Aguiar-Moya, José P.

The Roles of Accelerated Pavement Testing in Pavement Sustainability

Aguiar-Moya, José P. - The Roles of Accelerated Pavement Testing in Pavement Sustainability, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Overview of Accelerated Pavement Testing

1. A Brief History of Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing Facilities to 1962
John B. Metcalf

2. Four Decades of the Circular Test Track at the Institute of Engineering UNAM Contributing to Pavement Research in Mexico
Noé Hernández, Alexandra Ossa, Francisco A. Rangel

Part II. Establishment of New Accelerated Pavement Testing Facilities

3. Design and Engineering Challenges in the Development of the FAA’s Full Scale Accelerated Pavement Test Facility NAPMRC
Murphy Flynn, Navneet Garg, Wilfredo Villafane, David Traverzo

4. Heavy Vehicle Simulator and Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility at Rowan University
Ayman W. Ali, Yusuf Mehta

Part III. General Accelerated Pavement Testing

5. A Link of Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing to Long-Term Pavement Performance Study in the Western Cape Province of South Africa
J. K. Anochie-Boateng, W. JvdM Steyn, C. Fisher, L. Truter

6. Accelerated Pavement Testing in Slovakia: APT Tester 105-03-01
Lubos Remek, Jan Mikolaj, Matej Kyselica, Milan Škarupa

7. APT with the Mobile Load Simulator MLS10 Towards Non-destructive Pavement Structural Analysis
Bastian Wacker, Frédéric Otto, Pengfei Liu, Dawei Wang, Markus Oeser, Micha Buch, Ulf Zander

8. Evaluating Nonlinearity on Granular Materials and Soils Through the Use of Deflection Techniques
Fabricio Leiva-Villacorta, Luis Loría-Salazar, Edgar Camacho-Garita

9. Full Scale Accelerated Pavement Tests to Evaluate the Performance of Permeable and Skeletal Soil Block Pavement Systems
Abubeker Ahmed, Fredrik Hellman, Sigurdur Erlingsson

10. In-Situ Validation of Three-Dimensional Pavement Finite Element Models
Osman Erman Gungor, Imad L. Al-Qadi, Angeli Gamez, Jaime A. Hernandez

11. Investigation of 3D-Move Responses Under Traffic Speed Deflection Devices (TSDDs)
Mahdi Nasimifar, Raj S. Siddharthan, Elie Y. Hajj, Ramin Motamed

12. Long-Term Pavement Performance Monitoring and the Revision of Performance Criteria for High Modulus Asphalt in South Africa
Julius Komba, Joseph Anochie-Boateng, Johan O’Connell, Benoit Verhaeghe

13. Optimum Properties of Geocell Reinforcement for Sustainable Low-Volume Paved Roads
B. Bortz, M. Hossain

14. Perspectives on Trends in International APT Research
W. JvdM Steyn, F. Hugo

15. Potential Benefits of APTF for Evaluation of Flexible Pavement for Its Permanent Deformation Behaviour
M. N. Nagabhushana, Shahbaz Khan, Abhishek Mittal, Devesh Tiwari

16. Study of the Bearing Capacity of Swiss Standard Pavements Under MLS10 Loading
Martin Arraigada, Andreas Treuholz, Manfred N. Partl

17. The Development of APT Methodology in the Application and Derivation of Geosynthetic Benefits in Roadway Design
Jonathan Cook, Michael Dobie, David Blackman

18. Tire Type Effect on Pavement Responses; Accelerated Pavement Testing Results
Mojtaba Ziyadi, Imad L. Al-Qadi

Part IV. Accelerated Pavement Testing Focused on Mechanistic—Empirical Pavement Design Procedures and Models

19. Analysis of Dynamic Response of Asphalt Pavement in Heavy Vehicle Simulator Tests
Aimin Sha, Jie Wang, Liqun Hu, Xiaolong Zou

20. Automating Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Calibration Studies
Xiaolong Guo, David H. Timm

21. Calibration of ME Design Using a Combination of APT and PMS Data
Jeremy D. Lea, Rongzong Wu, John T. Harvey

22. Key Concepts in Dynamic Signal Processing from Instrumented Pavement Sections
David H. Timm

23. Protocols for Accelerated Pavement Testing of Fully Permeable Pavements
D. Jones, R. Wu, H. Li

Part V. Accelerated Pavement Testing on Asphalt Concrete Pavements

24. Behavior Evolution on Performance of UV-Irradiation Aged Asphalt Mixtures Under Reduced-Scale Accelerated Trafficking
Jinting Wu, Fen Ye, Frederick Hugo, Yinting Wu, Feng Wang, Xinhui Ding

25. Effects of Binder and Mix Properties on the Mechanistic Responses of Fatigue Cracking APT Sections
Daba S. Gedafa, Mustaque Hossain, Stefan A. Romanoschi, Mbakisya A. Onyango

26. Evaluating Resistance of Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays to Reflective Cracking Using Geocomposites and Accelerated Loading
Mansour Solaimanian, Ghassan Chehab, Marcelo Medeiros

27. Optimum Tack Rate for Hot-Mix Asphalt Bonding
A. Sufian, M. Hossain, G. Schieber

28. Rutting Resistance of Asphalt Mixes Containing Highly Modified Asphalt (HiMA) Binders at the Accelerated Pavement Load Facility in Ohio
Issam Khoury, Shad Sargand, Roger Green, Benjamin Jordan, Paul Cichocki

29. Structural Study of Perpetual Pavement Performance in Ohio
Issam Khoury, Shad Sargand, Benjamin Jordan, Paul Cichocki, Matthew Sheer

30. Study of In-Service Asphalt Pavement High-Temperature Deformation Based on Accelerated Pavement Test
Liping Liu, Yu Yuan, Lijun Sun

