaheuristics and Multiple Criteria Decision Making

40. Optimal and Near-Optimal Strategies in Discrete Stochastic Multiobjective Quasi-hierarchical Dynamic Problems
Maciej Nowak, Tadeusz Trzaskalik

41. Multicriterial Design of a Hydrostatic Transmission System Via Mixed-Integer Programming
Lena C. Altherr, Thorsten Ederer, Lucas S. Farnetane, Philipp Pöttgen, Angela Vergé, Peter F. Pelz

42. Optimal Pulse-Doppler Waveform Design for VHF Solid-State Air Surveillance Radar
Miloš Jevtić, Nikola Zogović, Stevica Graovac

43. A Hybrid Approach of Optimization and Sampling for Robust Portfolio Selection
Omar Rifki, Hirotaka Ono

44. Tabu Search Heuristic for Competitive Base Station Location Problem
Marceau Coupechoux, Ivan Davydov, Stefano Iellamo

Part V. OR for Security, Policy Modeling and Public Sector OR

45. Robust Optimization of IT Security Safeguards Using Standard Security Data
Andreas Schilling

46. Cologne Mass Casualty Incident Exercise 2015—Using Linked Databases to Improve Risk and Crisis Management in Critical Infrastructure Protection
Florian Brauner, Andreas Lotter, Ompe Aime Mudimu, Alex Lechleuthner

47. Simulation-Based Analyses for Critical Infrastructure Protection: Identifying Risks by Using Data Farming
Silja Meyer-Nieberg, Martin Zsifkovits, Dominik Hauschild, Stefan Luther

48. Time-Based Estimation of Vulnerable Points in the Munich Subway Network
Marian Sorin Nistor, Doina Bein, Wolfgang Bein, Matthias Dehmer, Stefan Pickl

49. Two Approaches to Cooperative Covering Location Problem and Their Application to Ambulance Deployment
Hozumi Morohosi, Takehiro Furuta

Part VI. Production, Operations Management, Supply Chains, Stochastic Models and Simulation

50. Change Point Detection in Piecewise Stationary Time Series for Farm Animal Behavior Analysis
Sandra Breitenberger, Dmitry Efrosinin, Wolfgang Auer, Andreas Deininger, Ralf Waßmuth

51. Reliable Order Promising with Multidimensional Anticipation of Customer Response
Ralf Gössinger, Sonja Kalkowski

52. A Scalable Approach for the K-Staged Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem
Frederico Dusberger, Günther R. Raidl

53. A Logic-Based Benders Decomposition Approach for the 3-Staged Strip Packing Problem
Johannes Maschler, Günther R. Raidl

54. Optimization Model for the Design of Levelling Patterns with Setup and Lot-Sizing Considerations
Mirco Boning, Heiko Breier, Dominik Berbig

55. Treating Scale-Efficiency Gaps in Peer-Based DEA
Andreas Dellnitz

56. On the Association Between Economic Cycles and Operational Disruptions
Kamil J. Mizgier, Stephan M. Wagner, Stylianos Papageorgiou

57. Simulated Annealing for Optimization of a Two-Stage Inventory System with Transshipments
Andreas Serin, Bernd Hillebrand

58. Optimized Modular Production Networks in the Process Industry
Dominik Wörsdörfer, Pascal Lutter, Stefan Lier, Brigitte Werners

59. Management Coordination for Multi-Participant Supply Chains Under Uncertainty
Kefah Hjaila, José M. Laínez-Aguirre, Luis Puigjaner, Antonio Espuña

60. A Simulation Based Optimization Approach for Setting-Up CNC Machines
Jens Weber, André Mueß, Wilhelm Dangelmaier

61. Simulation-Based Modeling and Analysis of Schedule Instability in Automotive Supply Networks
Tim Gruchmann, Thomas Gollmann

62. Performance Evaluation of a Lost Sales, Push-Pull, Production-Inventory System Under Supply and Demand Uncertainty
Georgios Varlas, Michael Vidalis

Part VII. Analytics and Forecasting

63. Automatic Root Cause Analysis by Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources
Felix Richter, Tetiana Aymelek, Dirk C. Mattfeld

64. Models and Methods for the Analysis of the Diffusion of Skills in Social Networks
Alberto Ceselli, Marco Cremonini, Simeone Cristofaro

65. Topological Data Analysis for Extracting Hidden Features of Client Data
Klaus B. Schebesch, Ralf W. Stecking

66. Supporting Product Optimization by Customer Data Analysis
Tatiana Deriyenko, Oliver Hartkopp, Dirk C. Mattfeld

67. Inspection of the Validity in the Frequent Shoppers Program by Using Particle Filter
Shinsuke Suzuki, Kei Takahashi

68. Value-at-Risk Forecasts Based on Decomposed Return Series: The Short Run Matters
Theo Berger

69. Feed-In Forecasts for Photovoltaic Systems and Economic Implications of Enhanced Forecast Accuracy
Oliver Ruhnau, Reinhard Madlener

