Demidov, Vadim V.

Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA)

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: 20+ Years of Rolling the DNA Minicircles—State of the Art in the RCA-Based Nucleic Acid Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Vadim V. Demidov

Part I. Improved DNA Polymerases and New DNA and DNA/RNA Ligases Useful in RCA

2. Improvement of ϕ29 DNA Polymerase Amplification Performance by Fusion of DNA Binding Motifs
Miguel Vega, José M. Lázaro, Margarita Salas

3. Preparation of Circular Templates by T4 RNA Ligase 2 for Rolling Circle Amplification of Target microRNAs with High Specificity and Sensitivity
Yifu Guan, Bin Zhao, Guojie Zhao, Chidong Xu, Hong Shang

4. Use of DNA CircLigase for Direct Isothermal Detection of Microbial mRNAs by RNA-Primed Rolling Circle Amplification and Preparation of ø29 DNA Polymerase Not Contaminated by Amplifiable DNA
Hirokazu Takahashi, Yoshiko Okamura, Toshiro Kobori

Part II. RCA-Involving Techniques with Enhanced Signal Amplification

5. Nicking Enzyme-Assisted Branched-Chain RCA Reaction for Cascade DNA Amplification
Xiaoli Zhu, Chang Feng, Genxi Li

6. Combining Isothermal Amplification Techniques: Coupled RCA-LAMP
Laura E. Ruff, Jessie-Farah Fecteau, Dina Uzri, Bradley T. Messmer

Part III. Emerging RCA Diagnostics

7. Detection of Vascular Disease-Related Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Clinical Samples Using Ramified Rolling Circle Amplification
James H. Smith, Thomas P. Beals

8. Ultrasensitive Isothermal Detection of Protein Analytes Using Rolling Circle Amplification in Microscale Platforms
Saheli Sarkar, Pooja Sabhachandani, Tania Konry

9. Rolling Circle Amplification with Padlock Probes for In Situ Detection of RNA Analytes
Anja Mezger, Malte Kühnemund, Mats Nilsson

10. PNA-Assisted Rolling Circle Amplification for Detection of DNA Marker Sequences in Human Cells
Anastasia I. Gomez, Irina V. Smolina

11. Sensor Systems with Magnetic and Optomagnetic Readout of Rolling Circle Amplification Products
Mikkel F. Hansen, Marco Donolato, Jeppe Fock, Mattias Strömberg, Maria Strømme, Peter Svedlindh

Part IV. Prospective RCA-Based Therapeutics

12. DNA Nanoclews for Stimuli-Responsive Anticancer Drug Delivery
Wujin Sun, Zhen Gu

13. RCA-Assisted Self-assembled DNA Origami Nano-constructs as Vehicles for Cellular Delivery of Diagnostic Probes and Therapeutic Drugs
Shiping Song, Chunhai Fan

14. DeNAno: A Novel Multivalent Affinity Reagent Produced by Selection of RCA-Generated DNA Nanoparticle Libraries
Laura E. Ruff, Dina Uzri, Jessie-F. Fecteau, Mehmet Hikmet Ucisik, Bradley T. Messmer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Enzymology, Biochemical Engineering, Medical Biochemistry

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