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Components and Services for IoT Platforms

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Table of contents

Part I. Platforms and Design Methodologies for IoT Hardware

1. Power-Shaping Configurable Microprocessors for IoT Devices
Fabio Campi

2. Formal Design Flows for Embedded IoT Hardware
Michael Dossis

3. AXIOM: A Flexible Platform for the Smart Home
Roberto Giorgi, Nicola Bettin, Paolo Gai, Xavier Martorell, Antonio Rizzo

Part II. Simulation, Modeling and Programming Frameworks for IoT

4. Internet of Things Simulation Using OMNeT++ and Hardware in the Loop
Philipp Wehner, Diana Göhringer

5. Towards Self-Adaptive IoT Applications: Requirements and Adaptivity Patterns for a Fall-Detection Ambient Assisting Living Application
Sofia Meacham

6. Small Footprint JavaScript Engine
Minsu Kim, Hyuk-Jin Jeong, Soo-Mook Moon

7. VirISA: Recruiting Virtualization and Reconfigurable Processor ISA for Malicious Code Injection Protection
Apostolos P. Fournaris, Georgios Keramidas, Kyriakos Ispoglou, Nikolaos Voros

Part III. Opportunities, Challenges and Limits in WSN Deployment for IoT

8. Deployment Strategies of Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT: Challenges, Trends, and Solutions Based on Novel Tools and HW/SW Platforms
Gabriel Mujica, Jorge Portilla, Teresa Riesgo

9. Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things: Barriers and Synergies
Mihai T. Lazarescu

10. Event Identification in Wireless Sensor Networks
Christos Antonopoulos, Sofia-Maria Dima, Stavros Koubias

Part IV. Efficient Data Management and Decision Making for IoT

11. Integrating IoT and Fog Computing for Healthcare Service Delivery
Foteini Andriopoulou, Tasos Dagiuklas, Theofanis Orphanoudakis

12. Supporting Decision Making for Large-Scale IoTs: Trading Accuracy with Computational Complexity
Kostas Siozios, Panayiotis Danassis, Nikolaos Zompakis, Christos Korkas, Elias Kosmatopoulos, Dimitrios Soudris

13. Fuzzy Inference Systems Design Approaches for WSNs
Sofia-Maria Dima, Christos Antonopoulos, Stavros Koubias

Part V. Use Cases for IoT

14. IoT in Ambient Assistant Living Environments: A View from Europe
Christos Panagiotou, Christos Antonopoulos, Georgios Keramidas, Nikolaos Voros, Michael Hübner

15. Software Design and Optimization of ECG Signal Analysis and Diagnosis for Embedded IoT Devices
Vasileios Tsoutsouras, Dimitra Azariadi, Konstantina Koliogewrgi, Sotirios Xydis, Dimitrios Soudris

16. Design for a System of Multimodal Interconnected ADL Recognition Services
Theodoros Giannakopoulos, Stasinos Konstantopoulos, Georgios Siantikos, Vangelis Karkaletsis

17. IoT Components for Secure Smart Building Environments
Christos Koulamas, Spilios Giannoulis, Apostolos Fournaris

18. Building Automation Systems in the World of Internet of Things
Konstantinos Christopoulos, Christos Antonopoulos, Nikolaos Voros, Theofanis Orfanoudakis

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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