Colladon, Andrea Fronzetti

Designing Networks for Innovation and Improvisation

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Table of contents

Part I. Communities, Societies and Culture

1. Cultural Differences in the Understanding of History on Wikipedia
Robin Gieck, Hanna-Mari Kinnunen, Yuanyuan Li, Mohsen Moghaddam, Franziska Pradel, Peter A. Gloor, Maria Paasivaara, Matthäus P. Zylka

2. The Emergence of Rotating Leadership for Idea Improvement in a Grade 1 Knowledge Building Community
Leanne Ma

3. Creating Community Language for a Collaborative Innovation Community
Iroha Ogo, Satomi Oi, Jei-Hee Hong, Takashi Iba

4. Sociological Perspective of the Creative Society
Takashi Iba

Part II. Machine Learning, Prediction and Networks

5. Predicting 2016 US Presidential Election Polls with Online and Media Variables
Veikko Isotalo, Petteri Saari, Maria Paasivaara, Anton Steineker, Peter A. Gloor

6. US Election Prediction: A Linguistic Analysis of US Twitter Users
Johannes Bachhuber, Christian Koppeel, Jeronim Morina, Kim Rejström, David Steinschulte

7. “Only Say Something When You Have Something to Say”: Identifying Creatives Through Their Communication Patterns
Peter A. Gloor, Hauke Fuehres, Kai Fischbach

8. Some Insights into the Relevance of Nodes’ Characteristics in Complex Network Structures
Matteo Cinelli, Giovanna Ferraro, Antonio Iovanella

Part III. Patterns

9. Workshop Generator Patterns: A Supporting Tool for Creating New Values in a Workshop
Yuma Akado, Masafumi Nagai, Taichi Isaku, Takashi Iba

10. Design Patterns for Creative Education Programs
Norihiko Kimura, Hitomi Shimizu, Iroha Ogo, Shuichiro Ando, Takashi Iba

11. Pattern Objects: Making Patterns Visible in Daily Life
Takashi Iba, Ayaka Yoshikawa, Tomoki Kaneko, Norihiko Kimura, Tetsuro Kubota

12. From Chefs to Kitchen Captains: A Leader Figure for Collaborative Networks in the Kitchen
Taichi Isaku, Takashi Iba

Part IV. Social Media and Social Networks

13. Measuring the Level of Global Awareness on Social Media
Peter A. Gloor, Andrea Fronzetti Colladon, Christine Z. Miller, Romina Pellegrini

14. The Citizen IS the Journalist: Automatically Extracting News from the Swarm
João Marcos Oliveira, Peter A. Gloor

15. Growth Hacking: Exploring the Meaning of an Internet-Born Digital Marketing Buzzword
Timo Herttua, Elisa Jakob, Sabrina Nave, Rambabu Gupta, Matthäus P. Zylka

16. ADR Processes for Creating Strategic Networks for Social Issues: Dementia Projects
Makoto Okada, Yoichiro Igarashi, Hirokazu Harada, Masahiko Shoji, Takehito Tokuda, Takashi Iba

17. Depression as a Global Challenge and Online Communities as an Alternative Venue to Develop Patients-Led Supportive Network
Sayaka Sugimoto

Keywords: Computer Science, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Organization, Computer Communication Networks, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Applications of Graph Theory and Complex Networks

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Springer Proceedings in Complexity
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11 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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