Azouaoui, Krimo

Applied Mechanics, Behavior of Materials, and Engineering Systems

Azouaoui, Krimo - Applied Mechanics, Behavior of Materials, and Engineering Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Optics Between Theory and Application in Arabic Golden Age
Ahmed Djebbar

2. Fatigue and Notch Mechanics
Bruno Atzori, Govanni Meneghetti, Mauro Ricotta

3. Experimental Disparity Analysis of the Behavior and Fatigue of the 304L Stainless Steel
Kada Mouedden, Adel Belattar, Lakhdar Taleb

4. Numerical Investigation on the Anisotropic Behavior of an Aluminum Alloy Type 2017A
Mouaad Brik, Malek Chabane Chaouche, Lakhdar Taleb

5. History of Microstructure Evolution and Its Effect on the Mechanical Behavior During Friction Welding for AISI 316
Ammar Jabbar Hassan, Ramzi Lechelah, Taoufik Boukharouba, Djamel Miroud, Nacer-eddine Titouche, Nourdine Ouali

6. A Study of Selective Laser Melting Technology on the Ultra-High Strength Tool Steel Use—Quality, Mechanical Properties and Fatigue
Píška Miroslav, Trubačová Pavlĺna, Horníková Jana, Šandera Pavel, Klas Boivie

7. Transferability of Fracture Toughness with Constraint
Guy Pluvinage, Julien Capelle, Mohamed Hadj Meliani

8. Crack Path Stabilisation and T-Stress Estimation in Connection with the Global Approach for Inclined Notches
Mohammed Hadj Meliani, Omar Bouledroua, Mohamed Ould-M’beirick, Khaled Elmiloudi, Mohamed Sadou, Guy Pluvinage

9. Measuring of Strain and Displacements in Welded Joints Subjected to Tensile Load Using Stereometric Methods
Branislav Djordjevic, Simon A Sedmak, Uros Tatic, Milos Milosevic, Filip Vucetic

10. Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum to Copper
Gihad Kerrar, Nesar Merah, Abdelrahman Nasr Shuaib, Fadi AL-Badour, Abdelaziz Bazoune

11. Heat-Affected Zone as Critical Location in Pressure Equipment
Ljubica Milović

12. Mixed Mode Static and Dynamic Modeling in Fracture Mechanics for Plane Composite Materials by X-FEM
Sadam Houcine Habib, Brahim Elkhalil Hachi, Mohamed Guesmi, Mohamed Haboussi

13. The Preheating Temperature Effects on the Residual Stresses of the Welded Rails Sections
Oussama Bouazaoui, Abdelkrim Chouaf

14. Dynamic Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Composite Beam Containing a Transverse Crack
Yassine Adjal, Rachid Benzidane, Zouaoui Sereir

15. Determination of Elastic-Plastic Parameters of Inconel Arc Sprayed Coating
Yamina Mebdoua, Yazid Fizi, Hadj Lahmar

16. Study of Noise Inside a Mechanical Shovel Cabin Using a Sound Perception Approach
Nacer Hamzaoui

17. Perceptual Study of Simple and Combined Gear Defects
Ramdane Younes, Nouredine Ouelaa, Nacer Hamzaoui, Abderrazek Djebala

18. Natural Frequencies of Composite Cylindrical Helical Springs
Sami Ayadi, Ezzeddine Haj Taïeb

19. Improvement of the Sensitivity of the Scalar Indicators Using a Denoising Method by Wavelet Transform
Mustapha Merzoug, Khalid Ait Shgir, Abdelhamid Miloudi, Jean Paul Dron

20. Fault Diagnosis Through the Application of Cyclostationarity to Signals Measured
Tarek Kebabsa, Nouredine Ouelaa, Jerome Antoni, Mohamed Cherif Djamaa, Raid Khettabi, Abderrazek Djebala

21. Experimental Study of Real Gear Transmission Defects Using Sound Perception
Nouredine Ouelaa, Ramdane Younes, Nacer Hamzaoui, Abderrazek Djebala

22. Taguchi Design of Experiments for Optimization and Modeling of Surface Roughness When Dry Turning X210Cr12 Steel
Oussama Zerti, Mohamed Athmane Yallese, Salim Belhadi, Lakhdar Bouzid

23. Study Contribution of Surface Quality Parts Machined by Turning Using Hard Materials
Razika Aouad, Idriss Amara

24. Prediction of Cutting Tool’s Optimal Lifespan Based on the Scalar Indicators and the Wavelet Multi-resolution Analysis
Mohamed Khemissi Babouri, Nouredine Ouelaa, Abderrazek Djebala, Mohamed Cherif Djamaa, Septi Boucherit

