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Disability in the Global South

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Table of contents

Part I. Placing Disability

1. Disability and Development: Critical Connections, Gaps and Contradictions
Shaun Grech

2. Disability and Global Health
Leslie Swartz, Jason Bantjes

3. Disability Studies: Developments in Anthropology
James Staples, Nilika Mehrotra

4. Counting Disabled People: Historical Perspectives and the Challenges of Disability Statistics
Arne H. Eide, Mitchell Loeb

5. The Place of Disability
Dan Goodley, Leslie Swartz

6. From ‘Sensing Disability’ to Seselelame: Non-dualistic Activist Orientations in Twenty-First-Century Accra
Kathryn Linn Geurts, Sefakor G. M. A. Komabu-Pomeyie

7. Playing Disability, Performing Gender: Militarised Masculinity and Disability Theatre in the Sri Lankan War and Its Aftermath
Neloufer Mel

8. Religion After the Medical Miracle: Recovering “Disability” as Religious Analytic of Social Suffering
Sharon V. Betcher, Mary Nyangweso Wangila

Part II. Connecting Disability

9. Livelihoods and Disability: The Complexities of Work in the Global South
Jill Hanass-Hancock, Sophie Mitra

10. Begging and Disability: A Paradigmatic Way to Earn One’s Living
Carolina Ferrante, Eduardo Joly

11. Don’t Forget Us, We Are Here Too! Listening to Disabled Children and Their Families Living in Poverty
Mary Wickenden, Jean Elphick

12. Questioning Human Rights: The Case of Education for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Ethiopia
Hisayo Katsui, Elina Lehtomaki, Abebe Yehualawork Malle, Shuaib Chalklen

13. Reflexive Re-storying of Inclusive Education: Evidence from India and South Africa
Nidhi Singal, Nithi Muthukrishna

14. Disability and Poverty: Complex Interactions and Critical Reframings
Shaun Grech

15. Disablism, Deprivation and Selfhood: Imagining the Subjective Nature of Oppression in Worlds of Poverty
Brian Watermeyer, Sumaya Mall

Part III. Intersectionalities

16. Race, Ethnicity and Disability: Charting Complex and Intersectional Terrains
Deborah Stienstra, Leon Nyerere

17. Disabled People in Conflicts and Wars
Maria Berghs, Nawaf Kabbara

18. Disability and Forced Migration: Intersections and Critical Debates
Maria Pisani, Shaun Grech, Ayman Mostafa

19. The Fluid Connections and Uncertain Spaces of Women with Disabilities: Making Links Across and Beyond the Global South
Janet Price, Nidhi Goyal

20. Violence Against Disabled Women in the Global South: Working Locally, Acting Globally
Leanne Dowse, Carolyn Frohmader, Aminath Didi

21. ‘Locked in Space’: Rurality and the Politics of Location
Alexandra Gartrell, Elizabeth Hoban

22. Disability and HIV: Critical Intersections
Ruth Evans, Yaw Adjei-Amoako, Agnes Atim

23. Social Protection, Chronic Poverty and Disability: Applying an Intersectionality Perspective
Marguerite Schneider, Zitha Mokomane, Lauren Graham

Part IV. Interventions

24. The Hauntings of Slavery: Colonialism and the Disabled Body in the Caribbean
Stefanie Kennedy, Melanie J. Newton

25. From Colonialism to Postcolonialism and Contemporary Empire
Siobhan Senier, Beatriz Miranda-Galarza

26. Global Financialisation and Disability: Can Disability Budgeting be an Effective Response in the South?
S. Janaka Biyanwila, Karen Soldatic

27. Global Institutions and Their Engagement with Disability Mainstreaming in the South: Development and (Dis)Connections
Tsitsi Chataika, Judith A. McKenzie

28. A Local Critique of Global Mental Health
China Mills, Bhargavi Davar

29. Community-Based Rehabilitation and Disability-Inclusive Development: On a Winding Path to an Uncertain Destination
Pim Kuipers, Louis Paluku Sabuni

30. Disability-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction: Vulnerability and Resilience Discourses, Policies and Practices
Kim Spurway, Thao Griffiths

31. Critical Silences: Disability, Networked Technologies and the Global South
Anupama Roy, Sarah Lewthwaite

Part V. Activism and Research Across Cultures

32. Whose Knowledge, Whose Voice? Power, Agency and Resistance in Disability Studies for the Global South
JosAnn Cutajar, Casimir Adjoe

33. Revising and Using the Social Model in the Global South: A Venezuelan Exploration
Manuel Aramayo, Mark H. Burton, Carolyn Kagan

34. Disability Research in the Global South: Working from a Local Approach
Marcia Rioux, Paula Campos Pinto, Jose Viera, Rados Keravica

35. Australian Indigenous People with Disability: Ethics and Standpoint Theory
John Gilroy, Michelle Donelly

36. Global South–North Partnerships: Intercultural Methodologies in Disability Research
Karen R. Fisher, Xiaoyuan Shang, Jiawen Xie

37. Embodying Disability in the Global South: Exploring Emotional Geographies of Research and of Disabled People’s Lives in Guyana
Vera Chouinard, Cora Belle, Halima Khan, Norma Adrian

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Public Health, Quality of Life Research

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International Perspectives on Social Policy, Administration, and Practice
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