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Representing Irish Religious Histories

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Table of contents

Part I. Historiography and Religious Polarisation, c.1600–c.1938

1. Towards a Catholic History for a Catholic Nation: The Contribution of Irish Émigré Scholars in Europe, c.1580–c.1630
Mary Ann Lyons

2. Writing About Eucharistic Belief and Practice Among Historians of Protestantism in Seventeenth-Century Ireland
Evie Monaghan

3. Telling the Presbyterian Story in Eighteenth-Century Ireland: John McBride and James Kirkpatrick
Robert Armstrong

4. Laying the Nineteenth-Century Foundations: Contributions from a Catholic and a Protestant Scholar in the 1820s
Jacqueline Hill

5. Writing Medieval Irish Religious History in the Nineteenth Century
Elizabeth Boyle

6. William Dool Killen (1806–1902): A Presbyterian Perspective on Irish Ecclesiastical History
Laurence Kirkpatrick

7. History-Writing, Collective Memory and Identity in an Irish Context: George V. Jourdan and R. Dudley Edwards
Miriam Moffitt

Part II. Ideology and Practice: Perceptions and Uses of the Religious Past in the Wider Irish Community, c.1700–1980

8. Preaching History, 1749: The Belfast Sermons of Gilbert Kennedy and James Saurin
Raymond Gillespie

9. Bishop O’Beirne and his Church-Building Programme: The Church of Ireland and Pre-Reformation Christianity
Caroline Gallagher

10. Negotiating the Middle Ground: Thomas Moore on Religion and Irish Nationalism
John B. Roney

11. Using the Irish Language to Further the Aims of Bible Societies: An Analysis of Irish Bibles in the Russell Library, Maynooth
Barbara McCormack

12. History and Destiny in the Making of the Irish Catholic Spiritual Empire
Irene Whelan

13. Religion as Identity: The Church of Ireland’s 1932 Patrician Celebrations
Ian d’Alton

14. ‘Patrick, the First Churchman’ in the Protestant Vision of Ernest Bateman of Booterstown (1886–1979)
Eugenio F. Biagini

Part III. Religious History: Practice and Reconciliation, c.1980s to the Present

15. The 1641 Depositions and the History Classroom
Eamon Darcy

16. St Patrick’s Day: Commemoration, Conflict and Conciliation, 1903–2013
Brian Walker

17. Perceptions of Irish Religious History Among Community Activists in Northern Ireland, 2010–2013
John Wolffe

Reconciling Memories Reconsidered: Reflections on a 1988 Irish Reconciliation Classic in Light of Three Decades of Scholarship and Political Experience
Joseph Liechty

Keywords: History, History of Britain and Ireland, Cultural History, Social History

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Histories of the Sacred and Secular, 1700-2000
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