25. Diffusion Modelling of Composite with Permeable Fiber
Djelloul Gueribiz, Frédéric Jacquemin, Hocine Bourenane, Silvain Fréour

26. Elastic Buckling at the Scale of a Bone Trabecula: The Influence of the Boundary Conditions
Hamza Bennaceur, Salah Ramtani, Toufik Outtas

27. Dynamic Characterization of MR Damper and Experimental Adjustment of Numerical Model
Said Boukerroum, Nacer Hamzaoui

28. Evaluation of Nonlinear Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Samira Bouyakoub, Taïeb Branci

29. A Finite Element Approach for Predicting the Flexural Response of Light Weight FRP-Concrete Beams Under Cyclic Loading
Abdelmadjid Si Salem, Souad Ait Taleb, Kamal Ait Tahar

30. Study of Composite with Metallic Matrix WC/W2C–20W–20Ni Realized by Spontaneous Infiltration of the Bronze Alloy Cu–30Mn–3P
Mokrane Gousmine, Djamel Miroud, Mohamed Farid Benlamnouar, Boualeme Demri, Abderrahmane Younes

31. Investigations on the Residual Shear Properties of a Composite Subjected to Impact Fatigue Loading
Said Mouhoubi, Krimo Azouaoui

32. Development of a Reliability-Mechanical: Numerical Model of Mechanical Behavior of a Multilayer Composite Plate
Abdelhakim Maizia, Abdelkader Hocine, Hocine Dehmous, David Chapelle

33. Analysis of Deflection in Isotropic and Orthotropic Rectangular Plates with Central Opening Under Transverse Static Loading
Ahmed Abdelatif Bouzgou, Abdelouahab Tati, Abdelhak Khechai

34. Diffusive Behavior in Polymer-Local Organomodified Clay Matrix
Ali Makhloufi, Djelloul Gueribiz, Djamel Boutassouna, Frédéric Jacquemin, Mustapha Zaoui

35. Effect of Grain Size of Nano Composite on Raman and Magnetic Proprieties
Abderrahmane Younes, Nacer Eddine Bacha, Mourad Zergoug, Mokrane Gousmine, Heider Dehdouh, Amirouche Bouamer

36. Finite Element Based on Layerwise Approach for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Multi-layered Sandwich Plates
Mohamed-Ouejdi Belarbi, Abdelouahab Tati, Houdayfa Ounis, Abdelhak Khechai

37. Tool Life Evaluation of Cutting Materials in Turning of X20Cr13 Stainless Steel
Lakhdar Bouzid, Mohamed Athmane Yallese, Salim Belhadi, Lakhdar Boulanouar

38. Importance of Physical Modeling for Simulations of Turbulent Reactive Flows
Vincent Robin, Michel Champion, Arnaud Mura, Q.N. Kim Kha

39. Influence of Diverging Section Length on the Supersonic Jet Delivered from Micro-nozzle: Application to Cold Spray Coating Process
Abderrahmane Belbaki, Yamina Mebdoua-Lahmar

40. Turbulent Combustion Modeling in Compression Ignition Engines
Mohamed Bencherif, Rachid Sahnoun, Abdelkrim Liazid

41. On the Thermal Characterization of a Fire Induced Smoke-Layer in Semi-confined Compartments
Abdallah Benarous, Souhila Agred, Larbi Loukarfi, Abdelkrim Liazid

42. Numerical Study of Twin-Jets Impinging Against a Smooth and Flat Surface
Rachid Sahnoun, Abdelkrim Liazid

43. Heat and Mass Transfer into a Porous Annulus Found Between Two Horizontal Concentric Circular Cylinders
Karim Ragui, Abdelkader Boutra, Rachid Bennacer, Youb Khaled Benkahla

44. Heat and Mass Transfer in the Growth of Titanium Doped Sapphire Material with the μ-PD Technique
Hanane Azoui, Abdellah Laidoune, Djamel Haddad, Derradji Bahloul

45. Cooperating Double Diffusion Natural Convection in a Square Enclosure with Partially Active Vertical Wall
Abdennacer Belazizia, Smail Benissaad, Said Abboudi

46. Increased Risk of Accidents Due to Human Behavior
Martina J. Mazankova

47. Statistic of Police of Czech Republic Influence on Risk Assessment of Road Traffic
Martina J. Mazankova

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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