Schönhärl, Korinna

Decision Taking, Confidence and Risk Management in Banks from Early Modernity to the 20th Century

Schönhärl, Korinna - Decision Taking, Confidence and Risk Management in Banks from Early Modernity to the 20th Century, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Korinna Schönhärl

Part I. First Part: Recruitment of Personnel and Partners

2. The House of Morgan: Private Family Bank in Transition
Susie J. Pak

3. Top Careers as a Means of Risk Management in Organisations
Daniel Wylegala

4. Cooperative Governance in Banking: Consequences for Decision-Making Processes
Friederike Sattler

Part II. Second Part: Risk Management Techniques

5. Minimising Risk: Financial Intermediaries and Bond Issuing in London before the Great War
Anders L. Mikkelsen

6. Financial Centres as Fields: Reflections on Habitus and Risk in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Andrew Dilley

7. The “Reputation Approach” and the Justificatory Function of Economic Calculation. Some Critical Reflections on Monika Pohle Fraser’s Analysis of Risk Management Techniques in the Nineteenth Century
Sebastian Knake

8. Investigating Attitudes to Risk in British Banking: A Case Study of Barclays’ Branch Banking System, c. 1900–80
Matthew Hollow

9. Between Novelty and Fashion: Risk Management and the Adoption of Computers in Retail Banking
Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo

Part III. Third Part: Methodological Tools for Historians: Network-Theory, Principal-Agent-Relationship, Behavioural Finance and Social Capital

10. Social Capital Versus Commercial Profits: The Impact of Networks on Decision-Making in Early Modern Banks
Nadia Matringe

11. Risk Management, Credit and the Working of Merchants’ Networks in Early Modern Banking
Daniel Velinov

12. The Role of Group Psychology in Behavioural Finance: A Research Starting Point for Banking, Economic, and Financial Historians
Victor Ricciardi

13. Behavioural Finance as a Methodological Approach for Historians? A Field Report Concerning the Construction of the Canal of Corinth in Nineteenth-Century Greece
Korinna Schönhärl

14. Considerations of Social Capital and Future Research in Banking History
Morten Reitmayer

Keywords: Finance, Financial History, Banking, Risk Management, Investment Appraisal, Capital Markets

Publication year
Palgrave Studies in the History of Finance
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19 pages
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