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Environmental History in the Making

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Table of contents

Part I. Using Resources – Stories of Resources Exploitation in Time and Its Evolving in the Long Run

1. Agriculture and Livestock in Wetlands in the Bogota Plateau (Colombia), Eighteenth Century. Land Use and Wetland Management
Katherinne Giselle Mora Pacheco

2. Modern Urban Development and Revolution in Mexico: Hydraulic Infrastructure in Chihuahua City During the Porfiriato (1892–1911)
Jaime R. Ruiz

3. Digging into Our Whaling Past: Addressing the Portuguese Influence in the Early Modern Exploitation of Whales in the Atlantic
Cristina Brito, Nina Vieira, Vera Jordão, António Teixeira

4. Good Fisheries vs. Bad Fisheries: Ideological and Scientific Base for the Governmental Projects of Modernization of Russian System of Marine Harvesting in the Eighteenth Century
Alexei Kraikovski

Part II. Transforming In Sito – Manipulating, Changing and Evolving Landscapes, Waterscapes, Airscapes (Classical Approach of Territorial Changes, Causes, Actors and Consequences)

5. Water Management and Dam Construction in the Italian South
Maria Gabriella Rienzo

6. From the City to the Dacha: Socio-cultural Factors Behind the Creation of St. Petersburg’s Dacha Belt (Russia, Nineteenth/Early Twentieth Century)
Olga Malinova-Tziafeta

7. A Double Landscape Shaped by a Century of Logging Industry and Resort Development on Prahova Valley and the Surrounding Mountains
Alina Huzui-Stoiculescu, Robert C. Stoiculescu, Ileana Pătru-Stupariu, Adrian Nicolae

8. A Long Term Perspective of Landscape Evolution in a Coastal Interface: Case Studies from the Portuguese West Coast, Near the Aveiro Lagoon
Maria Rosário Bastos, Olegário Pereira, Sérgio Monteiro-Rodrigues, João Pedro Tereso, João Pedro Cunha-Ribeiro

Part III. Transfering (Migrations) – Resources Exploitation and Trade; Local to Global (Native Sources, New Case Studies Tans-continental Approaches!)

9. Nonhuman Primate Trade in the Age of Discoveries: European Importation and Its Consequences
C. Veracini

10. African Crops in the Environmental History of New World Plantation Societies
Judith A. Carney, Richard N. Rosomoff

11. Sugar Cane and the Environment under Dutch Rule in Seventeenth Century Taiwan
Hua-pi Tseng

12. Resource Extraction as Imperial Power: Japan’s Modern Mining Industry
Patricia Sippel

13. Revealing Hidden Forest Dialogs: Species Introduction, Charcoal Production and the Environmental History of Rio de Janeiro’s Urban Forests
Alexandro Solórzano, D. C. Cabral, R. R. Oliveira

Part IV. Conscience of Loss and Improving – Present Awareness of How We Have Arrived Where We Are, Undoing Inappropriate Territorial Policies With Environmental Impact

14. Regulating the Environment of the River Tyne’s Estuary, 1530–1800
Leona Jayne Skelton

15. Narratives of Scarcity: Colonial State Responses to Water Scarcity in Southern Rhodesia, 1890–1965
Muchaparara Musemwa

16. Global Governance of Natural Resources and the British Empire: A Study on the United Nations Scientific Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of Resources, 1949
Shoko Mizuno

17. Upwelling: The Rise of Ecological Consciousness in the Southern Ocean
Joy McCann

Part V. Civic and Political Agency – History as Memory of Social Process, Knowing the Past Planning the Future

18. Roots of Identity, Canopy of Collision: Re-Visioning Trees as an Evolving National Symbol Within the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Edna Gorney

19. Fields of Smooth Brome: History, Policy and Place-Making in the Post-Industrial Prairie
Elizabeth Walden, Kevin Lair

20. A Green City: Impossible Dream or Necessity?
Mauro Agnoletti, Rui Baptista, Renato Henriques, Paula Nogueira, Lígia M. Costa Pinto, Paulo J. Ramísio, Antonio Santoro, José Cardoso Teixeira, Estelita Vaz

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