Both, Stefan

Target Volume Delineation and Treatment Planning for Particle Therapy

Both, Stefan - Target Volume Delineation and Treatment Planning for Particle Therapy, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Physics Essentials of Particle Therapy
Dennis Mah, Michael Moyers, Ken Kang-Hsin Wang, Eric Diffenderfer, John Cuaron, Mark Pankuch

2. Proton Treatment Delivery Techniques
Xuanfeng Ding, Haibo Lin, Jiajian Shen, Wei Zou, Katja Langen, Hsiao-Ming Lu

3. Proton Treatment Planning
Chuan Zeng, Richard A. Amos, Brian Winey, Chris Beltran, Ziad Saleh, Zelig Tochner, Hanne Kooy, Stefan Both

4. Tumors of the Nasopharynx
Jeremy Setton, Pamela Fox, Kevin Sine, Nadeem Riaz, Nancy Y. Lee

5. Oral Cavity Tumors
Jennifer Ma, Benjamin H. Lok, Kevin Sine, Nancy Y. Lee

6. Oropharyngeal Cancer
Suchit H. Patel, Amy J. Xu, Kevin Sine, Nancy Y. Lee, Pamela Fox

7. Sinonasal Cancers
Roi Dagan, Curtis Bryant

8. Salivary Gland Tumors
Jonathan E. Leeman, Paul Romesser, James Melotek, Oren Cahlon, Kevin Sine, Stefan Both, Nancy Y. Lee

9. Thyroid Cancer
Mauricio Gamez, Aman Anand, Samir H. Patel

10. Non-melanoma Skin Cancer with Clinical Perineural Invasion
Curtis Bryant, Roi Dagan

11. Head and Neck Reirradiation
Carl DeSelm, Upendra Parvathaneni, Kevin Sine

12. Lung Cancer
Daniel Gomez, Heng Li, Xiaodong Zhang, Steven Lin

13. Esophagus Cancer
Steven H. Lin, Heng Li, Daniel Gomez

14. Carbon Ion Radiation Therapy for Liver Tumors
Zheng Wang, Wei-Wei Wang, Kambiz Shahnazi, Guo-Liang Jiang

15. Pancreatic and Stomach Malignancies
Pamela J. Boimel, Jessica Scholey, Liyong Lin, Edgar Ben-Josef

16. Lower Gastrointestinal Malignancies
John P. Plastaras, Stefan Both, Haibo Lin, Maria Hawkins

17. Breast Cancer
Robert Samstein, David DeBlois, Robert W. Mutter, Oren Cahlon

18. Gynecologic malignancies
Jessica E. Scholey, Pamela J. Boimel, Maura Kirk, Lilie Lin

19. Prostate Cancer
Neil K. Taunk, Chin-Cheng Chen, Zhiqiang Han, Jerry Davis, Neha Vapiwala, Henry Tsai

20. Adult Intracranial Tumors
Natalie A. Lockney, Zhiqiang Han, Kevin Sine, Dominic Maes, Yoshiya Yamada

21. Primary Spine Tumors
Anuradha Thiagarajan, Yoshiya Yamada

22. Sarcoma
Curtiland Deville, Matthew Ladra, Huifang Zhai, Moe Siddiqui, Stefan Both, Haibo Lin

23. Mediastinal Lymphoma
Bradford S. Hoppe, Stella Flampouri, Christine Hill-Kayser, John P. Plastaras

24. Pediatric Tumors
Paul B. Romesser, Nelly Ju, Chin-Cheng Chen, Kevin Sine, Oren Cahlon, Suzanne L. Wolden

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Radiotherapy, Oncology

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Practical Guides in Radiation Oncology
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8 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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