Lamberti, Luciano

Advancement of Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics, Volume 3

Lamberti, Luciano - Advancement of Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics, Volume 3, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A General Mathematical Model to Retrieve Displacement Information from Fringe Patterns
C. A. Sciammarella, L. Lamberti

2. Full-Field High-Strain Evaluation from Wrapped ESPI Data Using Phasors
Juuso Heikkinen, Gary S. Schajer

3. Dynamic Deformation with Static Load
S. Yoshida, H. Ono, T. Sasaki, M. Usui

4. Full-Field Digital Holographic Vibrometry for Characterization of High-Speed MEMS
Payam Razavi, Cosme Furlong, James D. Trolinger

5. Surface Orientation Measurement Using Sampling Moire Method
Motoharu Fujigaki, Daiki Tomita, Yorinobu Murata

6. DD-DIC: A Parallel Finite Element Based Digital Image Correlation Solver
Jean-Charles Passieux, Robin Bouclier, Jean-Noël Périé

7. A New In Situ Planar Biaxial Far-Field High Energy Diffraction Microscopy Experiment
G. M. Hommer, J. S. Park, P. C. Collins, A. L. Pilchak, A. P. Stebner

8. Thermal Strain Measurement Using Digital Image Correlation with Systematic Error Elimination
Manabu Murata, Shuichi Arikawa, Satoru Yoneyama, Yasuhisa Fujimoto, Yohei Omoto

9. Investigating the Tensile Response of Materials at High Temperature Using DIC
Guillermo Valeri, Behrad Koohbor, Addis Kidane, Michael A. Sutton, Hubert Schreier

10. Hybrid Stereocorrelation for 3D Thermomechanical Field Measurements
A. Charbal, J.-E. Dufour, F. Hild, S. Roux, M. Poncelet, L. Vincent

11. Experimental Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed ABS and Polycarbonate Parts
Jason Cantrell, Sean Rohde, David Damiani, Rishi Gurnani, Luke DiSandro, Josh Anton, Andie Young, Alex Jerez, Douglas Steinbach, Calvin Kroese, Peter Ifju

12. Experimental Determination of Transfer Length in Pre-stressed Concrete Using 3D-DIC
Sreehari Rajan, Michael A. Sutton, Ning Li, Dimtris Rizos, Juan Caicedo, Sally Bartelmo, Albert Lasprilla

13. Hybrid Infrared Image Correlation Technique to Deformation Measurement of Composites
Terry Yuan-Fang Chen, Ren-Shaung Lu

14. DIC Anisotropic Denoising Based on Uncertainty
Manuel Grewer, Bernhard Wieneke

15. An Applications-Oriented Measurement System Analysis of 3D Digital Image Correlation
Jordan E. Kelleher, Paul J. Gloeckner

16. Preliminary Study on Determination Pointing-Knowledge of Camera-Pair Used for 3D-DIC
Chi-Hung Hwang, Wei-Chung Wang, Shou Hsueh Wang

17. Analysis of Dynamic Bending Using DIC and Virtual Fields Method
Behrad Koohbor, Addis Kidane, Michael A. Sutton, Xing Zhao

18. Elimination of Periodical Error for Bi-directional Displacement in Digital Image Correlation Method
Shuichi Arikawa, Manabu Murata, Satoru Yoneyama, Yasuhisa Fujimoto, Yohei Omoto

19. The Cluster Approach Applied to Multi-Camera 3D DIC System
Thorsten Siebert, Karsten Splitthof, Marek Lomnitz

20. Self-adaptive Isogeometric Global Digital Image Correlation and Digital Height Correlation
J. P. M. Hoefnagels, S. M. Kleinendorst, A. P. Ruybalid, C. V. Verhoosel, M. G. D. Geers

21. Ultrasonic Test for High Rate Material Property Imaging
F. Pierron, R. Seghir

22. The Virtual Fields Method to Rubbers Under Medium Strain Rates
Sung-ho Yoon, Clive R. Siviour

23. Inertial Impact Tests on Polymers for Inverse Parameter Identification
F. Davis, F. Pierron, Clive R. Siviour

24. Full-Field Identification Methods: Comparison of FEM Updating and Integrated DIC
A. P. Ruybalid, J. P. M. Hoefnagels, O. Sluis, M. G. D. Geers

25. Finite Element Stereo Digital Image Correlation Measurement for Plate Model
Jean-Emmanuel Pierré, Jean-Charles Passieux, Jean-Noël Périé

26. Measurement of Orthogonal Surface Gradients and Reconstruction of Surface Topography from Digital Gradient Sensing Method
Chengyun Miao, Hareesh V. Tippur

27. Opportunities for Inverse Analysis in Dynamic Tensile Testing
Steven Mates, Fadi Abu-Farha

28. Determination of the Dynamic Strain Hardening Parameters from Acceleration Fields
J.-H. Kim, D.-H. Leem, F. Barlat, F. Pierron

29. Image-Based Inertial Impact Tests on an Aluminum Alloy
S. Dreuilhe, F. Davis, Clive R. Siviour, F. Pierron

30. Inverse Material Characterization from 360-Deg DIC Measurements on Steel Samples
L. Cortese, K. Genovese, F. Nalli, M. Rossi

31. Identification of Plastic Behaviour and Formability Limits of Aluminium Alloys at High Temperature
G. Chiappini, L. M. Mattucci, M. Mehtedi, M. Sasso

32. Accurate Strain Distribution Measurement Based on the Sampling Moiré Method
S. Ri, Y. Fukami, Q. Wang, S. Ogihara

33. Full-Field Measurements of Principal Strains and Orientations Using Moiré Fringes
Q. Wang, S. Ri, Y. Takashita, S. Ogihara

34. A Self-Recalibrated 3D Vision System for Accurate 3D Tracking in Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
Ran Chen, Meng Liu, Kai Zhong, Zhongwei Li, Yusheng Shi

35. Evaluating Stress Triaxiality and Fracture Strain of Steel Sheet Using Stereovision
D. Kanazawa, Satoru Yoneyama, K. Ushijima, J. Naito, S. Chinzei

36. Shadowgraph Optical Technique for Measuring the Shock Hugoniot from Standard Electric Detonators
Vilem Petr, Erika Nieczkoski, Eduardo Lozano

37. Assessment of Fringe Pattern Normalisation for Twelve Fringe Photoelasticity
Phani Madhavi Ch, Vivek Ramakrishnan, Ramesh Krishnamurthi

38. Novel Scanning Scheme for White Light Photoelasticity
Vivek Ramakrishnan, Ramesh Krishnamurthi

39. Investigation of Non-equibiaxial Thin Film Stress by Using Stoney Formula
Wei-Chung Wang, Po-Yu Chen, Yen-Ting Wu

40. ESPI Analysis of Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Electronic Components
C. Casavola, G. Pappalettera, C. Pappalettere

41. Shear Banding Observed in Real-Time with a Laser Speckle Method
Pasi Karppinen, Antti Forsström, Kimmo Mustonen, Sven Bossuyt

42. Numerical and Experimental Eigenmode Analysis of Low Porosity Auxetic Structures
L. Francesconi, M. Taylor, K. Bertoldi, A. Baldi

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Optical and Electronic Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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