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Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics

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Table of contents

Part I. Macroergonomic Systems

1. The Usage of Simulation Technology for Macroergonomic Industrial Systems Improvement
Leszek Pacholski, Pawel Pawlewski

2. 3D Laser Models for the Ergonomic Assessment of the Working Environment
Marcin Butlewski, Małgorzata Sławińska, Mateusz Niedźwiecki

3. A Multi-Criterial Hardware Assessment of the Psychophysical Capacity of Workers in the Investigation of Fatigue
Grzegorz Dahlke, Milena Drzewiecka, Marcin Butlewski, Leszek Pacholski

4. The Maintenance Management in the Macro-Ergonomics Context
Malgorzata Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek, Anna Saniuk, Tadeusz Nowicki

5. Agreement for Safety in the Building Sector as a Good Practice to Improve Safety in the Work Environment
Jozef Fras, Ilona Olsztynska, Sebastian Scholz

6. A Process-Oriented Design Knowledge Management Method
Biju Yin, Yan Xiong

Part II. Social and Occupational Innovation

7. Caregiver Centered Transfer Aid Designed for Home Care Needs
Kao-Hua Liu, Chien-Hsu Chen

8. Employment Opportunities for Mature Age People in the Electrical Sector in Lodz Voivodeship in Poland
Aleksandra Polak-Sopińska

9. A Future Framework of Knowledge-Based Ergonomics Assessment System at Workplace in Automotive Assembly Plant
Fazilah Abdul Aziz, Zakri Ghazalli, Nik Mohd Zuki Nik Mohamed, Amri Isfar

10. Quality Management in Toy and Children’s Furniture Manufacturing
Mieczysław Rajkiewicz, Anna Walaszczyk, Zbigniew Wisniewski

11. Modelling Formation of Attitudes to Change
Zbigniew Wisniewski, Aleksandra Polak-Sopinska, Mieczyslaw Rajkiewicz, Malgorzata Wisniewska, Piotr Sopinski

12. Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Poland: What Do Small and Micro Enterprise Employers Know?
Aleksandra Polak-Sopinska, Zbigniew Wisniewski, Marta Jedraszek-Wisniewska

Part III. Modeling and Systems in Occupational Ergonomics

13. Proposing a Conceptual Model for Examining the Influence of Individual and Work-Related Factors on Work Ability
Jacky Y.K. Ng, Alan H.S. Chan

14. The Participatory Ergonomics in the Design of Safety Systems in Complex Work Systems
William German Barón Santoyo

15. Elements of Workforce Diversity in Japanese Nursing Workplace
Yasuyuki Yamada, Motoki Mizuno, Teruko Shimizu, Yuji Asano, Takumi Iwaasa, Takeshi Ebara

16. Research on Urban Rail Driver’s Mental Workload Based on Extenics
Lan-peng Li, Zhi-gang Liu, Hai-yan Zhu, Lin Zhu

17. Analyzing the Impact that Lack of Supervision Has on Safety Culture and Accident Rates as a Proactive Approach to Curbing the South African Railway Industry’s High Incident Occurrence Rate
Sethunya Tau

Part IV. Job Satisfaction, Workload and Musculoskeletal Disorders

18. Video Gaming and Its Implications on the Epidemiology of Office Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
Shao-Sean Yap, Gunther Paul

19. Occupational Stresses on Employees in Lean Production Systems
Uwe Dombrowski, Anne Reimer, Stefan Ernst

20. Customer-Related Stressors and Effects on Burnout: A Study in Turkey
Serpil Aytac, Mustafa Aytac

21. Using Axiomatic Design to Identify the Elements That Affect the Evaluation of Comfort/Discomfort Perception
Nicola Cappetti, Alessandro Naddeo, Rosaria Califano, Mariarosaria Vallone

22. A Model of Improving Individual Satisfaction in Group Conversation Based on Estimation of Group Status
Susumu Kono, Kenro Aihara

23. The Place of Health Design for Health Promotion: The Pediatrics Design Process Focus in Humanization at Santa Casa’s Hospital Montes Claros—Brazil
Janice Gomes Zumba

24. Prevalence of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among the Iranian Working Population in Different Sectors of Industries
HA Yousefi, Ehsan Habibi, Hideyuki Tanaka

