Grellmann, Wolfgang

Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Polymer Materials

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Table of contents

Part I. Modern Aspects of Fracture Mechanics in the Industrial Application of Polymers

1. Time-Dependent Fracture Behaviour of Polymers at Impact and Quasi-Static Loading Conditions
R. Lach, W. Grellmann

2. Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour of Epoxy Nanocomposites—Influence of Particle Geometry
M. H. Kothmann, G. Bakis, R. Zeiler, M. Ziadeh, J. Breu, V. Altstädt

3. Fracture Mechanics Methods to Assess the Lifetime of Thermoplastic Pipes
F. Arbeiter, G. Pinter, R. W. Lang, A. Frank

4. Thermographic Characterisation of the Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Polymers with High Time and Spatial Resolution
M. Stein, K. Schneider

5. Mechanical and Fracture Mechanical Properties of Polymorphous Polypropylene
A. Monami, B. Langer, J. Sadilek, J. Kučera, W. Grellmann

6. Numerical Modelling of Damage Initiation and Failure of Long Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastics
L. Schulenberg, D.-Z. Sun, T. Seelig

Part II. Advanced Structure-Sensitive Methods for Analysing Cracks and Fracture Surfaces

7. Characterisation of Polymers in the Scanning Electron Microscope—From Low-Voltage Surface Imaging to the 3D Reconstruction of Specimens
A. Zankel, M. Nachtnebel, C. Mayrhofer, K. Wewerka, T. Müllner

8. 3D Reconstruction of Cracks in Polymers—New Insight into the Fracture Behaviour?
M. Nachtnebel, A. Zankel, C. Mayrhofer, M. Gahleitner, P. Pölt

9. Determination of the Stable Crack Growth by Means of the Fluorescence Adsorption-Contrast Method (3D-FAC Method)
M. Kroll, B. Langer, W. Grellmann

10. Acoustic Emission Analysis for Assessment of Damage Kinetics of Short-Glass Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastics—ESEM Investigations and Instrumented Charpy Impact Test
M. Schoßig, A. Zankel, C. Bierögel, P. Pölt, W. Grellmann

11. The Fractography as a Tool in Failure Analysis—Possibilities and Limits
I. Kotter, W. Grellmann

Part III. Fracture Mechanics and Related Methods for Analysing the Fracture Safety and Lifetime of Plastic Pipe Materials

12. Slow Crack Growth of Polyethylene—Accelerated and Alternative Test Methods
B. Gerets, M. Wenzel, K. Engelsing, M. Bastian

13. Polypropylene for Pressure Pipes—From Polymer Design to Long-Term Performance
L. Boragno, H. Braun, A. M. Hartl, R. W. Lang

14. Lifetime of Polyethylene (PE) Pipe Material—Prediction Using Strain Hardening Test
E. Nezbedová, J. Hodan, J. Kotek, Z. Krulis, P. Hutař, R. Lach

15. Influence of Welding and Composition on the Short-Term Stable Crack Propagation Through Polyolefin Single- and Bilayered Structures
R. Lach, T. Krolopp, P. Hutař, E. Nezbedová, W. Grellmann

16. Influence of Different Welding Conditions of Polyolefin Pipes on Creep Crack Growth
J. Mikula, P. Hutař, M. Ševčík, E. Nezbedová, R. Lach, W. Grellmann, L. Náhlík

17. Epoxy Modifications—A Novel Sealing Material for Rehabilitation of Pipe Joints
C. Schoberleitner, T. Koch, V.-M. Archodoulaki

Part IV. Deformation Behaviour and Fracture Mechanics Characteristics of Polymer Films and Adhesive Systems

18. Approaches to Characterise the Mechanical Properties of Films and Elastomers
K. Reincke, W. Grellmann

19. Fracture Mechanics Characterisation of Peelfilms
M. Nase, M. Rennert, S. Henning, A. Zankel, K. Naumenko, W. Grellmann

20. Fracture Mechanics Characterisation of Low-Adhesive Stretch Films
M. Rennert, M. Nase, K. Reincke, R. Lach, W. Grellmann

21. Thermal Stability and Lifetime Prediction of an Epoxide Adhesive System
R. Tiefenthaller, R. Fluch, B. Strauß, S. Hild

Part V. Fatigue Crack Propagation, Lifetime and Long-Term Mechanical Behaviour of Thermoplastics and Elastomers

22. Morphology and Fatigue Behaviour of Short-Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polypropylene
M. Palmstingl, D. Salaberger, T. Koch

23. Characterisation of the Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Elastomers Under Biaxial Deformation
K. Schneider, R. Calabrò, R. Lombardi, C. Kipscholl, T. Horst, A. Schulze, S. Dedova, G. Heinrich

24. Influence of Thermal Ageing Process on the Crack Propagation of Rubber Used for Tire Application
R. Stoček, O. Kratina, P. Ghosh, J. Maláč, R. Mukhopadhyay

25. Development of Magnetorheological Elastomers (MREs) for Strength and Fatigue Resistance
J. McIntyre, S. Jerrams

26. Fibre-Reinforced Polyamides and the Influence of Water Absorption on the Mechanical and Thermomechanical Behaviour
P. Guttmann, G. Pilz

27. Accelerated Measurement of the Long-Term Creep Behaviour of Plastics
F. Achereiner, K. Engelsing, M. Bastian

Part VI. Influence of Ageing on Mechanical and Fracture Mechanics Performance of Thermoplastics and Elastomers

28. Hygrothermal Ageing of Injection-Moulded PA6/GF Materials Considering Automotive Requirements
T. Illing, M. Schoßig, C. Bierögel, B. Langer, W. Grellmann

29. Ageing of Polymer Materials—Testing, Modelling and Simulation Considering Diffusion
H. Baaser

30. Investigations of Elastomeric Seals—Low-Temperature Performance and Ageing Behaviour
M. Jaunich, A. Kömmling, D. Wolff

Part VII. Mechanical Properties and Fracture of Elastomers—Influence of Composition, Reinforcement and Crosslinking

31. Mechanical Reinforcement in a Polyisoprene Rubber by Hybrid Nanofillers
S. Agnelli, V. Cipolletti, S. Musto, M. Coombs, L. Conzatti, S. Pandini, M. S. Galimberti, T. Riccò

32. Structure–Property Correlations of SSBR/BR Blends
K. Reincke, W. Grellmann, S. Ilisch, S. Thiele, U. Ferner

33. Comparison Between Peroxide and Radiation Crosslinking of Nitrile Rubber
K. Bandzierz, D. M. Bielinski, G. Przybytniak, M. Jaszczak, A. Marzec

34. Wood Flour as a Filler of Natural and Epoxidised Natural Rubber
A. Smejda-Krzewicka, W. M. Rzymski, P. Dmowska-Jasek

35. Characterisation of the Ultimate Tensile Properties of Elastomers by a Dimensionless Hooke Number—A New Approach to Failure Envelopes
N. Rennar, P. Kirchner

36. Thermomechanical Analysis Strategies for Elastomer Components Under Dynamic Loading
R. Behnke, M. Kaliske

37. Influence of Selected Silica Fillers on the Properties of Vulcanised Rubber Blends
W. M. Rzymski, A. Smejda-Krzewicka, J. Rogoża, A. Ochenduszko

Keywords: Materials Science, Structural Materials, Polymer Sciences, Materials Engineering, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

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