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Disaster Forensics

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Table of contents

1. Individual and Societal Risk (RiskIS): Beyond Probability and Consequence During Hurricane Katrina
Polinpapilinho F. Katina

2. Application of Problem Inversion to Cascading Critical Infrastructure Failure
Ivan Taylor

3. Heroes and Villains in Complex Socio-technical Systems
Jonathan Gao, Sidney Dekker

4. Patient Safety and Disaster Forensics: Understanding Complex Causality Through Actor Network Ethnography
Anthony J. Masys

5. The Fog of Battle in Risk and Crisis Communication: Towards the Goal of Interoperability in the Digital Age
Allan Bonner

6. Disaster Forensics: Governance, Adaptivity and Social Innovation
Dorte Jessen

7. Disasters and Mishaps: The Merits of Taking a Global View
Simon Bennett

8. Dynamics of Information Flow Before Major Crises: Lessons from the Collapse of Enron, the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Other High Impact Disasters in the Industrial Sector
Dmitry Chernov, Didier Sornette

9. Climate Change and Disaster Forensics
Ross Prizzia

10. The Complex Dynamic Causality of Violent Extremism: Applications of the VERA-2 Risk Assessment Method to CVE Initiatives
D. Elaine Pressman

11. Staying Alive in the Business of Terror
Gisela Bichler, Stacy Bush

12. Counter-Terrorism and Design Thinking: Supporting Strategic Insights and Influencing Operations
Anthony J. Masys

13. Economic Disruptions, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Forensic Analysis: The Hawaii Business Recovery Center (HIBRC) Project
Jason Levy, Peiyong Yu, Ross Prizzia

14. An Event-Driven, Scalable and Real-Time Geo-spatial Disaster Forensics Architecture: Decision Support for Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction
Jason Levy

15. Advances in Economics and Disaster Forensics: A Multi-criteria Disaster Forensics Analysis (MCDFA) of the 2012 Kahuku Wind Farm Battery Fire on Oahu, Hawaii
Jason Levy, Peiyong Yu

16. Complexity and Disaster Forensics: Paradigms, Models and Approaches for Natural Hazards Management in the Pacific Island Region
Jason Levy

Keywords: Physics, Security Science and Technology, Natural Hazards, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Methodology of the Social Sciences

Publication year
Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications
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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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