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Paediatric Orthopaedics

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Table of contents

Part I. General Guidance

1. Introduction to Evidence-Based Orthopaedics
Sattar Alshryda, James S. Huntley, Paul Banaszkiewicz

2. Critical Appraisal of a Published Paper
Raymond Pollock, Arkan S. Sayed-Noor

Part II. The Hip

3. Clinical Surveillance, Selective or Universal Ultrasound Screening in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip
Jonathan Wright, Deborah M. Eastwood

4. Evidence-Based Management of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip
Richard O. E. Gardner, Sattar Alshryda, Simon P. Kelley, John Wedge

5. What Is the Best Treatment for Perthes’ Disease?
Daniel Perry, David Bodansky

6. Evidence-Based Treatment for Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis
Sattar Alshryda, Kai Tsang, Gavin Kiewiet

7. Evidence-Based Treatment for Congenital Femoral Deficiency
Anthony Cooper, James A. Fernandes

8. Evidence-Based Treatments for Coxa Vara
Claire F. Murnaghan, Kim Ferguson

9. Femoro-Acetabular Impingement in Children
Sarah Rubin, Manoj Ramachandran

10. Evidence-Based Treatment for Paediatric Diaphyseal Femoral Fractures
Mohamed Kenawey, Hossam Hosny

Part III. The Knee

11. Evidence-Based Treatment for Congenital Dislocation of the Knee
Abdelsalam Hegazy, Talal Ibrahim

12. Patello-Femoral Instability in Children
Andrew Wheelton, Farhan Ali, Paul A. Banaszkiewicz

13. Evidence-Based Treatment for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears in Children
Charles A. Popkin, M. Lucas Murnaghan

14. What Is the Best Treatment for Blount’s Disease?
Sonia Chaudhry, Paul A. Banaszkiewicz

15. Evidence-Based Treatments for Fractures Around the Knee Joint
Ibrar Majid, Talal Ibrahim

Part IV. The Foot and Ankle

16. Evidence-Based Treatment for Clubfoot
Munier Hossain, Naomi Davis

17. What is the Best Treatment for Congenital Vertical Talus?
Munier Hossain, Naomi Davis

18. Evidence-Based Treatment for Metatarsus Adductus
Munier Hossain, Naomi Davis

19. Evidence-Based Treatment of Flexible Flat Foot in Children
Farhan Alvi, Neil Wilson

20. Evidence-Based Treatment for Tarsal Coalition
Anastasios Chytas, Samena Chaudhry, Sattar Alshryda

21. Evidence-Based Treatment for Pes Cavus
Munier Hossain, James S. Huntley

22. Evidence-Based Management of Ankle Fractures in Children
Kenan Dehne, Amy Robinson, Sattar Alshryda

Part V. The Spine

23. Evidence-Based Treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
David Lebel

24. Evidence-Based Treatment of Neuromuscular Scoliosis
Jason J. Howard, Jane Farrelly

25. Evidence-Based Treatment for Congenital Scoliosis
Firoz Miyanji

26. Evidence-Based Treatment of Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis
Athanasios I. Tsirikos, George Mataliotakis

27. Evidence-Based Treatment of Spina Bifida
Emmanouil Morakis, James Wright

28. Evidence-Based Treatment of Spinal Trauma
Morag Harris, Peter Millner, Odhrán Murray

Part VI. The Shoulder

29. Evidence-Based Treatment of Congenital Clavicular Pseudarthrosis
James S. Huntley

30. Evidence-Based Treatment of Sprengel Deformity
Talal Ibrahim, Abdelsalam Hegazy

Part VII. The Elbow

31. Evidence-Based Treatment of Glenohumeral Dysplasia Caused by Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injuries
Philip Holland, Matthew F. Nixon

32. Evidence-Based Treatments of Paediatric Elbow Fractures
Emily J. Mounsey, Andrew Howard

33. Evidence-Based Treatment of Madelung’s Deformity
David H. Hawkes, Matthew F. Nixon

34. Evidence-Based Treatments of Congenital Radio-Ulnar Synostosis
Wei Y. Leong, Matthew F. Nixon

Part VIII. The Wrist and Hand

35. What Is the Best Treatment for Paediatric Trigger Thumb (Acquired Thumb Flexion Contracture)?
James S. Huntley

36. Evidence-Based Treatment of Forearm Fractures in Children
Oluwarantimi O Ayodele, Alwyn Abraham

37. Evidence-Based Treatment of Wrist Fractures in Children
Assad A. Qureshi, Alwyn Abraham

Part IX. Neuromuscular Diseases

38. The Value of Gait Analysis in Decision Making About Surgical Treatment of Cerebral Palsy
Clare Carpenter, Alfie Bass

39. The Evidence Base for Botulinum Toxin Injection for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy–Related Spasticity in the Lower Limb: The Long-Term Effects
James S. Huntley, Lyndon J. Bradley

40. Evidence-Based Treatment for Feet Deformities in Children with Neuromuscular Conditions
Emmanouil Morakis, Anne Foster

41. Upper Limb Problems in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Jonathan A. Baxter, Matthew F. Nixon

Part X. Musculoskeletal Diseases

42. Evidence-Based Treatment for Musculoskeletal Infection
Megan Mignemi, Lawson Copley, Jonathan Schoenecker

43. Evidence-Based Treatment of Simple Bone Cyst
Sattar Alshryda, James Wright

44. Evidence-Based Treatment for Malignant Paediatric Bone Tumours
Andrew J. Graydon, Michael M. Hanlon, Caitlin E. Bodian

Part XI. Miscellaneous Paediatric Conditions

45. Physeal Injury, Epiphysiodesis and Guided Growth
Laura Deriu, Deborah M. Eastwood

46. Evidence-Based Management of Limb Length Discrepancy
Mohamed Kenawey, Ghulam Abbas, Farhan Ali

47. Evidence-Based Treatment of Accessory Navicular Bone
Ling Hong Lee, Akinwande Adedapo

48. Evidence-Based Treatment of Ingrown Toenails
Arif Razak, Mubashshar Ahmad

49. Evidence-Based Treatment of Deformity in Multiple Osteochondromatosis
Daniel Porter, Li Fei

50. Evidence-Based Treatment for Musculoskeletal Disorders in Children with Down’s Syndrome
Christopher Talbot, Sattar Alshryda

Part XII. Epilogue

51. Epilogue
James S. Huntley, Sattar Alshryda, Paul Banaszkiewicz

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