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Advances in Human Factors in Sports and Outdoor Recreation

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Table of contents

Part I. Decision Making and Cognition in Sports

1. Knowledge Elicitation Methods for Developing Insights into Team Cognition During Team Sports
Nathan J. McNeese, Nancy J. Cooke, Rob Gray, Michael Fedele

2. A Naturalistic Neurophysiological Assessment of Photographer Cognitive State in the Vicinity of Mount Everest
John G. Blitch

3. Cognitive and Application Barriers to the Use of “Agonology in Preventive and Therapeutic Dimension”
Roman Maciej Kalina

Part II. Analysis of Individual and Team Sports

4. Analysis of Japanese Football Games by the Tracking Data and Sport Live Event Annotations
Yuji Kaneki, Yuta Misumi, Michiko Miyamoto

5. Putting Together First- and Third-Person Approaches for Sport Activity Analysis: The Case of Ultra-Trail Runners’ Performance Analysis
Denis Hauw, Nadège Rochat, Vincent Gesbert, Tiffany Astolfi, Roberta Antonini Philippe, Benoit Mariani

6. Automatic Exercise Counting and Calorie Calculation for Outdoor Exercise Equipment in the Park
Sang-Kyun Kim, Kyong Sik Choi

7. Analysis of Tools to Measure the User Experience During the Sports Practice of Recreational Surfing
Raoni Caselli, Marcelo Ferreira, Berenice Gonçalves

8. Motivating Track and Field Athletes by Visualizing Training Drills and Records: Extraction and Visualization of Activities of Athletes from Blog Articles
Masakazu Sano, Hidetaka Masuda, Koichi Yamada, Tomohiro Fukuhara

9. Effect of the Functional Dynamic Warm-up on Speed, Power and Core Muscle Endurance for Adolescent
Ting Liao, Yin Yu, Bing Wang

10. Empirical Analysis of Japanese Football Games Using Structural Equation Modeling
Michiko Miyamoto, Yuji Kaneki, Yuta Misumi

11. Team Building Program for Enhancement of Collective Efficacy: The Case of a University Baseball Team in Japan
Yasuyuki Hochi, Yasuyuki Yamada, Motoki Mizuno

12. Analysis of an Olympic Scale of a Recurve Bow Riser on the Basis of Malaysian Under 15 and Under 17 Archers
Farah Ayuni Fauzi, Zahari Taha, Zakri Ghazalli, Januar Parlaungan Siregar, Zulkifli Ahmad, Kumaran Kadirgama, Nasrul Hadi Johari, Danial Mohamed

13. Simply Complex: Are LED Outdoor Activities Complex Sociotechnical Systems?
Tony Carden, Paul M. Salmon

14. Research on Energy Expenditure Detection Based on Three-Dimensional Acceleration
Qi Luo

Part III. Health, Injury and Accidents

15. Strategy for Prevention and Control of Occupational Injuries Sports Related in a Public Utility Company
Emilio Cadavid, Luz M. Sáenz

16. Identifying Human Factors Mismatches in Amusement Ride Containment Failure
Paula Stenzler, Holly Handley, Kathryn Woodcock

17. Application of Functional Movement Screen to the Evaluation of Youth’s Physical Health
Ting Liao, Weitao Zheng, Yanrong Meng

18. Relative Age Effect on Psychological Factors Related to Sports Participation Among Japanese Elementary School Children
Yujiro Kawata, Akari Kamimura, Kazusa Oki, Kai Yamada, Masataka Hirosawa

19. User Interface Evaluation of a Ski Injuries Management System
Fisnik Dalipi, Mexhid Ferati, Sule Yildirim Yayilgan

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Community and Environmental Psychology, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Sociology of Sport and Leisure

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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