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Advances in Acoustics and Vibration

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Table of contents

1. Fault Diagnosis in Gas Turbine Based on Neural Networks: Vibrations Speed Application
Mohamed Ben Rahmoune, Ahmed Hafaifa, Mouloud Guemana

2. Early Detection of Gear Faults in Variable Load and Local Defect Size Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD)
H. Mahgoun, Fakher Chaari, A. Felkaoui, Mohamed Haddar

3. Design of Shunted Piezoelectric Patches Using Topology Optimization for Noise and Vibration Attenuation
Walid Larbi, Jean-François Deü, Luciano Pereira da Silva

4. Prediction of Sound Radiation from Submerged Cylindrical Shell Structure with an Interpolation Method for the Measured Surface Velocity
Yilin Zhang, Haijun Wu, Weikang Jiang

5. Identification of Small Objects with Near-Field Data in Quasi-Backscattering Configurations
Houssem Haddar, Mohamed Lakhal

6. Characterization of Sandwich Beams with Shear Damage by Linear Vibration Method
I. Ben Ammar, C. Karra, A. El Mahi, R. El Guerjouma, Mohamed Haddar

7. Parameter Identification of a Sandwich Beam Using Numerical-Based Inhomogeneous Wave Correlation Method
R. Ajili, O. Bareille, M.-L. Bouazizi, M.-N. Ichchou, N. Bouhaddi

8. Time Domain Stability Analysis for Machining Processes
Asia Maamar, Belhassen Chedli Bouzgarrou, Vincent Gagnol, Raouf Fathallah

9. Modeling and Control for Lateral Rail Vehicle Dynamic Vibration with Comfort Evaluation
Mortadha Graa, Mohamed Nejlaoui, Ajmi Houidi, Zouhaier Affi, Lotfi Romdhane

10. Vibration Detection in Gas Turbine Rotor Using Artificial Neural Network Combined with Continuous Wavelet
Benrabeh Djaidir, Ahmed Hafaifa, Abdallaha Kouzou

11. A Finite Element Model for Elastic-Viscoelastic-Elastic Composite Structures
Zhicheng Huang, Zhaoye Qin, Fulei Chu

12. Application of the Operational Modal Analysis Using the Independent Component Analysis for a Quarter Car Vehicle Model
Dorra Ben Hassen, Mariem Miladi, Mohamed Slim Abbes, S. Caglar Baslamisli, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Haddar

13. Feature Extraction Using S-Transform
and 2DNMF for Diesel Engine Faults Classification
Ezzeddine Ftoutou, Mnaouar Chouchane

14. Experimental Study of Combined Gear and Bearing Faults by Sound Perception
Ramdane Younes, Nouredine Ouelaa, Nacer Hamzaoui, Abderrazek Djebala

15. Modal Analysis of Spur Gearbox with an Elastic Coupling
Atef Hmida, Ahmed Hammami, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Taoufik Khabou, Mohamed Haddar

16. Planet Load Sharing Behavior During Run Up
Ahmed Hammami, Alfonso Fernandez Del Rincon, Fakher Chaari, Fernando Viadero Rueda, Mohamed Haddar

17. Multi-objective Design Optimization of the NBTTL Mechanism
B. Najlawi, M. Nejlaoui, Z. Affi, L. Romdhane

18. Appropriation Effects in the Estimation of Modal Damping
Mohamed Krifa, Noureddine Bouhaddi, Scott Cogan

19. Simulation of Resonance Phenomenon in Pipelines Caused by Water Hammer
Noura Bettaieb, Ezzeddine Haj Taieb

20. Sensitivity of GFRP Composite Integrity to Machining-Induced Heat: A Numerical Approach
Ali Mkaddem, Muhammad Zain-ul-Abdein, Salah Mezlini, Abdullah S. Bin Mahfouz, Abdessalem Jarraya

21. A Comparative Assessment of In-Operation Modal Analysis and Frequency Domain Decomposition Algorithm Using Simulated Data
Maher Abdelghani, Morteza Ghalishooyan, Ahmad Shooshtari

22. Experimental Investigation for Forced Vibration of Honeycomb Sandwich Beams
Souhir Zghal, Rachid Nasri

23. Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Vibrational Behavior of a Polyester Composite Material
Idris Chenini, Charfeddine Mrad, Rachid Nasri

24. Robust Multi-objective Collaborative Optimization of Complex Structures
H. Chagraoui, M. Soula, M. Guedri

25. Investigations on the Validity of the Poisson Assumption in Reliability Based Optimization of TMD Parameters
E. Mrabet, M. Guedri, M. Soula, M. Ichchou, S. Ghanmi

Modeling of Wear Mechanisms in UD-GFRP
Composites Using Single-Indenter Scratch Test
: A Micromechanical Approach
S. Mzali, F. Elwasli, A. Mkaddem, S. Mezlini

27. Dynamic Analysis of the Perforation of Aluminum Alloy at Low Velocity Impact
S. Koubaa, J. Mars, M. Wali, F. Dammak

28. Non-linear Dynamics Analysis of Multilayer Composite Shells with Enhanced Solid-Shell Elements
A. Hajlaoui, E. Triki, A. Frikha, F. Dammak

29. An Effective Method for the Identification
of Support Features in Multi-supported Systems
A. Baklouti, J. Antunes, V. Debut, T. Fakhkakh, Mohamed Haddar

30. Dynamic Analysis of a Wedge Disc Brake According to the Variations of Friction Coefficient
K. R. M. Mahmoud

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Engineering Acoustics, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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