Dupont, Diane P.

Water Policy and Governance in Canada

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction and Background

1. Introduction
Steven Renzetti, Diane P. Dupont

2. The Hydrological and Policy Contexts for Water in Canada
Bruce Mitchell

3. Water Policy in Canada
Ted Horbulyk

4. Changing Currents: A Case Study in the Evolution of Water Law in Western Canada
Oliver M. Brandes, Deborah Curran

5. Reconciliation and Relationality in Water Research and Management in Canada: Implementing Indigenous Ontologies, Epistemologies, and Methodologies
Heather Castleden, Catherine Hart, Ashlee Cunsolo, Sherilee Harper, Debbie Martin

Part II. International and Transboundary

6. Placing Canada’s Water Policies in an International Context
Zafar Adeel

7. Water Security and Adaptation to Climate Extremes in Transboundary Rivers of North America
Dustin Evan Garrick

8. Transcending Borders Through Postcolonial Water Governance? Indigenous Water Governance Across the Canada-US Border
Emma S. Norman, Karen Bakker

9. The Great Lakes, Water Quality and Water Policy in Canada
Carolyn M. Johns

Part III. Economics

10. Water Valuation
Diane P. Dupont, Wiktor L. Adamowicz

11. Water Pricing in Canada
Steven Renzetti

Part IV. Politics and Governance/Management

12. The Politics of Water Policy Development in Canada
B. Timothy Heinmiller

13. Coordinating Water Policies: Necessary, But Not Sufficient
Rob Loë

14. Managing the Fraser River Basin
David Marshall, Steve Litke, Theresa Fresco

15. Indigenizing Water Governance in Canada
Lori E. A. Bradford, Nicholas Ovsenek, Lalita A. Bharadwaj

Part V. Drinking Water Policy

16. Canadian Drinking Water Policy: Jurisdictional Variation in the Context of Decentralized Water Governance
Gemma Dunn, Leila Harris, Karen Bakker

17. Preparing for Success – Drinking Water Safety Plans and Lessons Learned from Alberta: Policy Considerations Contextualized for Small Systems
Megan Kot, Heather Castleden, Graham A. Gagnon

18. Public Health at the Watershed Scale
Karen Morrison, Martin J. Bunch, Lars Hallström

19. Chlorination of Drinking Water – Scientific Evidence and Policy Implications
Madjid Mohseni, Edward A. McBean, Manuel J. Rodriguez

Part VI. Case Studies

20. Patchy Resources for the Governance of Canada’s Resource Patches: How Hydraulic Fracturing Is Illuminating the Need to Improve Water Governance in Canada
Michele-Lee Moore, Karena Shaw, Heather Castleden, Joanna Reid

21. Agricultural and Water in Canada – Challenges and Reform for the 21 C
Marian Weber, Marius Cutlac

Part VII. Emerging Issues and Perspectives

22. Shifting Perspectives in an Era of Complexity and Change: Incorporating Resilience into the Water Governance of Canadian Drainage Basins
Ryan Plummer, Julia Baird, Katrina Krievins, Jennifer Fresque-Baxter, Jack Imhof, Simon J. Mitchell

23. Geomatics and Water Policy
Wanhong Yang

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Environmental Economics, Economic Geography, Sustainable Development

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Global Issues in Water Policy
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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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