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Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1

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Table of contents

1. Atomistic Simulation of a Two-Dimensional Polymer Tougher Than Graphene
Emil Sandoz-Rosado, Todd D. Beaudet, Radhakrishnan Balu, Eric D. Wetzel

2. Transverse Compression Response of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Single Fibers
Subramani Sockalingam, John W. Gillespie, Michael Keefe, Dan Casem, Tusit Weerasooriya

3. Morphology and Mechanics of the Young Minipig Cranium
Stephen Alexander, C. Allan Gunnarsson, Ann Mae DiLeonardi, Tusit Weerasooriya

4. Dynamic Characterization of Nitronic 30, 40 and 50 Series Stainless Steels by Numerical Analysis
C. G. Fountzoulas, E. M. Klier, J. E. Catalano

5. Mechanical Response of T800/F3900 Composite at Various Strain Rates
Peiyu Yang, Jeremy D. Seidt, Amos Gilat

6. Full-Field Temperature and Strain Measurement in Dynamic Tension Tests on SS 304
Jarrod L. Smith, Veli-Tapani Kuokkala, Jeremy D. Seidt, Amos Gilat

7. Dynamic Fracture Response of a Synthetic Cortical Bone Simulant
Thomas Plaisted, Allan Gunnarsson, Brett Sanborn, Tusit Weerasooriya

8. Fracture Response of Cross-Linked Epoxy Resins at High Loading Rate as a Function of Glass Transition Temperature
John A. O’Neill, C. Allan Gunnarsson, Paul Moy, Kevin A. Masser, Joseph L. Lenhart, Tusit Weerasooriya

9. Measurement of Dynamic Response Parameters of an Underdamped System
Charandeep Singh, Satish Chaparala, S. B. Park

10. Dynamic Penetration and Bifurcation of a Crack at an Interface in a Transparent Bi-Layer: Effect of Impact Velocity
Balamurugan M. Sundaram, Hareesh V. Tippur

11. Influence of Loading Rate on Fracture Strength of Individual Sand Particles
Andrew Druckrey, Dan Casem, Khalid Alshibli, Emily Huskins

12. Arrested Compression Tests on Two Types of Sand
Eduardo Suescun-Florez, Stephan Bless, Magued Iskander, Camilo Daza

13. Composite Plate Response to Shock Wave Loading
Douglas Jahnke, Vahid Azadeh Ranjbar, Yiannis Andreopoulos

14. Initial Experimental Validation of an Eulerian Method for Modeling Composites
Christopher S. Meyer, Christopher T. Key, Bazle Z. (Gama) Haque, John W. Gillespie

15. Characterization of High Strain Rate Dependency of 3D CFRP Materials
N. Tran, J. Berthe, M. Brieu, G. Portemont, J. Schneider

16. High-Strain Rate Compressive Behavior of a Clay Under Uniaxial Strain State
Huiyang Luo, Zhenxing Hu, Tingge Xu, Hongbing Lu

17. Mesoscopic Modelling of Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under Dynamic Loading
P. Forquin, J. L. Zinszner, B. Lukic

18. Comparison of Failure Mechanisms Due to Shock Propagation in Forged, Layered, and Additive Manufactured Titanium Alloy
Melissa Matthes, Brendan O’Toole, Mohamed Trabia, Shawoon Roy, Richard Jennings, Eric Bodenchak, Matthew Boswell, Thomas Graves, Robert Hixson, Edward Daykin, Cameron Hawkins, Zach Fussell, Austin Daykin, Michael Heika

19. Instrumented Penetration of Metal Alloys During High-Velocity Impacts
P. Jannotti, B. Schuster, R. Doney, T. Walter, D. Andrews

20. Confined Underwater Implosions Using 3D Digital Image Correlation
Helio Matos, Sachin Gupta, James M. LeBlanc, Arun Shukla

21. Response of Composite Cylinders Subjected to Near Field Underwater Explosions
E. Gauch, J. LeBlanc, C. Shillings, A. Shukla

22. Microstructural Effects on the Spall Properties of 5083 Aluminum: Equal-Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE) Plus Cold Rolling
C. L. Williams, T. Sano, T. R. Walter, L. J. Kecskes

23. Experimental Study of the Dynamic Fragmentation in Transparent Ceramic Subjected to Projectile Impact
P. Forquin, J. L. Zinszner

24. Instrumented Projectiles for Dynamic Testing
Guojing Li, Dahsin Liu, Dan Schleh

25. NIST Mini-Kolsky Bar: Historical Review
R. L. Rhorer, J. H. Kim, S. P. Mates

26. A General Approach to Evaluate the Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Materials
Ali Fahad Fahem, Addis Kidane

27. Which One Has More Influence on Fracture Strength of Ceramics: Pressure or Strain Rate?
M. Shafiq, G. Subhash

28. Dynamic Strength and Fragmentation Experiments on Brittle Materials Using Theta-Specimens
Jamie Kimberley, Antonio Garcia

29. DTEM In Situ Mechanical Testing: Defects Motion at High Strain Rates
Thomas Voisin, Michael D. Grapes, Yong Zhang, Nicholas J. Lorenzo, Jonathan P. Ligda, Brian E. Schuster, Melissa K. Santala, Tian Li, Geoffrey H. Campbell, Timothy P. Weihs

30. High-Strain-Rate Deformation of Ti-6Al-4V Through Compression Kolsky Bar at High Temperatures
S. Gangireddy, S. P. Mates

31. Parametric Study of the Formation of Cone Cracks in Brittle Materials
Brady Aydelotte, Phillip Jannotti, Mark Andrews, Brian Schuster

32. Shockless Characterization of Ceramics
J. L. Zinszner, B. Erzar, P. Forquin

33. Dynamic Hyper Elastic Behavior of Compression Shock Loaded Vibration Dampers
V. B. S. Rajendra Prasad, G. Venkata Rao

34. Specimen Size Effect on Stress-Strain Response of Foams Under Direct-Impact
Behrad Koohbor, Addis Kidane, Wei-Yang Lu, Ronak Patel

35. Texture Evolution of a Fine-Grained Mg Alloy at Dynamic Strain Rates
Christopher S. Meredith, Jeffrey T. Lloyd

36. Failure Processes Governing High Rate Impact Resistance of Epoxy Resins Filled with Core Shell Rubber Nanoparticles
Erich D. Bain, Daniel B. Knorr, Adam D. Richardson, Kevin A. Masser, Jian Yu, Joseph L. Lenhart

37. Ballistic Response of Polydicyclopentadiene vs. Epoxy Resins and Effects of Crosslinking
Tyler R. Long, Daniel B. Knorr, Kevin A. Masser, Robert M. Elder, Timothy W. Sirk, Mark D. Hindenlang, Jian H. Yu, Adam D. Richardson, Steven E. Boyd, William A. Spurgeon, Joseph L. Lenhart

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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