Awrejcewicz, Jan

Dynamical Systems: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Bifurcation and Stability at Finite andInfinite Degrees of Freedom
Péter B. Béda

2. Reduction of Low Frequency Acoustical Resonances Inside Bounded Space Using Eigenvalue Problem Solutions and Topology Optimization
Andrzej Błażejewski

3. Analysis of the Macro Fiber Composite Characteristics for Energy Harvesting Efficiency
Marek Borowiec, Marcin Bocheński, Jarosław Gawryluk, Michał Augustyniak

4. Research of Modified Mechanical Sensor of Atomic Force Microscope
Vytautas Bučinskas, Andrius Dzedzickis, Nikolaj Šešok, Ernestas Šutinys, Igor Iljin

5. Nonlinear Dynamics of the Car Driving System with a Sequential Manual Transmission
Radek Bulín, Michal Hajžman, Štěpán Dyk, Miroslav Byrtus

6. Random Attractors for Von Karman Plates Subjected to Multiplicative White Noise Loadings
Huatao Chen, Dengqing Cao, Jingfei Jiang

7. The Use of Fuzzy Logic in the Control of an Inverted Pendulum
Adrian Chmielewski, Robert Gumiński, Paweł Maciąg, Jędrzej Mączak

8. Artificial Neural Network for Stabilization of the Flexible Rope Submerged in Sea Water
Łukasz Drąg

9. Analysis of Non-autonomous Linear ODE Systems in Bifurcation Problems via Lie Group Geometric Numerical Integrators
Pilade Foti, Aguinaldo Fraddosio, Salvatore Marzano, Mario Daniele Piccioni

10. Transient Vibrations of a Simply Supported Viscoelastic Beam of a Fractional Derivative Type Under the Transient Motion of the Supports
Jan Freundlich

11. Analysis of Reachability Areas of a Manoeuvring Air Target by a Modified Maritime Missile-Artillery System ZU-23-2MRE
Daniel Gapiński, Zbigniew Koruba

12. Angular Velocity and Intensity Change of the Basic Vectors of Position Vector Tangent Space of a Material System Kinetic Point—Four Examples
Katica R. (Stevanović) Hedrih

13. Dynamics of Impacts and Collisions of the Rolling Balls
Katica R. (Stevanović) Hedrih

14. Approximate Analytical Solutions to Jerk Equations
Nicolae Herişanu, Vasile Marinca

15. Chandler Wobble: Stochastic and Deterministic Dynamics
Alejandro Jenkins

16. Impact of Varying Excitation Frequency on the Behaviour of 2-DoF Mechanical System with Stick-Slip Vibrations
Wojciech Kunikowski, Paweł Olejnik, Jan Awrejcewicz

17. An Analysis of the 1/2 Superharmonic Contact Resonance
Robert Kostek

18. The Oscillator with Linear and Cubic Elastic Restoring Force and Quadratic Damping
V. Marinca, N. Herişanu

19. Wave-Based Control of a Mass-Restricted Robotic Arm for a Planetary Rover
David J. McKeown, William J. O’Connor

20. Soft Suppression of Traveling Localized Vibrations in Medium-Length Thin Sandwich-Like Cylindrical Shells Containing Magnetorheological Layers via Nonstationary Magnetic Field
Gennadi Mikhasev, Ihnat Mlechka, Holm Altenbach

21. The Vehicle Tire Model Based on Energy Flow
Tomasz Mirosław, Zbigniew Żebrowski

22. Research on Dynamics of Shunting Locomotive During Movement on Marshalling Yard by Using Prototype of Remote Control Unit
Jakub Młyńczak, Rafał Burdzik, Ireneusz Celiński

23. Durability Tests Acceleration Performed on Machine Components Using Electromagnetic Shakers
Adam Niesłony, Artur Dziura, Robert Owsiński

24. Identification of Impulse Force at Electrodes’ Cleaning Process in Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
Andrzej Nowak, Paweł Nowak, Stanisław Wojciech

25. Using Saturation Phenomenon to Improve Energy Harvesting in a Portal Frame Platform with Passive Control by a Pendulum
Rodrigo Tumolin Rocha, Jose Manoel Balthazar, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Vinicius Piccirillo, Jorge Luis Palacios Felix

26. Differential Drive Robot: Spline-Based Design of Circular Path
Alexandr Štefek, Václav Křivánek, Yves T. Bergeon, Jean Motsch

27. Multiple Solutions and Corresponding Power Output of Nonlinear Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Arkadiusz Syta, Grzegorz Litak, Michael I. Friswell, Marek Borowiec

28. On the Dynamics of the Rigid Body Lying on the Vibrating Table with the Use of Special Approximations of the Resulting Friction Forces
Michał Szewc, Grzegorz Kudra, Jan Awrejcewicz

29. Analysis of a Constrained Two-Body Problem
Wojciech Szumiński, Tomasz Stachowiak

30. Analysis of the Forces Generated in the Shock Absorber for Conditions Similar to the Excitation Caused by Road Roughness
Jan Warczek, Rafał Burdzik, Łukasz Konieczny

31. A Pendulum Driven by a Crank-Shaft-Slider Mechanism and a DC Motor—Mathematical Modeling, Parameter Identification, and Experimental Validation of Bifurcational Dynamics
Grzegorz Wasilewski, Grzegorz Kudra, Jan Awrejcewicz, Maciej Kaźmierczak, Mateusz Tyborowski, Marek Kaźmierczak

32. Bio-Inspired Tactile Sensors for Contour Detection Using an FEM Based Approach
Christoph Will

33. Kinematics and Dynamics of the Drum Cutting Units
Marcin Zastempowski, Andrzej Bochat

Keywords: Mathematics, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations

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