25. Causes of Workplace Stress in Textile Industry of Developing Countries: A Case Study from Pakistan
Aftab Ahmad, Amjad Hussain, Qasar Wasique Ahmad, Badar Ul Islam

26. Quality of Work Life, Depression and Anxiety in Administrative Staff of an Institution of Higher Education
Raquel Gonzalez-Baltazar, Brenda J. Hidalgo-González, Vanessa I. Rivas-Díaz Sandi, Silvia G. León-Cortés, Mónica I. Contreras-Estrada, María G. Aldrete-Rodríguez, Gustavo Hidalgo-Santacruz

Part V. Accidents and Safety

27. Stimulation of Voluntary Motivation Toward Safety Management Activities: Activity Inactivation by Mannerism
Keijiro Katayama, Miwa Nakanishi

28. Development of a Taxonomy of Human Error Causation of Accidents Involving Injuries to Hands in the Harnesses Industry
Rosa Maria Reyes Martinez, Jorge Riva Rodriguez, Rodolfo O Escapita, Arturo Wookay, Araceli Maldonado Macias

29. Ergonomic Risk Assessment of Sea Fishermen Part I: Manual Material Handling
Alessio Silvetti, Elio Munafò, Alberto Ranavolo, Sergio Iavicoli, Francesco Draicchio

30. Ergonomic Risk Assessment of Sea Fishermen Part II: Upper Limb Repetitive Movements
Alessio Silvetti, Elio Munafò, Alberto Ranavolo, Sergio Iavicoli, Francesco Draicchio

31. A Novel to Approach to Quantify the Risk Probabilities for a Risk Analysis Methodology
N. Fırat Ozkan, Berna H. Uluta

32. Methodology of Risk Analysis to Health and Occupational Safety Integrated for the Principles of Lean Manufacturing
Eduardo Ferro Santos, Letícia Santos Nunes

33. Machine-Man-Task System Approach and Regulatory Standard NR 17—Ergonomics
Norma Melo Pinto, Maria Manuela Quaresma, Kazuo Hatakeyama

34. Mobbing as a Psycho-social Risk at Work: A Study in Turkey
Serpil Aytac, Salih Dursun, Ahmet Gokce

35. Ergonomic Hazards Mapping System (EHMS) for Musculoskeletal Disorders Detection
M.I. Delgado-Bahena, R.A Barrios-Perez, M.R. Contreras-Valenzuela, R. Lopez-Sesenes

36. Redesign of Workstation to Reduce the Risk of Wrist Lesion to Improve Work Conditions in an Industry Focused on the Assembly of Spark Plug Wire
D. Gomez-Garcia, R. López-Sesenes, M. R. Contreras-Valenzuela, A. Martinez-Oropeza, Viridiana Leon-Hernández

Part VI. Social and Organizational Factors in Industry

37. The Relationship Between Sustained Attention and Mindfulness Among U.S. Active Duty Service Members and Veterans
Valerie J. Rice, Baoxia Liu

38. Human and Economic Factors of Long-Distance Commuting Technology: Analysis of Arctic Practices
A. Kozlov, S. Gutman, E. Rytova, I. Zaychenko

39. Analysis of Organizational and Human Factors in the Local Production Arrangement of the Hotel Chain to Avoid Social and Environmental Impacts, Case Study of Maragogi, Alagoas, Brazil
Eduardo Menezes, Salvador Filho, Edmara Drigo

40. The Way to Use the Guidelines for Supporting Resilience Enhancement: From Verifying Effectiveness Using Before-After Comparison Test Design of Two Fitness Centers
Naoto Shoji, Takumi Iwaasa, Yutaka Nakajima, Motoki Mizuno

41. The Effects of a Trust Violation and Trust Repair in a Distributed Team Decision-Making Task: Exploring the Affective Component of Trust
Corey K. Fallon, April Rose Panganiban, Peter Chiu, Gerald Matthews

42. Applying Triangulation Method to Strengthen Validity of Integrated Balanced Scorecard’s Performance Measurement Model for Supply Chain’s Actors and Regulators
Elisa Kusrini, Subagyo, Nur Aini Masruroh

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology

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