Gupta, Dharmendra K.

Impact of Cesium on Plants and the Environment

Gupta, Dharmendra K. - Impact of Cesium on Plants and the Environment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Distribution of Caesium in Soil and its Uptake by Plants
Sergiy Dubchak

2. Factors Influencing the Soil to Plant Transfer of Radiocaesium
J. Guillén, A. Baeza, A. Salas, J. G. Muñoz-Muñoz, A. Muñoz-Serrano

3. Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Caesium Uptake by Plants
Sergiy Dubchak

4. Influence of Biologically Active Preparations on Caesium-137 Transition to Plants from Soil on the Territories Contaminated after Chernobyl Accident
Alexander Shchur, Viktor Valkho, Dmitry Vinogradov, Volha Valko

5. The Distribution of 137Cs in Selected Compartments of Coniferous Forests in the Czech Republic
Ivan Suchara

6. Cesium Uptake in Plants: Mechanism, Regulation and Application for Phytoremediation
Ryoung Shin, Eri Adams

7. Effective Half-Lives of Radiocesium in Terrestrial Plants Observed After Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
Keiko Tagami

8. Cultivar Difference and Fertilizer Effects on Radioactive Cesium Accumulation in Rice Grown in Fukushima Paddy Field from 2011 to 2014
Nobuhiro Tanaka, Yoshihiro Ohmori, Toru Fujiwara

9. Distribution of 137Cs Between the Components of Pine Forest of Chernobyl NPP Exclusion Zone
Maksim Kudzin, Viachaslau Zabrotski, Dzmitry Harbaruk

10. Accumulation of Cesium by Aquatic Plants and Algae
Koji Iwamoto, Yoshihiro Shiraiwa

11. Regularities of Accumulation of Cs-137 and Other Radionuclides in Aquatic Vegetation in the Territory of the South-Ural Biogeochemical Province of Techno-genic Radioactive Isotopes
I. Ya. Popova, N. N. Kazachonok

12. Radiocesium Phytotoxicity to Single Cell and Higher Plants
D. Marčiulionienė, B. Lukšienė, D. Montvydienė, V. Sakalauskas, O. Sevriukova, R. Druteikienė, O. Jefanova, Z. Žukauskaitė

13. Sorbents for Radiocaesium Removal from Natural Water and Soil
A. V. Voronina, A. S. Kutergin, V. S. Semenishchev, E. V. Nogovitsyna, A. F. Nikiforov

14. Analysis of Transfer Factor, Anatomical Changes and Growth of Plants During Phytoremediation of Cesium Contaminated Solutions
Roxana Moogouei, Mehdi Borghei, Golnaz Tajadod

15. Remediation of Areas Contaminated by Caesium: Basic Mechanisms Behind Remedial Options and Experience in Application
Sergey Fesenko, Brenda J. Howard, Natalya Sanzharova, Miquel Vidal

Keywords: Environment, Monitoring/Environmental Analysis, Environmental Management, Nuclear Energy, Plant Pathology

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Natural Sciences
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