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Space Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Advanced Space Vehicle Design Taking into Account Multidisciplinary Couplings and Mixed Epistemic/Aleatory Uncertainties
Mathieu Balesdent, Loïc Brevault, Nathaniel B. Price, Sébastien Defoort, Rodolphe Riche, Nam-Ho Kim, Raphael T. Haftka, Nicolas Bérend

2. Using Direct Transcription to Compute Optimal Low Thrust Transfers Between Libration Point Orbits
John T. Betts

3. Tentative Solutions for Indirect Optimization of Spacecraft Trajectories
Guido Colasurdo, Lorenzo Casalino

4. Resource-Constrained Scheduling with Non-constant Capacity and Non-regular Activities
Giorgio Fasano

5. Packing Problems in Space Solved by CPLEX: An Experimental Analysis
Stefano Gliozzi, Alessandro Castellazzo, Giorgio Fasano

6. Designing Complex Interplanetary Trajectories for the Global Trajectory Optimization Competitions
Dario Izzo, Daniel Hennes, Luís F. Simões, Marcus Märtens

7. Satellite Constellation Image Acquisition Problem: A Case Study
Krishna Teja Malladi, Snezana Mitrovic Minic, Daniel Karapetyan, Abraham P. Punnen

8. Re-entry Test Vehicle Configuration Selection and Analysis
Erwin Mooij

9. Rigorous Global Optimization for Collision Risk Assessment on Perturbed Orbits
Alessandro Morselli, Roberto Armellin, Pierluigi Lizia, Franco Bernelli-Zazzera

10. Optimal Robust Design of Hybrid Rocket Engines
Dario Pastrone, Lorenzo Casalino

11. Nonlinear Regression Analysis by Global Optimization: A Case Study in Space Engineering
János D. Pintér, Alessandro Castellazzo, Mariachiara Vola, Giorgio Fasano

12. Regression-Based Sensitivity Analysis and Robust Design
Guido Ridolfi, Erwin Mooij

13. Low-Thrust Multi-Revolution Orbit Transfers
Sven Schäff

14. Balance Layout Problems: Mathematical Modeling and Nonlinear Optimization
Yuriy Stoyan, Tatiana Romanova, Alexander Pankratov, Anna Kovalenko, Peter Stetsyuk

15. Pilot-Induced-Oscillations Alleviation Through Anti-windup Based Approach
Sophie Tarbouriech, Isabelle Queinnec, Jean-Marc Biannic, Christophe Prieur

16. Modeling and Optimization of Hybrid Transfers to Near Earth Objects
Francesco Topputo, Mauro Massari

17. Probabilistic Safety Analysis of the Collision Between a Space Debris and a Satellite with an Island Particle Algorithm
Christelle Vergé, Jérôme Morio, Pierre Moral, Juan Carlos Dolado Pérez

18. Flatness-Based Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization for Spacecraft Proximity Operations
Le-ping Yang, Wei-wei Cai, Yan-wei Zhu

Keywords: Mathematics, Optimization, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences, Applications of Mathematics

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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