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The Complete Guide to Male Fertility Preservation

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Table of contents

Part I. Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients

1. Etiology of Cancer-Induced Male Infertility
Julie Won-Ching Cheng, Edmund Y. Ko

2. Impact of Cancer Treatment on Sperm Chromatin Integrity
Marij Dinkelman-Smit

3. Testicular Sperm Retrieval for Cryopreservation in Cancer Patients
Gagan Prakash, Rupin Shah

4. Sperm Retrieval in Ejaculatory Dysfunction
Mohamed Arafa, Haitham Elbardisi, Ahmad Majzoub

5. The Effect of Cancer and Its Treatment on Natural-Born Offspring
Zachary J. McDowell, Mark S. Hockenberry, Larry I. Lipshultz

6. ART Success and Long-Term Outcomes on Offspring of Cancer Survivors
Peter T. K. Chan, Maria Belén Herrero

Part II. Fertility Preservation: Special Conditions

7. Fertility Preservation in Adolescents with Cancer
Lenore Omesi, Jennifer Levine

8. Testis-Sparing Surgery: Balancing Cancer Control with Fertility Preservation
Muhammad A. Bulbul, Bassel G. Bachir

9. Fertility Preservation in Hypogonadal Men
Robert J. Carrasquillo, Ranjith Ramasamy

10. Sperm Preservation in Transgender Patients
Chloë Roo, Guy T’Sjoen

11. Postmortem Sperm Retrieval: Ethical, Legal, and Logistical Considerations
Miriam Hadj-Moussa, Kaitlyn DelBene, Carl Cohen, Dale L. Hebert, Dana A. Ohl

Part III. Sperm Banking: Technical Issues, Standards and Maintenance

12. The First Visit: Consult and Workup Before Sperm Banking
Alan Scott Polackwich, Maurilio Garcia-Gil

13. Developing a Sperm Banking Consent Process
Lisa Campo-Engelstein, Nanette Elster

14. The Process of Sperm Cryopreservation, Thawing and Washing Techniques
Sajal Gupta, Rakesh Sharma, Ashok Agarwal

15. Sperm Freezing Injuries
Pankaj Talwar, Pranay Ghosh

16. Risk Preparedness in Sperm Banks
Gary N. Clarke

17. Licensing and Accreditation of a Sperm Bank for Therapeutic Banking
Michael Jurewicz, Bruce R. Gilbert

Part IV. Current Practice and Future of Male Fertility Preservation

18. Current Practice, Attitude, and Knowledge of Oncologists Regarding Male Fertility Preservation
Jenny Riley, Sara Barnato Giordano

19. Psychological Impact and Barriers to Fertility Preservation in Male Cancer Patients
Angela K. Lawson

20. Germ Cell Transplantation and Neospermatogenesis
Aya Uchida, Ina Dobrinski

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Reproductive Medicine, Andrology, Oncology

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