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Evolutionary Biology

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Table of contents

Part I. Convergent Evolution

1. Road Map to Study Convergent Evolution: A Proposition for Evolutionary Systems Biology Approaches
Pierre Pontarotti, Isabelle Hue

2. Analysing Convergent Evolution: A Practical Guide to Methods
Kevin Arbuckle, Michael P. Speed

3. Convergent Evolution Within CEA Gene Families in Mammals: Hints for Species-Specific Selection Pressures
Robert Kammerer, Florian Herse, Wolfgang Zimmermann

4. Convergent Evolution of Starch Metabolism in Cyanobacteria and Archaeplastida
Christophe Colleoni, Ugo Cenci

5. The Evolution of Brains and Cognitive Abilities
Christopher Mitchell

6. Convergence as an Evolutionary Trade-off in the Evolution of Acoustic Signals: Echolocation in Horseshoe Bats as a Case Study
David S. Jacobs, Gregory L. Mutumi, Tinyiko Maluleke, Paul W. Webala

7. Convergence and Parallelism in Astyanax Cave-Dwelling Fish
Joshua B. Gross

8. Evolutionary Pathways Maintaining Extreme Female-Biased Sexual Size Dimorphism: Convergent Spider Cases Defy Common Patterns
Matjaž Kuntner, Ren-Chung Cheng

Part II. Evolution of Complex Traits

9. Evolution of the BCL-2-Regulated Apoptotic Pathway
Abdel Aouacheria, Emilie Goff, Nelly Godefroy, Stephen Baghdiguian

10. The Axial Level of the Heart in Snakes
J. W. Faber, M. K. Richardson, E. M. Dondorp, R. E. Poelmann

11. On the Neo-Sex Chromosomes of Lepidoptera
Petr Nguyen, Leonela Carabajal Paladino

12. Recent Developments on Bacterial Evolution into Eukaryotic Cells
Mauro Degli Esposti, Otto Geiger, Esperanza Martinez-Romero

13. Genomic Analysis of Bacterial Outbreaks
Leonor Sánchez-Busó, Iñaki Comas, Beatriz Beamud, Neris García-González, Marta Pla-Díaz, Fernando González-Candelas

14. Three-dimensional Genomic Organization of Genes’ Function in Eukaryotes
Alon Diament, Tamir Tuller

Part III. Concepts

15. How Likely Are We? Evolution of Organismal Complexity
William Bains

16. Molecular Challenges to Adaptationism
Predrag Šustar, Zdenka Brzović

17. Ontogeny, Oncogeny and Phylogeny: Deep Associations
Ramray Bhat, Dharma Pally

18. Separating Spandrels from Phenotypic Targets of Selection in Adaptive Molecular Evolution
Stevan A. Springer, Michael Manhart, Alexandre V. Morozov

19. From Compositional Chemical Ecologies to Self-replicating Ribosomes and on to Functional Trait Ecological Networks
Robert Root-Bernstein, Meredith Root-Bernstein

Part IV. Methods

20. Inference Methods for Multiple Merger Coalescents
Bjarki Eldon

21. From Sequence Data Including Orthologs, Paralogs, and Xenologs to Gene and Species Trees
Marc Hellmuth, Nicolas Wieseke

22. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Finding Orthologs in the Twilight and Midnight Zones of Sequence Similarity
Bianca Hermine Habermann

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Developmental Biology, Animal Genetics and Genomics, Plant Genetics & Genomics

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