Part VIII. Financial Modeling, Accounting and Game Theory

70. Transfer Pricing—Heterogeneous Agents and Learning Effects
Arno Karrer

71. Modeling of Dependent Credit Rating Transitions Governed by Industry-Specific Markovian Matrices
Dmitri V. Boreiko, Yuri M. Kaniovski, Georg Ch. Pflug

72. Replicating Portfolios:

Jan Natolski, Ralf Werner

73. The Existence of Equilibria in the Leader-Follower Hub Location and Pricing Problem
Dimitrije D. Čvokić, Yury A. Kochetov, Aleksandr V. Plyasunov

Part IX. Continuous and Stochastic Optimization, Control Theory

74. Adaptive Representation of Large 3D Point Clouds for Shape Optimization
Milan Ćurković, Damir Vučina

75. The Distortionary Effect of Petroleum Production Sharing Contract: A Theoretical Assessment
Fazel M. Farimani, Xiaoyi Mu, Ali Taherifard

76. Together We Are Strong—Divided Still Stronger? Strategic Aspects of a Fiscal Union
D. Blueschke, R. Neck

77. Adaptive Simulated Annealing with Homogenization for Aircraft Trajectory Optimization
C. Bouttier, O. Babando, S. Gadat, S. Gerchinovitz, S. Laporte, F. Nicol

78. Optimization Under Uncertainty Based on Multiparametric Kriging Metamodels
Ahmed Shokry, Antonio Espuña

Part X. Scheduling, Project Management and Health Services

79. Influence of Appointment Times on Interday Scheduling
Matthias Schacht, Lara Wiesche, Brigitte Werners, Birgitta Weltermann

80. Time-Dependent Ambulance Deployment and Shift Scheduling of Crews
Lara Wiesche

81. Personnel Planning with Multi-tasking and Structured Qualifications
Tobias Kreiter, Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer

82. Algorithmic System Design Using Scaling and Affinity Laws
Lena C. Altherr, Thorsten Ederer, Christian Schänzle, Ulf Lorenz, Peter F. Pelz

83. A New Hierarchical Approach for Optimized Train Path Assignment with Traffic Days
Daniel Pöhle, Matthias Feil

84. Modelling and Solving a Train Path Assignment Model with Traffic Day Restriction
Karl Nachtigall

Part XI. Energy

85. Portfolio Management and Stochastic Optimization in Discrete Time: An Application to Intraday Electricity Trading and Water Values for Hydroassets
Simone Farinelli, Luisa Tibiletti

86. Investments in Flexibility Measures for Gas-Fired Power Plants: A Real Options Approach
Barbara Glensk, Reinhard Madlener

87. Bidding in German Electricity Markets—Opportunities for CHP Plants
Nadine Kumbartzky, Matthias Schacht, Katrin Schulz, Brigitte Werners

88. Well Drainage Optimization in Abandoned Mines Under Electricity Price Uncertainty
Reinhard Madlener, Mathias Lohaus

89. The Future Expansion of HVDC Power Transmission in Brazil: A Scenario-Based Economic Evaluation
Christian Köhnke Mendonça, Christian A. Oberst, Reinhard Madlener

90. Two-Stage Heuristic Approach for Solving the Long-Term Unit Commitment Problem with Hydro-Thermal Coordination
Alexander Franz, Julia Rieck, Jürgen Zimmermann

91. Bilevel Model for Retail Electricity Pricing
Georgia E. Asimakopoulou, Andreas G. Vlachos, Nikos D. Hatziargyriou

92. Risk Analysis of Energy Performance Contracting Projects in Russia: An Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach
Maria Garbuzova-Schlifter, Reinhard Madlener

93. Risk-Adapted Capacity Determination of Flexibility Investments for Distributed Energy Resource Systems
Katrin Schulz

94. Decision Support System for Intermodal Freight Transportation Planning: An Integrated View on Transport Emissions, Cost and Time Sensitivity
Andreas Rudi, Magnus Froehling, Konrad Zimmer, Frank Schultmann

95. A Multi-objective Time Segmentation Approach for Power Generation and Transmission Models
Viktor Slednev, Valentin Bertsch, Wolf Fichtner

96. Practical Application of a Worldwide Gas Market Model at Stadtwerke München
Maik Günther

Keywords: Business and Management, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Operations Research, Management Science, Operations Management, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

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