Castillo, Luciano

Whither Turbulence and Big Data in the 21st Century?

Castillo, Luciano - Whither Turbulence and Big Data in the 21st Century?, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Historical Perspectives

1. From Tennekes and Lumley to Townsend and to George: A Slow March to Freedom
J. C. Vassilicos

2. A 50-Year Retrospective and the Future
William K. George

Part II. Turbulent Boundary Layers

3. Study of the Streamwise Evolution of Turbulent Boundary Layers to High Reynolds Numbers
I. Marusic, K. A. Chauhan, V. Kulandaivelu, N. Hutchins

4. Towards the Direct Numerical Simulation of a Self-similar Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow
J. Soria, V. Kitsios, C. Atkinson, J. A. Sillero, G. Borrell, A. G. Gungar, J. Jimenez

5. Analysis of Velocity Structures in a Transitionally Rough Turbulent Boundary Layer
Ali Doosttalab, Suranga Dharmarathne, Murat Tutkun, Ronald Adrian, Luciano Castillo

6. Streamwise Relaxation of a Shock Perturbed Turbulent Boundary Layer
M. F. Shahab, G. Lehnasch, T. B. Gatski

Part III. Jets

7. Turbulence and Data Analytics in the Twenty-First Century: The Round Free Jet
P. Lavoie, A. Pollard, H. Sadeghi

8. The Sound-Field Produced by Clustered Rockets During Start-Up
C. E. Tinney, A. Canchero, R. Rojo, G. Mack, N. E. Murray, J. H. Ruf

9. Variable Viscosity Jets: Entrainment and Mixing Process
L. Voivenel, E. Varea, L. Danaila, B. Renou, M. Cazalens

10. POD Mode Robustness for the Turbulent Jet Sampled with PIV
A. Hodžić, K. E. Meyer, C. M. Velte

Part IV. Environmental Flows and Wind Energy

11. Large Eddy Simulation of Environmental Flows: From the Laboratory-Scale Numerical Experiments Toward Full-Scale Applications
Vincenzo Armenio

12. Big Data from Big Experiments. The WindEEE Dome
Horia Hangan, Maryam Refan, Chowdhury Jubayer, Dan Parvu, Ryan Kilpatrick

13. Visualizing Wind Farm Wakes Using SCADA Data
Shawn Martin, Carsten H. Westergaard, Jonathan White

14. Turbulent and Deterministic Stresses in the Near Wake of a Wind Turbine Array
Nicholas Michael Hamilton, Murat Tutkun, Raúl Bayoán Cal

15. Evaluation of Higher Order Moments and Isotropy in the Wake of a Wind Turbine Array
Naseem Ali, Aleksandr S. Aseyev, Matthew S. Melius, Murat Tutkun, Raúl Bayoán Cal

Part V. Data Manipulation

16. Turbulent Flow Physics and Control: The Role of Big Data Analyses Tools
Andrew S. Magstadt, Pinqing Kan, Zachary P. Berger, Christopher J. Ruscher, Matthew G. Berry, Melissa A. Green, Jacques Lewalle, Mark N. Glauser

17. Data-Driven Methods in Fluid Dynamics: Sparse Classification from Experimental Data
Zhe Bai, Steven L. Brunton, Bingni W. Brunton, J. Nathan Kutz, Eurika Kaiser, Andreas Spohn, Bernd R. Noack

18. Conversion of Measured Turbulence Spectra from Temporal to Spatial Domain
Preben Buchhave, Clara M. Velte

Part VI. General Aspects of Turbulence

19. Effects of Unsteady Coanda Blowing on the Wake and Drag of a Simplified Blunt Vehicle
D. Barros, J. Borée, B. R. Noack, A. Spohn, T. Ruiz

20. Challenges for Large Eddy Simulation of Engineering Flows
C. Fureby

21. Coarse Grained Simulation and Turbulent Material Mixing
F. F. Grinstein, A. J. Wachtor, J. R. Ristorcelli

22. Non-classical/Exponential Decay Regimes in Multiscale Generated Isotropic Turbulence
M. Meldi, P. Sagaut

23. A Minimal Flow Unit for Turbulence, Combustion, and Astrophysics
P. Orlandi, S. Pirozzoli, M. Bernardini, G. F. Carnevale

24. Linear Stability Analysis of Compressible Channel Flow over Porous Walls
Iman Rahbari, Carlo Scalo

25. Dissipation and Topological Features Conditioned by Velocity Level-Crossings in Wall Turbulence
Sedat Tardu

Part VII. Four Perspectives on Big Data and the Turbulence Community

26. Cyberinfrastructure to Empower Scientific Research
Thomas Hacker, Shirley Dyke

27. Turbulence in the Era of Big Data: Recent Experiences with Sharing Large Datasets
Charles Meneveau, Ivan Marusic

28. Public Dissemination of Raw Turbulence Data
Juan A. Sillero, Javier Jiménez

29. Reacting LES@2030: Near Diskless and Near Real-Time Computing for Design?
S. Menon, R. Ranjan, J. C. Oefelein

Part VIII. Discussion 1: Challenges in Turbulence in the Twenty-First Century—What Problems We Should Focus On in the Next 20 Years?

30. Whither Turbulence and Big Data for the Twenty-First Century
Andrew Pollard

Part IX. Discussion 2: Large Data: Opportunities for Collaborations

31. Whither Turbulence and Big Data for the Twenty-First Century
Andrew Pollard, Thomas J. Hacker, Shirley Dyke

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

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