Hughes, Shana D.

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Couples with Mixed HIV Status: Beyond Positive/Negative

Hughes, Shana D. - Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Couples with Mixed HIV Status: Beyond Positive/Negative, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Making “Difference”: New Perspectives on HIV Serodiscordance
Asha Persson, Shana D. Hughes

Part I. Biomedicine, Change & Diversity: Conceptualising Serodiscordance

2. The Science Made Me Do It! A Journey Toward Reimagining Myself as Non-infectious: Serodiscordant Sexuality in the Age of TasP
Pluto Savage

3. “PrEP Makes My Relationship Even More Normal:” The Discursive Production of Hope in the Context of HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Among Young Adults with Partners Living with HIV Infection
Kimberly A. Koester, Xavier A. Erguera, Janet J. Myers

4. Seeking Seroharmony: Changing Conceptualisations of Serodifference and Serostatus
John Rule, Sean Slavin

5. HIV Serodiscordant Couples and the Discourse of Normality: Reconciling the Biomedical and the Social in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Shana D. Hughes

6. Situating Serodiscordance: Living in Relationships with Mixed HIV Status in Different Local, Historical and Biomedical Realities
Angela Kelly-Hanku

7. Exploring the Relational Complexity of Serodiscordance: Negotiating Violence, Temporality and Diaspora
Annette-Carina van der Zaag, Ulla McKnight

Part II. Stigma, Culture & Gender: Contextualising Serodiscordance

8. Sunshine After the Rain & Red Reminds Me
Stacy Jennings

9. Be the Change You Want to See
Jyoti Dhawale-Surve

10. Intimacy, Support and Social Connectivity: Experiences of HIV Serodiscordant Relationships Among Black African People Living in England
Adam Bourne, John Owuor, Catherine Dodds

11. Stigma, Sex and Family Life: Serodiscordance in Henan Province, China
M. Kumi Smith, Huixin Liu, Junjue Wang, Wensheng He, Gail E. Henderson, William C. Miller, Ning Wang

12. Reconciling Serodiscordance: Lived Experiences of Mixed HIV-Status Relationships in Ethiopia
Yordanos M. Tiruneh, Yemane Berhane, Ira B. Wilson

13. Dialectics of Gender and Health: The Case of HIV Serodiscordance in Uganda
Robert Wyrod

14. Planning to Be a Parent in HIV Sero-Different Relationships: A Critical Gender Analysis
Carmel Kelly, Maria Lohan

15. Serodiscordance and Gender Dynamics in Indian Culture
Sangeeta Sharma Dhaor

Part III. Love, Risk & Relationships: Negotiating Serodiscordance

16. Treatment as Prevention: A Love Story
Caroline Watson

17. Relationships Between Serodiscordant Gay Male Couples in Lima, Peru: Sero-Disclosure and Living with Serodiscordance
Kelika A. Konda, Clara Sandoval, Lizzete Najarro

18. “HIV-Positivity and HIV-Negativity: Two Sides of the Same Coin”. Narratives of HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Gay Men on HIV and Intimate Relationships in Greece
Chrysovalantis Papathanasiou

19. “Because We’re So in Love”: The Experiences of HIV-Negative and HIV-Positive Partners in Serodiscordant Relationships in Vietnam
Khuat Thi Hai Oanh, Sally Cameron, Lan Nguyen

20. Negotiating “Sero-Imbalances” Within HIV Serodiscordant Relationships in Canada: A Pilot Inquiry
Amrita Daftary, Joshua Mendelsohn, Liviana Calzavara

21. Pills, Providers and Partners: Exploring Trust Among Serodiscordant Couples in Australia
Christy E. Newman, Asha Persson, Jeanne Ellard

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Public Health, Family, Infectious Diseases, Sociology, general

Publication year
Social Aspects of HIV
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25 pages
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