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Information Systems and Neuroscience

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Table of contents

1. Tracing Consumers’ Decision-Making in Digital Social Shopping Networks
Camille Grange, Izak Benbasat

2. Validating Knowledge Filtering Processes in Electronic Networks of Practice
Thomas O. Meservy, Kelly J. Fadel, Rayman D. Meservy, Christopher Doxey, C. Brock Kirwan

3. Helping an Old Workforce Interact with Modern IT: A NeuroIS Approach to Understanding Technostress and Technology Use in Older Workers
Stefan Tams, Kevin Hill

4. Mobile Multitasking Distraction: A Pilot Study with Intracranial Electroencephalography
Emma Campbell, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Élise Labonté-LeMoyne, Sylvain Sénécal, Marc Fredette, Franco Lepore, Dang Nguyen

5. Impact of Cognitive Workload and Emotional Arousal on Performance in Cooperative and Competitive Interactions
Anuja Hariharan, Verena Dorner, Marc T. P. Adam

6. It All Blurs Together: How the Effects of Habituation Generalize Across System Notifications and Security Warnings
Bonnie Brinton Anderson, Anthony Vance, Jeffrey L. Jenkins, C. Brock Kirwan, Daniel Bjornn

7. Combating the Influence of the Heuristic Thinking in Online Star Ratings: Preliminary Evidence
Markus Weinmann, Christoph Schneider, Jan Brocke

8. Mobile BCI Technology: NeuroIS Goes Out of the Lab, into the Field
S. C. Wriessnegger, G. Krumpl, A. Pinegger, G. R. Mueller-Putz

9. Exploring the Mental Load Associated with Switching Smartphone Operating Systems
Tyron Booyzen, Aaron Marsh, Adriane B. Randolph

10. Samsung Versus Apple: Smartphones and Their Conscious and Non-conscious Affective Impact
Peter Walla, Markus Schweiger

11. Neural Correlates of Technological Ambivalence: A Research Proposal
Hillol Bala, Elise Labonté-LeMoyne, Pierre-Majorique Léger

12. Neuroscience Foundations for Human Decision Making in Information Security: A General Framework and Experiment Design
Bin Mai, Thomas Parsons, Victor Prybutok, Kamesh Namuduri

13. Combining Vicarious and Enactive Training in IS: Does Order Matter?
Félix G. Lafontaine, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Élise Labonté-LeMoyne, Patrick Charland, Paul Cronan

14. The Relationship Between Visual Website Complexity and a User’s Mental Workload: A NeuroIS Perspective
Ricardo Buettner

15. Studying the Creation of Design Artifacts
Christopher J. Davis, Alan R. Hevner, Barbara Weber

16. Bridging Aesthetics and Positivism in IS Visual Systems Design with Neuroscience: A Pluralistic Research Framework and Typology
Daniel Peak, Victor Prybutok, Bin Mai, Thomas Parsons

17. Towards a General-Purpose Mobile Brain-Body Imaging NeuroIS Testbed
Reinhold Scherer, Stefan Feitl, Matthias Schlesinger, Selina C. Wriessnegger

18. Differences in Reading Between Word Search and Information Relevance Decisions: Evidence from Eye-Tracking
Jacek Gwizdka

19. The Influence of Task Characteristics on Multiple Objective and Subjective Cognitive Load Measures
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Mirhoseini, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Sylvain Sénécal

20. Using Contactless Heart Rate Measurements for Real-Time Assessment of Affective States
Philipp V. Rouast, Marc T. P. Adam, David J. Cornforth, Ewa Lux, Christof Weinhardt

21. Lifelogging as a Viable Data Source for NeuroIS Researchers: A Review of Neurophysiological Data Types Collected in the Lifelogging Literature
Thomas Fischer, René Riedl

22. A Refined Examination of Worker Age and Stress: Explaining How, and Why, Older Workers Are Especially Techno-Stressed in the Interruption Age
Stefan Tams

23. Consumer Grade Brain-Computer Interfaces: An Entry Path into NeuroIS Domains
Nash (Nebojsa) Milic

24. Measuring the Popularity of Research in Neuroscience Information Systems (NeuroIS)
Naveen Zehra Quazilbash, Zaheeruddin Asif

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Information Systems, Neurosciences, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Neuropsychology, Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

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Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation
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