31. Thickness and Binder Type Evaluation of a 4.75-mm Asphalt Mixture Using Accelerated Pavement Testing
James Howard Greene, Bouzid Choubane

32. Towards Understanding Tyre-Pavement Contact in APT Research on Flexible Pavements
Morris Beer, Colin Fisher

33. Use of APT for Validating the Efficiency of Reinforcement Grids in Asphalt Pavements
Martin Arraigada, Federico Perrotta, Christiane Raab, Gabriele Tebaldi, Manfred N. Partl

Part VI. Accelerated Pavement Testing on Airports

34. Estimation of In-Situ Shear Strength Parameters for Subgrade Layer Using Non-destructive Testing
Hadi Nabizadeh, Elie Y. Hajj, Raj V. Siddharthan, Sherif Elfass, Peter E. Sebaaly

35. Understanding Airfield Pavement Responses Under High Tire Pressure: Full-Scale Testing and Numerical Modeling
Hao Wang, Navneet Garg, Maoyun Li

36. Use of Ground Penetrating Radar at the FAA’s National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF)
Injun Song, Albert Larkin

Part VII. Relating Laboratory Tests to Performance Using Accelerated Pavement Testing

37. Development and Calibration of Permanent Deformation Models
Fabricio Leiva-Villacorta, Adriana Vargas-Nordcbeck, José Pablo Aguiar-Moya, Luis Loría-Salazar

38. Laboratory Tack Coat Investigation of Factors Contributing to Debonding Observed at the NCAT Test Track
Michael C. Vrtis, David H. Timm

39. Research Partnership Between the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) and the Minnesota Department of Transportation MnROAD Facility for a Nationwide Pavement Performance Experiment
R. Buzz Powell, Ben Worel

Part VIII. Instrumentation for Accelerated Pavement Testing

40. Development and Validation of a Nondestructive Methodology to Measure Subgrade Moisture Contents at the NCAT Pavement Test Track
R. Buzz Powell

41. Development of a New Pavement Strain Coil Measuring System at CAPTIF
F. R. Greenslade

42. Effects of Surface Condition on Non-uniform Contact Stresses of APT Tests
W. JvdM Steyn, J. Maina

43. Electronic Upgrade of a Standard Benkelman Beam to Enable Capture of Full Bowl Deflections
F. R. Greenslade

44. Evaluation of Weight in Motion Sensors on the IFSTTAR Accelerated Testing Facility
Pierre Hornych, Jean-Michel Simonin, Jean-Michel Piau, Louis-Marie Cottineau, Ivan Gueguen, B. Jacob

45. Influence of Tire Footprint Area and Pressure Distribution on Pavement Responses
Fabricio Leiva-Villacorta, Adriana Vargas-Nordcbeck, José P. Aguiar-Moya, Luis Loría-Salazar

46. Instrumentation of an Innovative Pavement Section on Motorway A10
Ngoc Son Duong, Juliette Blanc, Pierre Hornych

Part IX. Accelerated Pavement Testing on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

47. Design, Instrumentation and Construction of Bonded Concrete Overlays for Accelerated Pavement Testing
Julio Paniagua, Fabian Paniagua, Angel Mateos, John Harvey, Rongzong Wu

48. Performance of Thin RCC Pavements Under Accelerated Loading
Zhong Wu, Moinul Mahdi, Tyson Rupnow

49. The Design, Construction and First-Phase Heavy Vehicle Simulator Testing Results on Full Scale Ultra-Thin Reinforced Concrete Test Sections at Rayton, South Africa
L. Plessis, G. J. Jordaan, P. J. Strauss, A. Kilian

50. The Design, Construction and Heavy Vehicle Simulator Testing Results on Roller Compacted Concrete Test Sections at the CSIR Innovation Site and on a Full-Scale Test Road at Rayton
L. Plessis, G. Rugodho, W. Govu, K. Mngaza, S. Musundi

Part X. Accelerated Pavement Testing to Evaluate Functional Performance

51. Assessment of Flexible Pavement Response During Freezing and Thawing from Indoor Heavy Vehicle Simulator Testing
Ahmed El-youssoufy, Guy Dore, Jean-Pascal Bilodeau, Fritz Prophète

52. Development of IRI Models Based on APT Data
José P. Aguiar-Moya, Pablo A. Torres-Linares, Edgar Camacho-Garita, Fabricio Leiva-Villacorta, Luis G. Loría-Salazar

53. Permanent Deformation of an Unbound Granular Pavement Subjected to Accelerated Multiple-Axle Group Loads
Michael A. Moffatt

54. Three Years’ Monitoring of IRRF Instrumented Test Road
Leila Hashemian, Alireza Bayat

Part XI. Accelerated Pavement Testing to Evaluate Sustainable Materials

55. Comparative Evaluation of Performance of Warm Mix RAP Asphalt Under Accelerated Unidirectional Wheelload Trafficking
Yucheng Huang, Fred Hugo, W. JvdM Steyn, Haocheng Xiong, Linbing Wang

56. Evaluation of the Optimum Percentage of RAP and RAS in Asphalt Mixes in Texas Using Accelerate Pavement Testing
Stefan A. Romanoschi, Tom Scullion, Fujie Zhou, Reza Saeedzadeh

57. Field Performance Evaluations of Large Sized Unconventional and Recycled Aggregates for Subgrade Improvement
Hasan Kazmee, Erol Tutumluer, Debakanta Mishra

58. Structural Assessment of the Effect of a Cement-Stabilized Base Combined with a Cold Central-Plant Recycled Layer at the NCAT Test Track
M. A. Díaz-Sánchez, D. H. Timm, B. K. Diefenderfer

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics

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