Baschirotto, Andrea

Wideband Continuous-time ΣΔ ADCs, Automotive Electronics, and Power Management

Baschirotto, Andrea - Wideband Continuous-time ΣΔ ADCs, Automotive Electronics, and Power Management, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Continuous-Time ΔΣ Modulators for Transceivers

1. WiFi Receiver Evolution in a Dense Blocker Environment
Patrick Torta, Antonio Giandomenico, Lukas Dörrer, Jose Luis Ceballos

2. High-Resolution Wideband Continuous-Time ΣΔModulators
Lucien Breems, Muhammed Bolatkale

3. Sigma-Delta ADCs with Improved Interferer Robustness
Rudolf Ritter, Jiazuo Chi, Maurits Ortmanns

4. Design Considerations for Filtering Delta Sigma Converters
Shanthi Pavan, Radha Rajan

5. Blocker and Clock-Jitter Performance in CT ΣΔ ADCs for Consumer Radio Receivers
Sebastián Loeda

6. Continuous-Time MASH Architectures forWideband DSMs
Hajime Shibata, Yunzhi Dong, Wenhua Yang, Richard Schreier

Part II. Automotive Electronics

7. Trends and Characteristics of Automotive Electronics
Herman Casier

8. Next Generation of Semiconductors for Advanced Power Distribution in Automotive Applications
Andreas Kucher, Alfons Graf

9. High-Voltage Fast-Switching Gate Drivers
Bernhard Wicht, Jürgen Wittmann, Achim Seidel, Alexis Schindler

10. A Self-Calibrating SAR ADC for Automotive Microcontrollers
Carmelo Burgio, Mauro Giacomini, Enzo Michele Donze, Domenico Fabio Restivo

11. Advanced Sensor Solutions for Automotive Applications
Paolo D’Abramo, Alberto Maccioni, Giuseppe Pasetti, Francesco Tinfena

12. A Low-Power Continuous-Time Accelerometer Front-End
Piero Malcovati, Marcello Matteis, Alessandro Pezzotta, Marco Grassi, Marco Croce, Marco Sabatini, Andrea Baschirotto

Part III. Power Management

13. Switched-Capacitor Power-Converter Topology Overview and Performance Comparison
Ravi Karadi, Gerard Villar Piqué, Henk Jan Bergveld

14. Resonant and Multimode Switched Capacitor Converters for High-Density Power Delivery
Jason T. Stauth, Christopher Schaef, Kapil Kesarwani

15. Heterogeneous Integration of High-Switching Frequency Inductive DC/DC Converters
Bruno Allard, Florian Neveu, Christian Martin

16. Electrical Compensation of Mechanical Stress Drift in Precision Analog Circuits
Mario Motz, Udo Ausserlechner

17. Power Electronics for LED Based General Illumination
Stefan Dietrich, Stefan Heinen

18. An Ultra-Low-Power Electrostatic Energy Harvester Interface
Stefano Stanzione, Chris Liempd, Chris Hoof

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Electronic Circuits and Devices, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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