Buizer, James

The US National Climate Assessment

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Table of contents

1. The third US national climate assessment: innovations in science and engagement
Katharine L. Jacobs, James L. Buizer, Susanne C. Moser, Aliana Britson

2. Building community, credibility and knowledge: the third US National Climate Assessment
Katharine L. Jacobs, James L. Buizer

3. Building a sustained climate assessment process
James L. Buizer, Kirstin Dow, Mary E. Black, Katharine L. Jacobs, Anne Waple, Richard H. Moss, Susanne Moser, Amy Luers, David I. Gustafson, T. C. Richmond, Sharon L. Hays, Christopher B. Field

4. Engagement in the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment: commitment, capacity, and communication for impact
Emily Cloyd, Susanne C. Moser, Edward Maibach, Julie Maldonado, Tinqiao Chen, Aliana Britson

5. Innovations in science and scenarios for assessment
Kenneth E. Kunkel, Richard Moss, Adam Parris

6. Innovations in information management and access for assessments
Anne M. Waple, Sarah M. Champion, Kenneth E. Kunkel, Curt Tilmes

7. Building an integrated U.S. National Climate Indicators System
Melissa A. Kenney, Anthony C. Janetos, Glynis C. Lough

8. Climate change impacts on ecosystems and ecosystem services in the United States: process and prospects for sustained assessment
Nancy B. Grimm, Peter Groffman, Michelle Staudinger, Heather Tallis

9. Engagement with indigenous peoples and honoring traditional knowledge systems
Julie Maldonado, T. M. Bull Bennett, Karletta Chief, Patricia Cochran, Karen Cozzetto, Bob Gough, Margaret Hiza Redsteer, Kathy Lynn, Nancy Maynard, Garrit Voggesser

10. The third national climate assessment’s coastal chapter: the making of an integrated assessment
Susanne C. Moser, Margaret A. Davidson

11. Assessing decision support systems and levels of confidence to narrow the climate information “usability gap”
Richard H. Moss

12. Innovations in assessment and adaptation: building on the US National Climate Assessment
Mark Howden, Katharine L. Jacobs

13. U.S. National climate assessment gaps and research needs: overview, the economy and the international context
Diana Liverman

14. Aspirations and common tensions: larger lessons from the third US national climate assessment
Susanne C. Moser, Jerry M. Melillo, Katharine L. Jacobs, Richard H. Moss, James L. Buizer

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Management and Policy, Environmental Politics

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Springer Climate
Natural Sciences
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